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Sniper Shots Vs Vehicles
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Sniper Shots Vs Vehicles

How are these resolved if sniper weapons don't have a strength stat?

or can they just not harm vehicles?

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It's right in the Special rule Sniper. Sniper weapons are resolved against vehicles as Strength 3 (Meaning it's impossible to glance even on AV10). However, Sniper weapons also have the Rending special rule.

Against vehicles, it allows for every armor penetration roll of a 6 to roll a further D3. As such, you will get a penetration value of 10 - 12 each time you roll a 6 on your armor penetration roll.

So out of all of your hits on a vehicle, 1/6 of them will be rending (armor penetration roll of 6), and of those rolls, 1/3 will each be penetration of 10, 11, and 12.

So for example lets say you were using a sniper drone team (9 Drones, BS5) against a rhino at 24". The sniper team puts out 18 shots, of which 15 hit. Of those hits, 2.5 of them will be Rending. Let's say for this example you are hitting on front armor which is AV11. .833 hits will be glances, .833 hits will be penetrations. (these are all averages by the way) Armor of AV13 or higher is proof even from rending hits.

That's how it works. Sniper weapons leg up is being able to autowound on 4+, this lets them take down high toughness models (HQ pieces, monsterous creatures, heavy infantry, etc) better than other infantry weapons. In contrast, they do not do very well against lightly armored vehicles. Let's use a firewarrior team at it's rapid fire range for comparison

Firewarrior team (12 models, BS3) against a rhino at 15". The team puts out 24 shots, of which 12 hit. Of those hits, 2 will get an armor penetration roll of 6 (S5 pulse rifle equals penetration of 11) scoring a glancing hit. On average a firewarrior team in rapid fire will put 2 glancing hits on a rhino.
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Kroot Shaper
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Thanks for the explanation, for some reason or another the rule book wasn't making sense to me :/
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