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Markerlight question
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Question Markerlight question

I'm outrageously new to 40k, with only 3 games under my belt. Yesterday I was playing against a Guard player who took 2 fliers and 3 transports to our 1000 point game. During said game I tagged one of the transports with 4 markerlights, and with the help of 1, destroyed it with a fusion blaster. Anyway, after the troops disembarked, I was wondering if the markerlights that were once on the vehicle would move to the troops. We didn't really discuss it, because I was steamrolling pretty hard and didn't think it would make a difference if they vanished. But for future reference; would the markerlights fizzle, or move to the disembarked squad?
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they hit the transport not the unit inside, so no, they dont carry over
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They always apply per unit. The infantry inside a transport is considered a separate unit, so the markerlights do not hit both no matter how the infantry disembarks from the transport. The same is true of independent characters. If an independent character joins a unit and that unit is hit with markerlights, those markerlights apply to that character as well as the rest of the unit but only while he has joined that unit.

Keep in mind however that no saves of any kind can be made against markerlights. So should you have some markerlights that haven't fired that turn, they could then light the now disembarked infantry and they wouldn't get a cover save against those hits.
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