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Tau Aircraft
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Default Tau Aircraft

If you put aside the barracuda and the manta and generally forge world things, what is the best flier the tau have and are they at all fieldable?
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the remora is lame, and the bomber seems pretty good, but the anti fighter is the best in my opinion, ive borrowed a few for some games and the quad gun ion thingy they have is pretty cool over charged, i use it kinda like how i use the sub blast from a hammerhead, the interceptor drones on the bomber are sweet though, because they have interceptor, i blew up a Valkyrie right after it entered the field in one game, i felt accomplished
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The consensus I've come to is that the sunshark is probably the best non-forgeworld option we've got. It's fairly powerful for it's cost, it's got 3 hull points, and it carries interceptor drones which have rules for detachment.

Compared to a helldrake though it doesn't seem like terribly much to write home about, and for the cost I'd rather take a second riptide. Almost every battle report I've read rates the sunshark as a moderate success at best, a flaming waste of points at worst. They're like tanks in that way, another vehicle that could dominate or go down round one. In contrast the Riptide has been the star of the show in most reports featuring them, and a solid performer in all others.

That's just me though, I know there's a flier guy around here somewhere that will tell you I'm completely wrong.
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I don't personally field Fliers much. The Razorshark's AP4 status makes it miss that Marine-killing sweet spot, rather than the IonHead's good ol' MEQ Insta-Killin' S8AP3.

The Pulse Bubbles that the Sun Shark drops are great against GEQs out of Cover, but anything else laughs them off to be honest. Its drones are good, but at BS2 even Twin-Linked they're not too reliable, and with the way that fliers operate, you have difficulties getting LoS on your targets, (they only rotate through about 180 degrees,) and they only fire one shot unless the target's at 15".

Honestly, most other fliers will slap them out of the sky, so just take ground support in their stead, IMO. There's plenty that can fill their role better.
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Indeed, the two that seem to be popular are the Barracuda and the Remora Stealth Drones.

Barracudas have quite a bit of firepower and supersonic, which is useful. They hit at decent ranges and tend to be excellent in the anti-flier role. Remoras are more of a group thing. They come in sets of two, and two to five are where they operate best. Two costs about as much as a Barracuda, and combined pack slightly less firepower. But they are more survivable simply because they carry shrouded. So, 5+ cover save even if you don't jink, same as a moving hammerhead. Since they don't need to jink to get a nice cover save (though when they do it goes up to 3+) it makes them great as airborne support in hover mode. Their weak armor and lack of HP isn't great, but that cover save will tank some incoming damage anyway.

Long story short if there's any flier I would try, it would be one of the forgeworld models. Particularly a pair of Remoras, just because those little things pack decent firepower, they're flexible and fairly survivable. Just don't get them shot at by a firewarrior squad because they'll go down pretty fast even with jink.

Edit: Checked out the rules, I was wrong about the stealth thing.

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