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A few beginner questions
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Default A few beginner questions

Good afternoon all,

I just joined the forum to find out a little more about playing Tau, and what people are building after the new codex release.

I started collecting Tau a few years ago, mainly for painting, and had a couple of games with a list from the old codex. I never bought a proper HQ unit, just used an XV8 counting as a commander.

I'll be facing Nurgle chaos Marines (deathguard, blight drones, bikers etc.), blood angels (deathcorps and descent of angels), and grey knights.

Am I better off then going for a more anti-TEQ army list? TL Plasmas and the like? Or would a traditional fireknife setup still be effective?

I'm hoping to find my feet as I start to play with them more, however any advice to get me off to a healthy start would be great!

As a side note, I've painted my Tau purple, and if anyone asks, I sort of mumble something about it being a night fighting speciality unit haha. Is this at all fluffy? I wouldn't want to turn up to a more serious gaming night and be laughed off the table!
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Well, a Riptide could never hurt. Using the ion accelerator it gives you decent anti-light vehicle and anti-flier ability in standard firing mode, and pretty good anti-vehicle and anti-anything infantry with overcharge or nova charge. Using with early warning override is a great way to smack a deepstriking terminator group across the face before they can even do anything.

That said as far as crisis suits go, I've been having success running dual plasmas backed alongside dual fusion blasters. Makes for a very flexible and powerful crisis unit at any point level, and hilarious to drop behind a tank when you absolutely need it dead. I've never cared for the fireknife combo just because of the range conflict and disparity in AP values. Dual missile pods fill a roll nicely but I'm not convinced they'd do any better than a broadside team while being almost as expensive. I'd say if you don't need a crisis team for killing tanks, I'd try out a team of dual plasmas and see how they do. 12 AP2 shots at 12" has a strong chance of doing alot of damage, and then a half decent thrust move makes you very hard to assault or possibly to even shoot it if you can use cover well.

To put it another way, even facing a terminator team with a 4+ invuln save and a 5+ FNP roll, a team of 3 dual plasma suits would put down 1.66 models per firing phase, with no markerlights. Add in a few lights, it goes up to 2.86. If they don't have FNP, 4.30, if they have a standard termie invuln, 5.72. All the while still having enough strength and AP to take down some vehicles. Probably a skip when facing horde armies, but it doesn't sound like you are.
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After the new codex Tau were finally able to play the role of either mechanized or static army lists competitively (as well as any combination in between).

Of large note to someone who used to play Tau and is now looking to get back into them; battlesuits can now use 2 of the same weapon without making it twin-linked. This makes almost every mixed set up suit (such as the fireknife or helios) obsolete; the synthesis of two identical weapons always better than two mixed weapons. Double plasma is a very popular choice, as is double fusion. Double missiles has fallen from grace since the update due to the plethora of S7 available elsewhere in the army via ion weaponry.
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I prefer to run a trio of twin linked plamsa suits, replacing one sometimes with a support/sunforge suit with "farsight" makes for a nasty anti-elite unit very capable of running indendant of markerlights and along side a riptide. TLing the plasma saves 10 points per model, and can run independant of the army on elite hunting missions durring the battle. Farsight is for the garunteed deepstrike and close combat prowess, I run the fusion suit with multi-spec, iridium, and target lock, the others are just plamsa and shield generators.
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Kroot Warrior
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Hey guys,

thanks for the input! It's refreshing to find a helpful forum for once!

When you say dual plasmas, does that mean not twin linked?

What would be the advantage of this? The same amount of rolls, but more potential shots; increased points of course.

I like the idea of the "farsight bomb" which I read a lot about yesterday, alas this is for a larger army, possibly towards the 1750 points mark?

No one mentioned pathfinders or heavy support, do you think vs the armies which I'm likely to face, I'll be looking at mainly suits?
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I'd definitely dual wield as opposed to twin-link Crisis weaponry. Their role now is to move fast and output obscene amounts of fire, but being MEQs they're not the toughest at taking it. Dual Plasma is a favourite of mine, and with the right support can liquidate MEQs and TEQs.

Also Ionheads are very useful against MEQs. Markerbuff them to BS6 to re-roll the Gets Hot, and make the odds of their MEQ Instant Death-ing blast scattering extremely low. You can remove entire squads with this, the Riptide can do the same with TEQs!
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Well to tell you the truth, I have several types of list. Hybrid lists are probably my favorite, but I have gunline lists and mech lists for pretty much any point level. If you're shooting for a high point level (around 2000 pts) then this is what I would suggest:


Crisis Commander (can just be a regular crisis suit)


Or your preferred specialized commander (Farsight, etc)

At least three firewarrior squads (squads of 9 are good, 12 is better for gunlines, 6 is minimum for objective taking)

Devilfish (as many as you like, needed for any mobile army)

Fast Attack:

Drone Squadron (can be used with the commander for markerlights, and you WILL have enough drones from the kits to keep some)

Or your preferred source of markerlights (Pathfinders, Tetras, etc)

Piranhas (Optional I think, but can be fun to include in groups 2 - 5)


Crisis Suits (Always good to have at least one team, the farsight supplement now lets you take them as troops so, you might want to snap up two crisis teams for 6 models)

Riptides (For obvious reasons, 1 is good, 2 is better)

Heavy Support:

Hammerhead Gunships (2 is pretty much a must for any list above 1500 points, they're fantastic and flexible to run)

Broadside Suits (A team of three is the best anti-air unit in the game, and are fantastic for killing blobs of infantry, light vehicles, fliers, just about anything thats not AV13+)

Sniper Drones (I like using them, so do many people. They're a foot squad though, so they're optional in most mech lists. A great source of good damage and markerlights at the same time)

Other Things:

Longstrike (Love him, re-roll your failed armor penetrations. Take him)

Fliers (If you like them, by all means. I haven't used them yet, due to their expense but hey other people seem to like running barracudas and sunsharks)

That's pretty much everything I'm shooting for. Obviously if you're not going to get all of that any time soon, I'd say start slow. Don't buy up 4 kits of firewarriors and not any suit because you'll miss them in lower point levels. Grab up a hammerhead, some firewarriors, a crisis suit team and a riptide to start with. That'll give you a good set of points to work with, and some nice diversity.
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