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Default darkstrider

i love darkstrider in small point games, hes so much fun to use and makes your guns instant death against IG, Eldar, D Eldar, other Tau and sisters, probably some more that im forgetting too. the only thing i dont like about him is that hes so squishy, but what do you expect from a tau hero? anyway i was wondering what everyone else thought about him.
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Costs twice as much as an Ethereal and isn't as good IMO. Sure, put him with Rail Rifles and he works well, but you're paying 45 points to get 3 Rail Rifles, in addition to his cost. And with Recon Armour saves? No ta, drops like a sack of spuds to Bolter fire!

So you wither get a Glass Cannon that might kill 5 Marines or so if the rolls are with you and you Markerlight them, but adding bodies to cover them means you'll be wasting Markerlights on said squads anyway if you kill them.

Ethereal with 12 Fire Warriors costs just over half as much as a 10 man squad of Pathfinders with 3 Rail Rifles Darkstrider. You can fit a minimum squad of Pathfinders in for the same price as the Rail Rifles, to Markerlight. At Rapid Fire range, you get 36 shots, and if the rolls on the Pathfinders go well, you get to hit on 2s.

...And you'll still have 53 points remaining for...I dunno, a Dual Plasma Crisis suit.

Trust me, that's value for money there.

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I definitely see his value, that's a very interesting tactic to use. The thing is though besides the detail about putting him with a pathfinder team from above, putting them with firewarriors doesn't work well either. Increasing their wound chance by 1/6 is nice, (it gets you an extra 2 wounds on a marine squad with a 12 man team firing at rapid fire range), an ethereal would get a better result while being cheaper and not necessarily less survivable. (in the same scenario, the extra 12 shots at rapid fire range gives 12 wounds on the same target instead of 10, so 4 better than no HQ boosts and 2 better than darkstrider)

If he works for you, cool. He'd be hilarious in situations where that toughness score is survivability for MC's and the like. But I'd say that firewarriors do a pretty good job of gunning things down on their own, S5 lets you wound up to T8 (though really only to T6 with any reliability) But then again, most things with T8 need tank weapons to kill them. Long story short, he seems to situational for the cost, and gets outshined in more common scenarios by a cheaper alternative.
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Don't forget: you can take him w/ fire warriors and a devilfish as dedicated transport, and use outflank with his ability for objective grabbing.
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