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How many riptides is too many
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Question How many riptides is too many

In my (non-expert) opinion, the riptide is one of the most survivable units in the game, and has the added benefit of being able to dish out a decent amount of damage.
However, is there a point where by taking too many brings it to hell-drake territory? With the farsight supplement, it is now possible to take 5 riptides in an army, and you could even do it in as low as a 1500 pt list I believe (you would be hard pressed for troops/ scoring units if you did).
Part of me really wants to buy a third one, but would it be forced into shelf-dom except for the few times i delve into apocalypse games?
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i never use more then 2 to get cross fire with the ion accelerator. i just never find more of a use for them then that, that said they aren't useless as most people know. they are really good support, but all in all its just a mega ion broadside, and how many of those can you find a use for? if your hellbent on getting something though i recommend pathfinders and a hammerhead. if you run pathies in 5 man teams you can give your riptide ignores cover with its S9 AP1 large blast
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I run Nidzilla so I appreciate the value of MC's. too many for me would be 4. three is nice, two is appropriate for most lists. Even one is still a great fire magnet
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