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750 batrep tau vs csm
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Kroot Shaper
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Default 750 batrep tau vs csm

My list
Cadre fireblade


2x riptides ion, fusion, counter fire, and ewo

6 pathfinder

His list as I can remember
HQ nurgle warlord on bike with powerfist
Squad of bikers
Two oblidators
Squad of plague marines
And a said jump marines not sure what there called off hand

Mission relic
4x4 table

I deployed first
Right corner I had one riptide, pathfinder hidden in cover and my 6x fw squad with fireblade. Left flank I had another riptide and 6x fw with ethereal. Center was my 8 few

His deployment His left flank had his plague marines and jump troops
Center was HQ biker squad and obkitators right flank was his cultist. He fails his seize

Turn one both riptide move up on there flank 6 inches to get in to a good fireing position middle few move up six inches toward the relic
Pathfinders ML bikers HQ squad L riptide pie plate bikers minus two ML rolls a direct hit and it does not get hot R riptide does the same with another direct hit all bikers are dead minus his warlord down to one wound left both riptides jump back L riptide jumps 4in R riptide 8 in.

His turn his HQ joins cultist they plauge marines move up six along with his jump and oblitators. His jump marines, plague marines and oblitators shoot at L riptide and takes one wound. Jump marines in charge range killed there jump marines in overwatch and failed there charge.

Turn 2
Ethereal uses the additional shot power
Both riptide move up L riptide moves to center of table few inches away from relic middle fw squad moves toward relic R few moves up 4 inches difficult terrain
L few moves up in to rapid fire range all few shoot at oblitatros with ML support killing one and one wound left on the other. R riptides pie plate plauge marines killing a few and L riptide shoots into the cultist killing four of them.

He starts moving his cultist with nurggle warlord towards the relic and move rest of his units in charging range of R riptide jump unit charge first all are killed in overwatch.
The few marines and oblaitrator makes charge I he fails to wound I did smash attack no hits tied combat

Turn 3
Move L riptide and killed a few more cultist. And moved middle FW back away from relic to draw the cultist in HQ in to open. The r riptide take another wound in close combat and killed on plague marine form smash attack once again tied combat.

He moves cultist up capture the relic. I killed the last of the plague marines and oblator killed the riptide.

Turn 4

Few middle fw moved up toward the relic shot at cultis killing all but the nurgle riptide assaulted oblatior. Did not due anything and was killed off in the sweep.

His obltortor shot at fireblade squad killing half of them did a charge and killed that squad and my warlord at

Turn 5 my middle squad of fW with three left firing nine shots killed his final oblatior
My ethereal squad fired into his nurrgle doing nothing this where it gets good. So there not much I can do I am about to lose due to not having enough VP

His turn he shoot is storm bolted at ethereal squad the declare charge overwatch does nothing he issues a challenge my ethereal excepts. So he swings with his fist three times hit twice rolls a six to wound and nurggle fails saving throw and his last wound for a turn five tabling
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both tides died at 750? wow.... donts so agressive with them
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2 riptides at 750 points? thats a lot of tide. i only run two in games bugger then 2000, but i guess it worked for you
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