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tau stereotypes
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Default tau stereotypes

for a long time people have been making stereotypes for people based on the army they play, and recently i got bored and traveled though a few sites and copied some for tau down, do people agree with these or is it just nonsense?

Didn't like guard for some reason or already have guard.
Either tend to be a 12-14 yr old who digs anime, or a serious gamer
Tau: An optimist who likes to see the bigger picture. See's the worth of individual elements of a well oiled machine. Is quite likely to buy a big fancy piece of high-tech high-spec gadgetry to compensate for something though.
Probably knows a second or third language and makes friends with the foreign kid in the student house/school. Didn't think the Star Wars prequals were all that bad.
Likes: Foreign films (not just anime), electro, travelling, OCD

oh hey and i found one about kroot and orks

Kroot or Feral Orks: An even bigger optimist and lonewolf. Does not mind that the they are getting next to no attention. Will continue to happily plough out their own uber-niche regardless without complaining. Creative and imaginative with a hint of atavism. It may be a game about guns but where's the harm in having loads of knives and axes. Was always off playing in the sandpit or in a tree as a kid. Possibly an only child. Probably plays fantasy as well.
Likes: The howling of distant wolves. Firelight. Playing the drums. Exploring.
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I fit a little over half of those
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