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1500 point mech army
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Default 1500 point mech army

does anyone have a 1500+ point mech army that they like to use? im thinking of expanding into a more mech-y direction with my army and i was wondering what people thought of armies like that.
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Kroot Shaper
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I'll give you the basics of the list I am currently using.

Commander w/2x missile pod, drone controller, two marker drones

2x double missile pod XV8 w/ 4 marker drones

3x Plasma Rifle/ Fusion blaster XV8

9x fire warrior squad w/shas'ui

9x Fire warrior squad w/ Devilfish

6x fire warrior squad w/ Devilfish


2x HRR broadsides w/ stim injectors.

If flyers become common, I plan to switch the stim injectors to target locks, and the ionhead to a skyray.
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