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[Battle Report] vs. Dark Angels 1000pts
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Kroot Shaper
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Default [Battle Report] vs. Dark Angels 1000pts

This battle was me introducing my friend to warhammer, me using an experimental tau army, and him using my little brother's dark angels.

The relic was placed on a small toy fortification we found lying around.

TAU (999 points)
Commander w/ drone controller
2x missile pods
2x gun drone

Commander w/ drone controller
2x missile pods
2x gun drone

Fire warrior 4:
6 pulse rifle
2 pulse carbine

Fire warrior 5:
6 pulse rifle
2 pulse carbine
shas'ui with pulse rifle

Fast Attack
9x Gun drone

9x Gun drone

Heavy support
Railhead with SMS and blacksun filter

Ionhead with SMS and blacksun filter

Dark Angels (1k points)

Terminator squad 3

Terminator sqaud 6:
one chainfist
one assault cannon

Dreadnought w/extra armor (I just needed a points sink for the last 10 points)

TAC squad 1:
one missile launcher
one flamer

TAC squad 2:
one plasma cannon
one plasma gun

I didn't keep a thorough record of this battle, so I'll just post what I can remember.

Tau first, and I forgot to let him roll for steal (after game roll showed a fail, so whatever)
The relic, short board edge deployment

I got the perfect deepstrike as my warlord trait (yes!) and he got the 2 dice to roll for running.

note, images are not to scale, as the table was longer and less wide than standard, and I don't want to go through the hassle of making units to scale.

T1 tau:
Started with both my commanders and drones in reserve. He started with one unit of Deathwing terminators in reserve. field looked sort of like this

D is Dreadnought, RH is ionhead, and IH is railhead (I got swtiched around, sorry)
His librarian was joined to unit two of tac marines.
I moved nothing, and both my shots were ineffectual, as they scattered off target.

T1 Dark Angels:
Nothing was in range, so he just ran forward with 1, left with 2, and forward again with the Dreadnought and 3.

T2 tau:
Commander came in, deepstriked perfectly with his retinue of drones.

(forgot to fix Ionhead/railhead switchup, sorry)
A lucky ion overcharge shot killed everything in 2 except for the librarian, and destroyed the Dreadnought's multi-melta.
Commander + drones killed 5 TAC marines.
The railgun missed.
I made my misplay here, and forgot to jetpack the commander and drones out of the way.

T2 Dark Angels:
Terminators deepstriked in in front of 5
Librarian joined 3.
1 ran towards my warlord and retinue, 3 and dreadnought shot at them, killing a few drones.
The assault cannon killed my hammerhead (two pens and a glance) although the storm bolters did nothing to 5.
1 charged my warlord. two TAC marines were lost, as well as several drones (I don't keep track of how many drones die)

T3 Tau:
My second commander deepstriked in between 1 and 3,

dropped two terminators, then assaulted the TAC squad in close combat with my warlord.
Drones and TAC marines died ( I think it was one TAC and two drones)
4 moved up.
4 and 5 shot up 6, taking down four terminators.
My ionhead was useless.

T3 Dark Angels:
The last remaining terminator in 6 moved up, forgot to run, and failed its charge (although I also failed to damage it with overwatch.)
Dreadnought moved left, 3 shot, then assaulted.
I challenged the librarian with my non-warlord commander,and each took a wound.
two wounds were dealt to my warlord, and several drones died. My

T4 Tau:
I moved 4 up, and 5 to be between the last terminator in 6 and 4.
Ionhead was, again, useless.
I shot up the last terminator in 6 with 5, and 4 ran up.
Combat continued (blurry on the details.

T4 Dark Angels:
Dreadnought couldn't charge, as his units obscured my units (although this was unlikely to affect anything anyways.)
Combat continued, drones died, and my non-warlord and drones broke, falling back 7 inches.

T5 Tau, my non-warlord commander regrouped, then got into position to shoot up 3 and his warlord. We had to stop here, and my opponent gracefully conceded.

first blood, linebreaker (Tau 2)
(Dark Angels 0)

I figure that by the end of the game, both of our warlords would have been killed, I would control the relic with 6 (which may or may not have been contested) and I would keep at least commander + drones on his side of the field to get linebreaker.

The only mistake I believe I made was forgetting to JSJ the first time with my warlord. My opponent's only mistake was to forget to run with his terminator, and I should have reminded him, as it was his first game.

His downfall was the deployment zones and lack of available improvised terrain. note that the table was likely about 7 feet long and 3 and a half feet wide. we had gotten the table corners deployment zones, but I rerolled because that would have been a headache to set up with the nonstandard table.

Reflecting on the game, Ion cannon works great against space marines, the railgun was completely and totally useless (which isn't entirely surprising against an almost completely footslogging arrmy,) and my commander bombs worked just as well as I expected them too (they fit the mathhammer literally perfectly.)

I also remembering the librarian killing a few drones with psyker powers (although we forgot to roll for perils of the warp and deny the witch, I don't think it really would have made a difference.)

I might have been wrong about deepstrikers not counting towards reserve limits. can someone clarify this?
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