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XV88 help
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Kroot Warrior
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Post XV88 help

Hi everyone. New here so don't know if im posting in the right section but, i bought a broadside a few day ago and didn't come with instructions . Contacted the seller, he didn't have it, would someone be kind enough to send me some pics? Or even a link?
Thanks, greatly appreciated.
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First, I think that we should determine which XV88 we are talking about. The older one has several metal parts for arms, feet and guns. It had two large shoulder mounted (According to codex) cannons that break off way too much unless modified. It puts together much like a XV8 Crisis

The newer XV88, I believe, is made of Resin and Plastic. There are a few videos out there that reference what the peices are on the sprues so you can get aquainted with what it is. Additionally GW does have some nice pictures of the completed suit on their web page. I would also bet that if you contectedthem, they might be illing to send you a copy of the instructons as well.

Unboxing video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nLxmVUEi5c

Good luck.
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Thanks, I might contact GW, and its the newer one, older one's pretty straight forward to assemble
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