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Full kroot unit?
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Default Full kroot unit?

has anyone tried this?
20 kroot 3 krootox and 10 kroot hounds

I am definitely taking 3 krootox but I was somewhat tempted to make the puppies to.
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The kroot bomb has lost a lot of its effectiveness in 6th edition due to the repurposing of our space chicken friends. Now they make an excellent harassment shooting unit but don't perform at all in close combat. This is a good thing because the rule change to 6th edition (specifically no charging off the outflank) made kroot terrible... now they are not. But what it does mean, is that other than taking a single hound for the acute senses and improved initiative, there's really not much reason to spend points on them.
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I agree with Carrelio. Kroot are now a harrassment/sniping unit mainly, not a dedicated CC. Spending points on more then one hound is a waste. I'd also slightly discourage the oxes since their guns are a bit of a waste for what the rest of the unit will be shooting at with no split firing.
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Might I also add that a 20 man kroot sniper squad is an EXCELLENT sniper choice?
20 snipers for such a cheap price is a great way to raise the middle finger at any army that has High toughness units (monsterous creatures, big daddy daemons, nurgle biker lords), and can even wreck the day of vehicles (on a lucky roll, but you have 20 chances...).
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