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The math of missiles - Twin-Linked VS Tank Hunters
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Kroot Warrior
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Default The math of missiles - Twin-Linked VS Tank Hunters

Hi all! I'm pretty new to this forums and thought I would share the results of some numbers I've been crunching. To put this in perspective, I'm really interested in running a Commander with a drone controller for marker light drones and there are two ways to get a sizable amount of drones while still keeping mobility (a drone squad or as war gear for crisis suits). I was curious to see how a 3 man squad of double missile pod crisis suits + a commander with a PEN upgrade stands up to 3 broadsides decked out with missiles.

Load out A
Commander - 2x Missile Pod (for number crunching), target lock, 2x marker drone, Drone Controller, Pen upgrade - 167
3x Crisis Suits - 2x Missile pods, 2x marker drones, target lock - 243
Total - 410

Load out B
Commander - 2x missile pod (for numbers), target lock, 2x marker drone, drone controller - 152
6x marker drones - 84 pts
3x broadsides - TLHYML, TLSMS - 195
total - 431

Note - I normally don't plan to run commanders with double MP but I was curious to see the results. Also, I did separate sets of numbers where I included the HQ as if it were firing missiles and a set without.

Now, I knew going in that the broadsides would be superior against infantry but I ran the numbers for Vehicles, Monstrous creatures, and flyers. I did not take into account armor, cover, or invuln saves, just sheer numbers of wounds produced. The biggest advantage of each group in terms of functionality is that the broadsides can benefit from the marker lights coming from the commanders while the crisis can't, the crisis suits can JSJ for superior mobility and possibly survivability, and the broadsides can take additional support systems which adds a lot of versatility.

Now to the numbers!

Crisis Suits + tank hunter
........Hull Points Pens
AV10 5.33 - 4
AV11 4.5 - 3
AV12 3.33 - 1.66
AV13 1.833 - 0

..........HP Pens
AV10 9 - 6
AV11 6 - 3
AV12 3 - 1.5
AV13 1.5 - 0

Crisis suits w/ Com + tank hunter
.........HP Pens
AV10 8.296 - 6.22
AV11 7 - 4.66
AV12 5.185 - 2.592
AV13 2.851 - 0

Broadsides w/ Com
.........HP Pens
AV10 11.22 - 7.66
AV11 7.66 - 4.11
AV12 4.11 - 2.05
AV13 2.055 - 0

Tank hunters make a big difference here. While the broadsides were superior against av 10-11, the crisis suits are superior against av 12-13. However, with the minute difference between the AV12-13 result, I would say that both set ups are pretty equivalent for armor killing.

Monstrous Creatures

Crisis + monster hunter
T5 5.83
T6 5.625
T7 4.5
T8 3.333
T9+ 1.833

T5 12
T6 9
T7 6
T8 4.5
T9+ 3

Crisis + Com + monster hunter
T5 9.074
T6 8.75
T7 7
T8 5.185
T9+ 2.851

broadsides + com
T5 14.77
T6 11.22
T7 7.66
T8 5.611
T9+ 4.11

So Monster hunter on the crisis suits pales in comparison to the sheer volume of fire that the broadsides put out.

Flying Vehicles
I would show the numbers, but it's pretty trivial since the broadsides can damage most flyers with all their weapons and since they put up a lot more hits due to being twin linked on everything... Broadsides took this easily in all categories.

Flying Monstrous Creatures
Read what I wrote for flying vehicles...

Conclusion, while the double MP crisis suits are still an intriguing option due to JSJ, point for point, the broadsides easily win out for their overall performance.
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Kroot Shaper
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This is pretty interesting, thanks for the numbers. If I ever face eldar w/ wraithknight, I'll make sure to have the monster hunter perk on my commander.
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