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markerlights survivability
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Kroot Shaper
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Default markerlights survivability

Has any body have found a way to increase the survivability of our markerlight. I lost all my markerlight bye turn two I run two tetras and pathfinders and mix marker drones in my fw squads bs 2 marker drones just does nothing to help much. And I run farsight as my warlord and a fireblade to help hold my obj. Should I drop fireblade and run a shas'o. The last game I played cover was very sparse against crons so only place to hide was really behind my my tanks and transport. Any help
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I have been having tremendous success using a Shas'O (2 missile pods, target lock, drone controller, iridium) with 6 markerdrones (4 in a squad, and 2 attached to the Shas'O), and jumping them in and out from behind a hammerhead each turn, or deepstriking him in behind the enemy's deployment. The average 5 markerlight hits is more than enough for a single target.

Then for a little more survivable lighting, the firesight markers are my second choice. A sniper drone team with 3 spotters gives you another 3 BS5 markerlights, which is just about enough to round out the 6 BS5 lights you are already getting from the Shas'O; the icing on the cake being they are majority toughness 4 and have stealth to give them +1 to cover.

Between those two, I hardly lose any lights in my games anymore.
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Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: USA
Posts: 77

Thank u will have to try that I will make a few list with the shas'o keep farsight to help with AV 13+ drop fireblade to smaller game points my group plays 1500 to 2000 point games I am also going to pick up two more tetras and make my pathfinder a heavy weapon squad with ion rifles and rail rifles. I been thinking of running sniper drones for awhile now just have to save the money. It was a very bad day for my cadre to day and was not to well prepare to play a 2000 pt game to today.
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