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1750 tau list
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Kroot Shaper
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Default 1750 tau list

Farsight 165pt
Cadre FireBlade 60pt

Riptide- Ion acc. TL fusion, ewo, vel tracker 210pt
Crisis team 191pt
suit A- Two Plasma, VRT
suit B- Two Plasma, Shield gen
suit C- two fusion, Target lock
Stealth team 125
suit a/b counter fire
suit c- shas'vre fusion, counterfire ML target lock

9 Fire warriors w/ devilfish and dpod 176pt
9 fire warriors w/devilfish and dpods 176pt
10 fire warriors 90

Fast attacks
2 tetras 100pt
5 pathfinder 55pt
1 piranha with fusion blaster / dpod 65pt

Heavy support
1 railhead with TL sms, dpods, sub rounds 145
1 railhead with Longstrike, TL sms, dpods sub rounds 190
total 1748

My list break down
Farsight will join crisis team for anti tank via deepstrike and heavy infantry
Fireblade will join fire warriors with out a Devilfish to form a defenses line on my own obj.
the two remaining squads with devilfish are for late game obj grabber/ contesters
The tetras and pathfinders for ML support the pathfinders will stay in close proximity with my fire warriors to provide them with ML support
Tetras will support either riptide or crisis suit team as needed
the stealh team to go after targets of opportunity and or harassment fire supported
the lone piranha is a suicide tank hunter

the rail head provide long range support fire and take out av 13+ riptide will hopefully draw fire and deal with heavy infantry
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something you could do is lose the piranha and tetras and use the points to get another hammerhead and then loose the devilfish for an aegis defence line to form a really nasty gunline tau with more big guns then imp guard
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