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Need help with Tau gunline
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Default Need help with Tau gunline

I am trying to build a Tau gunline army, however I would like to use either allied Space Marines or Orks. I know Tau are weak in close combat so I want to use units that can score and hold objectives while supporting them with a solid Tau gunline lead by either an Ethereal or Fireblade.
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Tau appear to be doing gun lines very well these days so it should not be too much of a challenge. Lots of fire warriors backed up by markerlights, some emplaced heavy weapons (pretty much the whole heavy support section is immobile these days, so take your pick), and then ethereals and fireblades as your HQ.

A list I saw the other day for 2000 points used 4 units of 12 fire warriors with 2 gun drones, and a fireblade with 2 drones in each (a unit of 216 points total). Each unit had 17 pulse weapons (1 fire blade, 4 drones, and 12 fire warriors), which then pumped out 38 shots a turn at max range, and 51 shots a turn each at rapid fire so long as they didn't move (they never did). The total put them at 152 S5 shots at long range, or 204 at close range, and worked out to be 5.7 points per shot at long range or 4.2 points per shot at rapid fire range (864 points for all 4 units).

I wouldn't necessarily say that's what you should do... but static Tau is definitely the new big thing.
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