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Darkstrider and Allied Potential
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Default Darkstrider and Allied Potential

I am slightly unclear about the rules for allies so I would like to preface this by saying that if I am totally off the mark, ignore the following post, so that it might fade into antiquity.

Darkstrider's abilities are limited to the fact that he must join pathfinder and Fire warrior units, which, whilst they have their merits, are not particularly game changing. Instead, i consider an option far more daring and potentially crazy. What if we were to take characters with St10 shooting from allied detachments, put them into squads with darkstrider, and use him to one hit Tyranid monsters?

I, off the top of my head, can think of three such models that we have access to.
1) Librarian. He is able to take the vortex psychic power by choice, meaning that we do not have to rely on the luck of rolling it like a farseer might a similar ability. This weapon would be a st10 small blast that is capable of one hitting most monsters. This sounds pretty amazing, although it falls through the floor if it does not count as a shooting attack.

2) Company commander. Orbital bombardment would too, potentially be able to benafit from this, however i do not have the rules on me to see whether or not this too is aplicable.

3) Necron Characters with tha Tachyon arrow (st10 ap1), although i am unsure whether they can join Tau units.

With these three in mind i ask the question if, a) this idea is in fact plausible and not in contradiction to the rules, and b) If there are any other suggestions that people might have for this, for it seems like a fantastic idea for dealing with some of the nastier characters out there, i.e. mephiston.
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