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Hey guys, returning player hoping to make 1000 pt
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Default Hey guys, returning player hoping to make 1000 pt

Hey guys, I am a returning player hoping to make a 1000 pt army for a local tournament at a local game store. I don't need it to be ultimate beat down just fun to play. I mostly play fantasy (tomb kings), but when i saw the new codex i miss playing with my models and wanted to give them a try. here is
what i have Tau stuff

Kroot warriors X 26
Scrapper X 1
Kroot rider X2
Fire warriors X 28
Pathfinder team X 6
Drones X14
Stealth team X 4
Crisis suit X 4
Hammerhead X 2
Skyray X 1
Broadside X 1 (old school)
Commander Shadowsun

now i know that i may not have enough points so i have come to the forums to get some help. I am willing to spend at least $60 to get a new unit/units but need help deciding without it i could buy something i really couldn't need. Thank you for listening, I could always need pointers.
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Over the past two hours I have been writing out a post explaining what I feel you should take and why... but when I went to post it everything was deleted... so have a 30 second summary instead...


2 units of 2 or 1 unit of 3 crisis suits
4 stealth suits

0-3 Fire warrior teams of 9 or more models (including at least 1 drone)
0-3 Kroot squads with sniper rifles, with optional additions of a single hound in each and krootox; squad size 13-17.

Fast attack:
6 pathfinders

Heavy support:
1-2 hammerheads
1 skyray

Apologies if that isn't entirely helpful; after dedicating so much time to the first attempt to post, I no longer have enough time to write it out again.
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Default thanks

it is no problem, 30 sec summary is great too. thanks for your help. i had to look it up i thought kroot couldnt use sniper rifles but they can. That is awesome.
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I'll fill in Carrelios ideas.
1) Crisis suits: I would recommend taking at least 2 units of 3. In each squad have 2 models each with 2 plasma rifles, and 1 with 2 fusion blasters and a target lock. This enables the unit to potentially fire 10 ap 1 shots a turn, or go down to 8 and also blow up a vehicle with 2 melta guns.

2) Take the gun off a hammerhead perhaps and make a Devilfish, its a good idea to have at least one of these with disruption pods and 12 fire warriors in it for capturing mobile objectives

3) Take one hammerhead with longstrike to deal with most vehicle threats. Ensure that the vehicle stays near fire warriors for cover save, moves every turn to get jink, and has disruption pods

4) Every crisis suit team needs 2 markerlight hits a turn to be effective. With this in mind, i recommend taking 2 units of fire warriors to make these guys shoot and kill every time, with none of this messing around with trying to hit things. Tau shouldn't have to worry about that

5) I think just one unit of kroot, 17 of them with sniper rifles and a kroot hound, is a good idea. Use them to outflank, preferably with the help of a positional relay potentially on one of the crisis suits, and take the enemies rear objective.

6) Stealth suits, keep them in cover and take counterfire defense system with them. They will need it.

7) Probably worth putting shadow sun in a crisis unit, as it will make them indestructible in cover, and they will both be targeting the same sorts of units.

Hope all of that helps; whilst its not a definitive list, take a look at that advice and figure out what interests you. Everyone has overpowered combinations, but the trick is winning with what you enjoy using. Its far more satisfying I assure you.
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1000pt, helpme, newplayer

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