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Posing XV8 suits
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Kroot Shaper
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Arrow Posing XV8 suits


I'm sort of fed up with the monopose legs and arms on our crisis suits. To remedy this I have started designing and making some 'poseble' arms and legs. (I wasn’t happy with the less than ideal solution of cutting below the knee joint and above the elbow joint)

A few other tau players at my local club have jumped on the bandwagon and are interested if I can find a decent way to 'mass-produce / cast' them.

Since then I have looked into several options as a plasticcard / greenstuff master for (IMHO) delicate parts will more than likely get damaged when repeatedly making molds for resin casts.

So here comes the real question... How many out here would be interested in poseble arms and legs for the XV8. (without having to cut up the GW monopose ones) Reason I’m asking is to see if it's only viable to have aluminum masters made to make molds for resin casting, or if there is enough interest (huge jump for me) have a aluminum mold made for plastic injection molding (on a hobby injection machine - so manual - not the fully automated machines)

Depending on the community interest I'll

A) stick with my plastic/greenstuff masters that will hopefully last long enough to make 5-10 molds (good for 20-100 casts each)

B) get masters cut from aluminum that will basically last forever - though that still will leave the limited lifespan of the rubber/silicone molds

C) go all out on a aluminum plastic injection mold (10 K shots guarantee from tooling company)

PS, yes I know there is something called kickstarter, but I have no intension of making a living of this - all I intend to do is make 'some' for own use and make them availeble to other hobbyists at cost (I'd be more then happy to step back and let a established after market parts manufacturer take over, but the few I contacted won't touch it with a 10 ft pole)

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lemonvictor's Avatar
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Its not a bad idea, but I personally prefer to do all my own conversions and such, including cutting up premade pieces. However, if these look good, then i would be interested
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i find that the way the elbows and knees on the suits are easy enough to cut and reposition but i am with lemon victor if dey good show us
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Especially at the knee joint suits are very easy to chop to pieces. An alternative to making your own pieces to then mold, forgeworld's Tau battlesuits are made from multiple parts instead of a solid leg.
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Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: Belgium
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I know that there is the forgeworld option, but that has IP issues to it. Making parts from scratch has.. less of them
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