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Necrons are a nightmare
Closed Thread
Old 25 Sep 2005, 13:10   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Necrons are a nightmare

I play in a 1500 pt tournament at my local GW store yesterday. To of my three games where against Necrons, both with painfully similar armies. The first had

3 units of 20 warriors,
a lord with a teleport device, and
a lord with a device that allowed them to regenerate even if they where instant killed.

Against this army I just managed a minor victory (300 pt margin). That was mainly do to the fact that 2 of his units of warriors spent 3 turns rapid firing into a devilfish that would not die and on the last turn the fish tank shocked them and broke them. The third unit hoped around the board teleporting into rapid fire range (there is not much that stands up to 30-40 shots from a unit of warriors) three turns it all but wiped out (2 kroot and the Shas'ui left in each squad) a unit of kroot and 2 squads of FW.

The Second player was a lot more experienced. He went on to win best overall. His army was

2 units of 20 Warriors
1 unit of about 12 Immortals
1 unit of 5 Destroyers
1 wraith
1 Lord with both the regeneration device and teleport device.

Unfortunately for me this guy new what he was doing and didn't waste a lot of time shooting at devilfish. Admittedly my rolling was below average but I spent the entire game loosing one or two entire units a turn. I tried to concentrate mine fire on individual units starting with the immortals (he kept these behind his warriors so a few time the leadership checks did not work). It think on average I'd inflict 6-10 wounds he'd save most and then half of what I did not down got back up. Again the teleporting warrior where devastating. When I tried fish of furry with a devilfish 9 warriors combined with 2 crisis suits (fusion gun and missile pods each) and 4 stealth suits. Only 4 warrior stayed down. The remaining 16 wiped out my FW with their Rapid fire. In the end I was massacred (2000 pts to 50), all that was left on the board where 2 fw gallantly defending their destroyed D.fish by the objective.

I don't know how TAU are supposed to stop necrons (short of hoping he make mistakes). The combination of 20 strong warrior, 3+ armour and I'll be back is lethal, and the teleporting thing really does not help.

I'm thinking an Ionhead, and my three crisis suits to switching the suits to twin link plasma and fusion guns with a HW multi tracker. For the warrior all I can think of is keep them out side of rf range of his warriors. Also, Marker lights and seeker missiles did seem to help a bit.

If anyone has found a good strategy for dealing with Necrons I'd love to hear it.
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Old 25 Sep 2005, 14:43   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Necrons are a nightmare

Necrons are a nightmare, especially for Tau.

The best advice I can give is to bring three Hammerheads, two with Ion Cannon and one with Railgun (in case a Monolith appears) and equip all your Crisis Suits with twin linked Plasma Rifles (plus whatever 3rd system you like - flamer is probably the best cheap option).

In a tournament you probably can't really tailor to fight a single opponant, but bringing a single Ion Cannon is always a good idea.

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Old 25 Sep 2005, 16:05   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Necrons are a nightmare

i play necrons alot, just phase them out.

i no it the battle sounded difficult ive never gone up against all that before but all u need to do i take out 44 guys and hell phase out thats both squads and 4 more units, the resurection orb only applies for necrons within its range, which i think is 12" and any other units he's joined...,

so just take inst-kill weapons, one of the biggest bestest,... wow, ways to beat necrons is concentrated fire on a squad not by the resurection orb, because, if u kill the entire squad it can "we'll be back" becuase atleast one has to stay allive, hint: dont both appliing this to warriors the're just too numberous.

for the 'veil of darkness'<transport> just spread ur guys out so it will be infinately hard for him to teleport... dont quote me on that stategy i dont no if it'll work

if the necron player brings a nightbringer its really easy to kill him then... phase out the nightbringer goes bye bye 2 ;D

what else... in my opinion the monolith isnt a real threat unless its in resevres b/c then u can get completely toasted when it deep strikes... and that w/ the veil is even more deadly, <chills>

that's just about all i got...

happy hunting and may the Greater Good be with you ;D
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Old 25 Sep 2005, 16:42   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Necrons are a nightmare

I haven't faced Necrons since they first came out, so I'm a bit curious on the teleporting ability (veil of darkness). Does it act like deepstrike, or does the unit teleport perfectly wherever it wants? Also, does it form the little circle of bodies like normal deepstriking units, or are the troops formed however the Necron player wants?

If they must form the clumps, even submunitions should work well. If not....it will be tough to form a list that can reliably kill necrons while staying competitive against other list types. Ion cannons, plasma guns and fusion blasters would be a good start, of course. I wonder how kroot would work...very cheap, good durability with a forest cover save, and better initiative (I think) then the necrons, so they could actually do some damage on the initial charge into the Necron phalanx. And kroot can be pretty handy against other enemies, too, so they might not be a bad option.

I'd think your best option against veil of darkness would be to keep your army close together, with several small units instead of a few large units. He teleports his large, expensive unit in, kills a small, fairly cheap unit, and then your whole army is close at hand to fire back. Still a lot of killing to accomplish to wipe out 20 necrons, of course....
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Old 25 Sep 2005, 17:13   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Necrons are a nightmare

veil of darkness lets the lord deepstrike every turn, even if he's in assault. And the squad he's joined goes with him.
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Old 25 Sep 2005, 18:00   #6 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Necrons are a nightmare

Originally Posted by Hardrain
3 units of 20 warriors,
This can actually be a pretty effective list, because it gives him such a high "phase out number" (in other words, you need to permanently kill 47 of his models before he will Phase Out). The mistake most newbie Necron plays make is to tie up too many points in non-Necron models like the Monolith, C'Tan, Tomb Spiders, Scarabs and Pariahs.

a lord with a device that allowed them to regenerate even if they where instant killed.
Whenever you face Necrons, make this guy a priority target. You have to get that Resurrection Orb out of action as soon as possible! >

I'm thinking an Ionhead, and my three crisis suits to switching the suits to twin link plasma and fusion guns with a HW multi tracker.
In a lot of ways, Necrons are like SM, so the same sort of weapons choices that are good for SM are usually good for Necrons. The Ionhead and Plasma Rifles (TL or not) are both good, although I don't think the Fusion Blaster is the best choice. Too short ranged, and the only vehicle the Necron's have (The Monolith) does not allow the extra dice at close range.

For the warrior all I can think of is keep them out side of rf range of his warriors.*
This can definitely help. Remember most of his weapons have a 24" range, so every turn you can stay outside of that, while still being within your own range, is gravy. Other than that, kill the Orb holder as soon as possible, and then focus on "Necron" units (Warriors, Immortals, and Destroyers in particular) to force and early Phase Out.
Shas'o Mike
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Default Re: Necrons are a nightmare

Three squads of Vespids... ;D

Um, the best thing is the fusion blaster because it can insta-kill. But... there's not much you can do really. Lots of Kroot can be good if you can infiltrate them, they can cause trouble for most any of his units in combat especially expensive things like destroyers.
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Old 25 Sep 2005, 23:25   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Necrons are a nightmare

Lords with Resurrection Orbs are just plain mean. Forgot the Warscythe - it's not all that useful against most opponants, and the Staff of Light is actually more effective. Add to the fact he's an independant character, he doesn't actually have to join a unit at all - he can just stand in the middle of a huge mob of them, and give the benefits of his Orb without any fear whatsoever. Short of a Battlecannon, you aren't going to shift him.

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Default Re: Necrons are a nightmare

Direstrike is on the right track, but kroot can be a SERIOUS NUISCANCE to necrons, who hate numerical armies, and assaults.... so what better than KROOT???? (well, orks.. tyranids...)

But kroot can infiltrate, shoot out of forest like no tommorow (12" sight range thru it) and get a good cover save in it. *Plop 40 or so in cover, infiltrated across from a flank of his army, and try to take one unit out with them early in the game. *Dont be foolish and just run at him when his entire army can shoot them; be annoying and put them so they can see the enemy but not the other way around. *(FOREST!) *Or so that they both cannot see each other. *Your 120 str 4 attacks on the charge is really gonna hurt, especially if you wipe him out, and he CANT get back up again because no necron is within 6"!

Aside from that, FW's are... admittedly, USELESS. *If you brought more than 2 squads of them, encourage him to shoot them somehow... *Just use them as a shield for your more important units, and be bold! *if he ignores them wisely, you can run up and rapid fire him for his foolishness. *If he does shoot them.... all the better! *your suits and tanks will live longer. *

Ionheads are what I like to call; destroyer snipers. *they usually come in groups of 5, or small numbers anyway. *Shoot a couple Ion cannons at them, and they're not lasting very long. *knock every destroyer down within 6", and they die. *I love that, cause destroyers cost a bundle, but die very easily from the ionhead.

Fireknife is pretty effective versus regular guys, but is overpriced. *Go for plasma fusion against regular warriors, or just t-linked plasma and some drones for improved survival. *Broadsides are best at sniping monoliths, destroyers, and tomb spyders... not really immortals, because theres a bunch of em.

Now... seems to me this necron guy knows what he's doing! *His army was well balanced, had numbers, and had some hard-hitting units too. *I think that the immortals, once destroyed, would give you a serious edge, because his warriors need to hold still to shoot, and your crisis suits DON'T. *Anything AP 3 or better against them is great, but do it in large amounts so as to knock down ALL of the immortals at once. *If this is accomplished (or even if he spread them out some and only one is left) some will NOT be able to make WBB because they are not within 6" of another immortal. *BINGO, you got em. *If this proves difficult, spread out your army. *This will force him to spread out his. *Hopefully, the immortals will become more isolated, and you will be able to knock them down more easily (use range and speed to your advantage)

The veil, on the other hand, is basically impossible to prevent. *The lord is an independent character, so unless you can kill everyone around him, he's gonna be ok. *However.... that's not as hard when he teleports. ;D

When he teleports and rapid fires a unit of fw's or what not to death, make sure that your army is either A) mobile or B) very close together (mobile is better because you can spread out and hopefully make HIM spread out, improving your odds of stopping WBB) *Focus EVERYTHING on the unit that teleported, and kill it outright with rapid fire and such. *I forget whether or not the res orb still works if the lord himself is down for the count, but the res orb won't save anyone if nobody is near enough for the squad to get back up again! * O0 * Be prepared for the veil, and victory will be yours.

that SHOULD help....
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Old 26 Sep 2005, 00:01   #10 (permalink)
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Default Re: Necrons are a nightmare

Thanks for the advice. It looks like I'm not the only one to run into this problem. It also explain why out of 12 army's at the tourney 4 of them where necrons.

My Kroot where actually a nice surprize. The sat on the far side of the woods and took out 7 warrior and three imortals before they went down. In the other games they assaulted a squad of warrior but it just teleported away.

The fusion guns where a real dissappointment. I had two suits equiped with them and when ever I got one close enough to use one I could not get far enough away to avoid being shreaded by the response.

I think the Ionhead is might be better than the railhead. The submunition round is great but when you look at the fact that 2/3 of the time he makes his armour save and half of those get back I think I'll take the three good kills than a bounce of possibles (of course they may get back up again any way)

This is what I'm think of for my next attempt:


Shas'o - Plasma Rifle, Missile pod, Shield Generator, Hardwired drone controler with 2 Gun drones and hard wired multi tracker
157 pts

Ethereal - Hard wired drone controler and 1 drone - 62 Pts


Crisis team
Suit one Leader, Twin Linked plasma rifle, and Missile pod. Hardwired multi tracker (I'm still considering the fusion blaster but it seems to be a one use weapon. The suit vanishes the next turn) - 83 pts
Suit two, Twin linked plasma rifle, target lock 59 pts

Stealth team 4 Stealth suits with a leader hard wired drone controler and 2 drones - 157 pts


1 Squad 9 firewarriors with Shas'ui, bonded with marker light 7 rifle 2 carbines 130 pts
Devilfish = 4 seeker missiles Decoy launcher, Flechette discharger - 130 pts

1 Squad 9 Firewarrior with Shas'ui bonded with marker light, 6 rifles 3 carbines, photon grenades - 129 pts

1 Squad 8 Firewarriors with Shas'ui bonded with marker light, hard wired target lock 6 Rifles 2 carbines, photon grenades - 128 pts

13 Kroot shaper with pulse rifle, armour upgrade - 130 pts

Fast attack

6 Gun Drones

Heavy Support

1 Broadside Shas'vre with SMS, shield, Hard wired multi tracker - 110 pts

1 Ion head with SMS, Multi track, Decoy launcher and flachette discharger - 160 pts

Total 1500 (I'll have to pickup the Ion head but other than that, this is every model I have except for 2 kroot hounds and a Gun drone.)
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