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Artwork Competition [VOTING]
View Poll Results: Which art piece is your favourite?
Entry A 0 0%
Entry B 6 8.45%
Entry C 8 11.27%
Entry D 56 78.87%
Entry E 1 1.41%
Voters: 71. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Artwork Competition [VOTING]

Entry A:

Entry B:

Entry C:

Entry D:

Entry E:
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Default Re: Artwork Competition [VOTING]

Nice works here.

In the end, I had to vote for one (why don't we get two votes as standard in these comps? :P ) and my vote went towards the one I felt had the best story behind it.

Reminded me of the old Kal Jerico comics actually.

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Default Re: Artwork Competition [VOTING]

Oops, forgot to enter. Oh well. One entry stands head and shoulders above the others for me.
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Default Re: Artwork Competition [VOTING]

My my, we've got such great artists and artwork on TO! Good luck to all contestants!
One piece stood out for me, voted.

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Default Re: Artwork Competition [VOTING]

GAH! I can't believe I missed it. Guh.

... hmm... voted.
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Default Re: Artwork Competition [VOTING]


Hope the best wins. ;D

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Default Re: Artwork Competition [VOTING]

As an arts student, I'm going to practice my critiquing skills and evaluate the entries. Everything I say is meant to be positive (i.e. make great work even better, and suggest on how to improve an already good piece).

Entry A is a solid piece with some subtle humor injected into it (the tootbrush on the axe). I would suggest a little stronger coloring and maybe a little more facial detail, but otherwise well done! Nice fabric movement as well.

Entry B is a nice 3D piece, with some strong bounce lighting from the glowing Warscythe and gauss tubes. The pose is strong, dominant and yet rigid; I was going to say that this doesnít really give the model any character, but that works out well in hindsight. I would just suggest maybe breaking up the grey blin shader by maybe adding some rust or decay to the metal; after all, the Necrons are over 10 millennia old.

Entry C is just loaded with character, and is absolutely adorable! It made me hearken back to my childhood, and I can just imagine this as a Saturday morning cartoon. I think that the posing could be a little stronger (especially on the Deathwatch marine), but I like the look.

Entry D is a fantastic PEN (don't make the same mistake I did :P) drawing that conjures up memories of moments from film noir. The brave pathfinder and his trusty drone sidekick stumbling upon a horrifying Tyranid in a cavern. For me, it just brings so many questions to mind; why is the Tau hunting the Tyranid? Does the Tau have a deathwish, seeking out a nest of alien horrors, or is that lone Tyranid the orphan of a Hive fleet fought off by the valiant Tau defenders? The one thing that I really like about it is that the Tau is in silhouette, a form of storytelling usually used to denote the evil force...finally, the truth about the Tau is revealed!

And finally, Entry E is a good 3D model that looks very functional. I would suggest breaking up the textures a little bit (a bolter without an aquilla or a skull?! Le gasp! ) but otherwise itís a good entry. Also, tone down the lighting a tad; too much glare from the surface makes it hard to focus on.

Vote was a tough call, but overall had to go with the entry that featured the strongest composition. Good job all, and hopefully next time my schedule will allow me to come up with something.

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Default Re: Artwork Competition [VOTING]

This is a one-horse race.
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Default Re: Artwork Competition [VOTING]

Originally Posted by Wargamer
This is a one-horse race.
What she said.

Also, I know who two of the participants are, but there's a clear winner.

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Default Re: Artwork Competition [VOTING]

Must say I agree with Wargamer with this, there's one here that's just way above the others (and it's not mine :P ). I'll admit that mine was a bit of a "placeholder", a rather average effort that I submitted to keep the numbers up because there was no way the piece I intended to enter was going to get finished, but even if I had finished my other entry I still think this entry would, and should, have won it. Not that the other works aren't great in their own rights, but this particular piece just reeks of character, narrative and skill on the part of the artist.
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