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Competition Calendar: December
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Default Competition Calendar: December

Us lot over at Contest HQ know that life can just get boring sometimes, so we've been working overtime recently to jam-pack your internet-boxes full of competitiony goodness to keep you entertained until Christmas, when you can go and roll in wrapping paper or whatever it is people do to be festive these days. We've left a couple of gaps in case people get any good ideas. If you do,tell us about them. We always listen, although we don't always run people's ideas. Some people have stupid ideas. If you think your idea might be stupid, tell us anyway. We need to be entertained sometimes too.

Make sure you read the rules, and if you still have any queries then get in touch with either of the Competition Board moderators.
Rules threads for the competitions with more details about entry conditions are posted on the day the entries open (the first of each month).





Trial 'Tiered' Competition
-Suggestions have been made recently regarding splitting competitions up into two tiers, each for different ability painted. This is a trial run to test out the suggestions.

2009 Tau Online Awards
The yearly Tau Online Awards give the opportunity to recognise great members and mods alike. Nominations will be held for each category, followed by voting in the final week of the year.

Best Army
A valid entry consists of a 1000 or more point army of any race.



The competitions are being reformatted, and this should start in the new year. Go to this thread for more information and to put forward your own views!

The calendar for next year is currently being created. Expect to see it within the next couple of weeks!


-- The Competition Committee

We reserve the right to change the calendar at any time.
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