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Diorama Competition [RULES] - [DEADLINE EXTENDED]
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Default Diorama Competition [RULES] - [DEADLINE EXTENDED]

Date For Submissions: May 1st - June 21st [EXTENDED]
Voting: June 22nd - June 29th
Winners Announced: June 30th

Entries can be submitted via a PM to Dra'Tuisich-Novae.

1st Place - 10pts
2nd Place - 5pts
3rd Place - 2pts

(The top 3 all receive official TO winners seals too).

Many strange encounters occur on and off the battlefields of the 41st millennium; this competition is an opportunity for entrants to show a battle scene or any other interaction of models they can think of. The models must be interacting in some manner; a "showcase" of multiple models is not allowed.

At least two models must be entered, and all must be on a base at most 8" by 8". All types of model, include Monstrous Creatures and vehicles, are allowed.
  • Up to three photos of your diorama may be submitted.
  • The models must be fully painted.
  • The scene may not have been entered in a past competition.
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Default Re: Diorama Competition [RULES]

Sounds good. I may enter this, if I have time.

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Thanks to Jais for finding the avatar!
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Default Re: Diorama Competition [RULES]

Yup, I got an entry.

Originally Posted by TO chat
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Default Re: Diorama Competition [RULES]

This sounds cool. I've got some ideas brewing.
But seriously, a Guardsman, I'm willing to bet, could a) outshoot me, b) give me the beating of my life, and c) shove more squad-based tactics down my throat than I'd ever care to digest. Guard are hard, hard men. Whether or not GW's inconsistent, Marine-worshipping fluff keeps with that, mkay?

Real men fight in tanks!

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Originally Posted by Nox
Legio why do I always imagine you shouting when I read your posts? :P
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Default Re: Diorama Competition [RULES]

Awesome! I intended to do a diorama for next months TOMV, but why not this month? ^^
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Default Re: Diorama Competition [RULES]

Hmmm... Since I failed to enter any of last months, I may have something for this one...

-Granpda Ducky

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Default Re: Diorama Competition [RULES]

Hmmm...Just so happens I'd started making a diorama, it may be getting entered ;D.

- Shadow

Originally Posted by Minako
That may just be helped by massive boobs though, i'm female. I don't know how that shiz works...
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Default Re: Diorama Competition [RULES]

Can one of the models be on the ground - writhing in agony while being possessed. It probably wouldn't count as an actual miniature as it is just a corpse really.
The Shadow Hunters

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Default Re: Diorama Competition [RULES]

Has to include at least 2 models,

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Default Re: Diorama Competition [RULES]

If it's a miniature, it counts towards the limit, regardless of how it's posed.
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