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Elites Painting Competition [VOTING]
View Poll Results: Which Elites are the best painted?
Entry A 0 0%
Entry B 30 14.63%
Entry C 30 14.63%
Entry D 24 11.71%
Entry E 7 3.41%
Entry F 15 7.32%
Entry G 2 0.98%
Entry H 27 13.17%
Entry I 10 4.88%
Entry J 5 2.44%
Entry K 36 17.56%
Entry L 1 0.49%
Entry M 2 0.98%
Entry N 1 0.49%
Entry O 6 2.93%
Entry P 9 4.39%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 205. You may not vote on this poll

Old 23 Apr 2007, 20:48   #1 (permalink)
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Default Elites Painting Competition [VOTING]

Hi all,

Thanks for allowing the short delay, I'm sure you'll agree it's worth it when you see all the entries on display here! These individual FoC slot painting competitions are proving popular, so now is the chance to crown the best painter for the elites section!

Prizes will be as follows -

1st Place - 10 P's
2nd Place - 8VP's
3rd Place - 6VP'S
4th Place - 4VP's
5th Place - 2VP's

The top three will also get official TO Competition Winner's seals!

Just a remiender not to disclose who you voted for or who's entry is who's until after the voting has ended. So without further ado, I just want to congratulate everyone who entered, you are all a credit to these boards with your showcased efforts here in the official Tau Online Contests! Best of luck!


Entry A -

Entry B -

Entry C -

Entry D -

Entry E -

Entry F -

Entry G -

Entry H -

Entry I -

Entry J -

Entry K -

Entry L -

Entry M-

Entry N-

Entry O -

Entry P -

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Default Re: Elites Painting Competition [VOTING]

Daym! Some stiff competition here ;D
Hard to choose...
Anyways, great job everyone.
Keep it up.
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Old 23 Apr 2007, 21:23   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Elites Painting Competition [VOTING]

I have the feeling this is gonna be another one of those comps where I JUST miss the cut off for pts and prizes
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Old 23 Apr 2007, 21:24   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Elites Painting Competition [VOTING]

Fuuhging badass painting all over the line
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Old 23 Apr 2007, 21:31   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Elites Painting Competition [VOTING]

It's really hard to choose.

Well, that some stiff competition, so good luck everyone.
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Old 23 Apr 2007, 21:51   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Elites Painting Competition [VOTING]

Good luck to eveyone and it is good to see some retro models.
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Old 24 Apr 2007, 01:02   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Elites Painting Competition [VOTING]

I voted for what I *think* is the best job, but some of you are as bad at photography as I am! :P

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Old 24 Apr 2007, 01:39   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Elites Painting Competition [VOTING]

Some nice work there everyone, and good luck to all!

"Robed" Dark Angels-2500pts
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Old 24 Apr 2007, 01:40   #9 (permalink)
lonely tau
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Default Re: Elites Painting Competition [VOTING]

Ah, so you voted for Entry 2 Wanax? :P
Old 24 Apr 2007, 01:54   #10 (permalink)
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Default Re: Elites Painting Competition [VOTING]

Wow Thats some wicked stuff!
To whoever made steal legion -> man I haven't seen them in a WHILE!

In fact Thats one of the most rich, in the perspective of variety, competitions I have ever seen.
Usually people just paint same old stuff. This time I finally see some new cool stuff!

Steal legion entry -> Damn... thats some astonishing basing! Just simply brilliant! I would add more ash/dirt/blood on them but its still all good!!!!! And pose? and Uniform?! Can you say no? Thats just awesome!

Assassin... not the vindi (*) Man that some amazing Stuff! Weapons are the real sweet! Every power/energy weapon can be improved a bit after looking at that! Of course the muse of posing left that model empty, just like my next fav.

And finally last but not least -> Scorpions! Darn that is just amazing! I can say that may they are TOO bright, and posing need some "inspiration" (hint, convert/pose them, hint ) BUT all that aside! Can you believe that there is no mistake in a paint job? None! (may be some better high lights but thats insignificant) I mean there is slaps some times, or color over color on many entries and all but these... There is 9 models and all painted, cleaned from mold and based without any flows! That is just brilliant! Do you have a mechanical arm or something? I mean that just perfect consentration!

For the rest-> GOOD LUCK TO ALL! thanx to all entries, - the more variety is better! I like that competition has one of the best varieties and one of the toughest opponents! I do not regret entering! I am proud to be in this competition!

P.S. To vindi - > Although I totally admit his paint job is top notch! He is fairly common, You could convert him... like sitting on a tree/building/ruin/whatever or some other stuff

Walk Tall everyone!!!!!

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