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Invent Your Own Race Competition [VOTING]
View Poll Results: Which Race is the best creation?
Entry A 30 44.12%
Entry B 9 13.24%
Entry C 15 22.06%
Entry D 14 20.59%
Voters: 68. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Invent Your Own Race Competition [VOTING]

So much work has gone into each of these four entries, creating a whole race from scratch can't have been easy! It has happened nevertheless though, and here's your chance to vote for the best creation of them all ! Understandably, all four will get rewards for their entries too.

Remembers, no voting for yourself or discussing who you voted for before the voting has ended!



Entry A -

Year 237.M38 marked the arrival of the first settlers on Marog II.

Year 252.M38 marked the Exterminatus of Marog II. Unfortunately, it was too late to prevent the escape of a sentient reptilian race. This race has been named for the world where they were first encountered.

In their natural habitat, the Marog live primarily underground, but do venture to the surface for hunting and scavenging from time to time. Warm blooded, these reptiles regularly spend months or years underground, undetected by the surface dwellers until the Marog choose to reveal themselves.

When the colonists began converting Marog II into a proper agriworld, the Marog struck. Violent, merciless, methodical, and fast, the Marog destroyed every bit of machinery they found, and when Imperial Naval units stopped by to check up on the colonists, they assumed the attack was from some raiders.

The commanding admiral placed a garrison and additional settlers on the planet, only to have them destroyed again within a year. This time, however, the Marog left behind enough evidence that the Imperial Navy were able to determine the nature of the attackers.

Loathe to bombard the planet due to its value as an Agriworld, the Imperial Guard and the Marog fought bitterly over it for 11 years. Still, never once did a Marog fleet come to break the Imperial blockade of the planet. Convinced this was the Marog homeworld, the decision was finally made to wipe the planet clean, and marking it for terraforming and resettlement in a mere 150 years.

The Imperial fleet set up a blockade around the planet and pulled the infantry from the war-torn surface. The fleet settled in, waiting for the approval for Exterminatus from the Ordo Xenos. A year passed, and the Marog never once appeared to come out of their dens and burrows. That same year, Imperial intelligence showed an Ork Waaagh was forming around Warlord Guzsnikk. Threatened Imperial systems requested the assistance of the Imperial Navy in defense of their worlds and several Ork hulks had been spotted on the outskirts of local systems.

Not content to sit and wait for orders, and satisfied that he had the Marog trapped on the surface of the planet, the Fleet Admiral stripped most of the warships from the blockade and moved to intercept Waaagh Guzsnikk, attacking the Ork fleet before the Waaagh was launched against the local Imperial worlds. By the time the fleet had broken the back of Waaagh Guzsnikk, authorization to perform Exterminatus on the surface of Marog II had been given. The planet was virus bombed when the fleet returned, and the Marog were assumed to be destroyed.

Two years after the reported xenocide of the natives of Marog II, raids started occurring in the settlements of nearby systems. At first thought to be a Dark Eldar cabal operating in the sector, it was soon discovered that the Marog had somehow escaped the destruction of their world, and were apparently conducting a campaign against the Imperium of Man.

It is unknown how the Marog travel from one planet to the next. To date, no Marog ship has ever been detected or engaged, and when the Marog themselves are encountered on a planet, they are often already well established in caves and tunnels below the planet’s surface.

Marog generally engage in small skirmishes and lightning raids. They favor guerilla warfare and sniper tactics to direct confrontation. They have stolen and reverse-engineered most technology they have encountered and incorporated it into their own style of warfare. Marog shy away from vehicle usage, as even light tanks can be difficult to conceal.

Common units are small squadrons of rocketbikes, armed with fusion or plasma weapons. Infantry consists of small skirmisher units armed with an assault rifle that doubles as a melee weapon. One of the most greatly feared Marog units are the snipers, a unit of their elite warriors that are almost impossible to detect and are among the best sharpshooters in the galaxy.

The Marog’s command of boobytraps and ambushes makes tunnel fighting against them suicidal, and virtually no engagement in Marog tunnels has been reported as a success. The Marog regularly dig deep enough that poisons, promethium, and artillery bombardment only threatens the first few levels of a Marog warren.

Once the campaign against the Imperium began, they began burrowing under significant opponent settlements, thus further protecting them from orbital bombardment as well as completely circumventing standard Imperial defenses for their own raids.


Entry B -

the predatorians is a ancient reptilian race. highly advanced even matching the tau and eldar. altough they have developed for millions of years to reach this level. the Predatorians stand on two strong legs and stands about 7 feet tall. they are agile and stealthy, as deadly in melee as in ranged shooting. they often call upon allies such as the Syntahr, these smaller reptiles stand half as tall as the Predatorians themselves. the Syntahr are less advanced but their hunting skills are highly valued. in war they don't always rely on their tech, but take use of huge creatures to mount large weapons. their worlds seem un inhabited,with ancient temples. but the truth is, they are hidden facilities, bases and factories. if first seing some signs of the Predatorians,and think they're primitive. the view will change...

Human Contact:

the Predatorians lived long and unharmed for thourands of years, in a small cluster of jungle worlds in the outher rim of the gallaxy. but this peacefull life wasn't meant to remain. the first human contact was made. a explorer vessel landed on one of the jungle moons. the new prey was interesting to the Predatorians,who live for the art of the hunt. the humans was slayed during an ambush made by the Syntahr. those who escaped did report to the imperial forces about these reptilians. the world was ordered to be cleanced.

The Suprise:

once imperial guard regiments arrived they found nothing, they later found some mysterious temples, it was then it broke out, the Predatorians showed their true wrath. using the djungles to their advantage, combined with their skilled use of advanced tech. the imperial guard was quickly whiped out. this was a great suprise for the imperium. this have alerted the Predatorians to take act.


after this attack, the predatorians was aware these imperial forces would return. the few worlds included into their realm will not be enough in the long run. their Leader Scex did take the decision to take a fleet and expand the realm outside their home cluster of planets. the fleet menaged to take 3 worlds without any ressistence. it kept going on until another cluster was colonized.

Fresh blood:

during the expansion the fleet was ordered to return, the sensors on their homeworld of Raptoria had located a organic threat comming from oposite side of where the imperial fleet came. this was the first encounter with tyranids. thefleets did clash before the tyranids reached Raptoria, but it did cost the Predatorians pretty much half the fleet before the Tyranids retreated. and Scex's mothership was a loss during the battle.this was a hard hit,he had led themfor countless of years. insteed his doughter,Nebrix took his place as supreme queen. she ordered to rebuild the fleets and continue the expansion, the Predatorian realm shall rise in glory as the supreme race in the gallaxy.

Predatorian Exterminator
these are the standard troops of the predatorian armies. ecuiped with the advanced Blast lasers, far more powered than lasguns. they are agile and skilled at melee,aswell as using their weapons. their armor are energy powered and gives a good protection while still not clumsy. all predatorian armor is chrome and reflective.but the reflections gives some kind of camuflage.

Entry C
In the dawn of the 26th Millennia, one of the last armadas of the Adeptus Mechanicus was sent out to form another mighty forge world for them. Many years later, the armada ended up nearly all the way across the universe. The armada settled on a tropical planet named Tridath VII, establishing it as a light forge world, while they spread across the entire Tridath Sector, creating many forges. Tridath’s forges were primarily in the deep, almost never ending catacombs that reached all across the planet. As the Dark Age of Technology was quickly coming to its end, the Tridath Sector began to be covered by warp storms, engulfing the planets of Tridath quite swiftly. By 359.4M27, the entire Tridath sector was engulfed by warp storms, driving the population of mankind insane. Of course, like many other worlds of mankind that was covered by warp storms, many humans were gifted with psychic powers. However, these psykers were often killed, and soon the entire Tridath Sector was in a panic of insanity. At 359.9M27, the entire race of mankind was wiped from the Tridath Sector, leaving only the forges. Deep in the Tridath’s Catacombs, strange creatures roamed about nearer to the surface, feeding off the remains of humankind and slowly evolving into what was now the Kataylans. By the 31st millennium, the Kataylans had completely risen to the surface of the planet. As cat people, their curiosity about the forges left by mankind was great, and as they lived on the planet, they learned and understood what the forges were, and how to use them. With the tropical climate of the planet, the Kataylans had evolved to live without the fur that would normally cover their bodies, and became much more human, however kept their ears, eyes, and tail, allowing them for an amazing sense of balance, hearing, vision, and even smell. Being that the warp storms were clear the Kataylans had no experience with the powers of the warp, however learned much about it from the adeptus mechanicus databanks on the planet. The Kataylans spread quickly across the sector, however soon fell victim to the powers of Chaos. In 241.4M31 the powers of chaos grew upon the most distant planet in the Tridath Sector. The possession of chaos rooted into the Kataylans unorganized tribes, and quickly a civil war between tainted and pure Kataylans broke out. For many years the battle was fought, but the unorganized Tribes of pure Kataylans formed the Confederation of La Glade Fothos, an island chain upon Tridath VII that was used as a base for the confederation. Soon they drove the Chaos taint back to Tridath XII, and broke the daemonic gates to pieces.
For many more years the confederation expanded and lived in a state of harmony, until they met a smaller Eldar craftworld that was under attack from a massive Ork WAAAGH! That was larger than they had ever seen. At the walls of the last Eldar fortress the Confederation intervened and sent a massive army behind the ork’s forces, attacking them from the rear. After the battle the Confederation met with the crippled Eldar craft world leaders, and set forth a simple negotiation. The Eldar, despite their dislike of the Kataylans, joined the confederation knowing they could not withstand another attack from the massive forces. With the combined technology of the Eldar and the Kataylans, which was more the Imperium’s technology, they formed the Warp Gate system. The Warp Gate is a complicated system of gates spread across the La Glade Space, creating worm holes that led to safe passageway through the galaxy, and thus increased their expansion around the northern edge of the galaxy.
In 359.3M39, the, currently reformed Tridath Empire made contact with a rouge sept of the Tau Empire known as the Si’Char whom had fled from the Tau Empire many years ago. The Tridath Empire was quite quickly left on uneasy terms with the traitors of the Tau Empire, but was taken under the Tridath Flag, and the little technology they had was shared, studied, and massively duplicated, a slightly weakened form of the Tau Pulse weapons was made as the Tau Empire’s new standard weapon. However, this trust only lasted so long. In 436.3M39, the Si’Char fled from the Tridath Empire, taking much of their technology with them, however, these Tau being the only the Kataylans had ever encountered, they had quickly thought of the Tau as enemies, and spent many years hunting the young Tau Empire.

Kataylan Sergeant

Kataylan Foot Soldier

Sideslider APC

Entry D -
[size=14pt]Kelleran Scuttlers[/size]
Tau: Tye'fio / Fast Attack

The creatures native to the planet Kellera were origianlly discovered by Shas’O Bork’An Mal’Kan Thestra of the Ghosts. His army was sent to investigate the planet before the Tau colonised it. When the Ghosts first landed, they found no signs of intelligent life. After a few rotaa of searching through the thick jungle they came across the main encampment of the largest tribe on the planet. The insectoid Kellerans there were living out simple lives of a primitive nature. They were adept at using their long, claw-like legs to hunt the native species on the planet and immediately saw their potential to be a great asset to the Empire.
Thstra explained to them the basics of the Greater Good, and they took it to their hearts. The Great High Queen of the largest Kelleran tribe set out on a mission to conquer the entire planet and make it fall under the rule of the Tau, and, with Thestra’s help, completed his task in a matter of days. Most tribes accepted the Greater Good, but the ones that didn’t were cut down like all enemies of the Tau.
Once the planet was under Thestra’s control, he left some of his men there to train the Kellerans in the art of war. Several Kai’rotaa later, an army was ready for battle.
Thestra harnessed the new auxiliaries in the Ondrossus Campaign, were the Kellerans excelled greatly. It was mainly their fighting that won the planet for the Tau’Va.
Armed with the newly-developed Kelleran Blaster, the ‘Scuttlers’, as the Imperials called them, began to develop a fighting style. They were terrific at laying down covering fire and could take down a large amount of enemies in close combat before even getting hit. While not very tough due to their frail stature, their claws make them excellent martial arts men, and their insanely quick reflexes give them many advantages over the enemy.

Points WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Tye’fio’la 10 3 2 3 2 1 6 1 8 5+
Tye’fio’ui +10 3 2 3 2 1 6 2 9 5+

0-1 Fast Attack

Squad: Consists of 5-15 Scuttlers.

Unit Type: Infantry.

Equipment: Twin-linked Kelleran blaster.

Options: The squad may be armed with EMP grenades at a cost of +3 points per model.

Character: One Tye’fio’la may be upgraded to a Tye’fio’ui at +10 points.

Special Rules:

Beasts: Kellerans count as beasts.

Scouts: The squad has the Scouts universal special rule.

Move Through Cover: The squad is subject to the Move Through Cover universal special rule.

Kelleran Blaster
Range Str AP Type
18” 3 - Assault 2
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Default Re: Invent Your Own Race Competition [VOTING]

wow... lots oflizards... i guess its ok that i didnt finish my models since my entry was lizards to. ;D

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Default Re: Invent Your Own Race Competition [VOTING]

Wow, I really like the (inserts name of favourite here :P). In the essence of good sportsmanship, they've got my vote!
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Default Re: Invent Your Own Race Competition [VOTING]

These entries means that in WH40k we really need a race of space reptiles... and some space insects too ;D
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Default Re: Invent Your Own Race Competition [VOTING]

Either that or reptiles are the easiest to model :P
Deciding now
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Default Re: Invent Your Own Race Competition [VOTING]

insects is not in a great need,we got Nids and vespids

Lizards or Rats would be coolest
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Default Re: Invent Your Own Race Competition [VOTING]

Actually, there ARE hints of there being official lizardmen in 40k. In the rulebook, simply take a look at the 'Xenos Threat' section. There is an alien heavily resembling a lizardman only with advanced techonology. The text is: Slanni.

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Default Re: Invent Your Own Race Competition [VOTING]

Made my decision, based on the content submitted
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Default Re: Invent Your Own Race Competition [VOTING]

I think I like ?? the best, good drawings, cool model, and thought out fluff, its getting my vote

42: As per the rules I'm afraid you can't name who you voted for until the voting is over!
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Default Re: Invent Your Own Race Competition [VOTING]

dude...you are not supposed to tell your vote
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