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errata for newsletter #43
Old 04 Aug 2008, 13:45   #1 (permalink)
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Default errata for newsletter #43

Newsletter issue43 reports that Khanaris' Deathwing Command Squad won the elites competion, when in actual fact, my Harlequins did.

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Default Re: errata for newsletter #43

You spelled Newsletter, Issue 43, Deathwing wrong :P
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Default Re: errata for newsletter #43

Damnit! I go into Comments and Suggestions to report this, and you beat me to it. Shucks.
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Default Re: errata for newsletter #43

Thanks for the update - sorry for listing that incorrectly.
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Default Re: errata for newsletter #43

Yeah. I haven't had a chance to read the newsletter yet. Definitely post something about that, though. I barely squeaked by with 3rd. I was a vote or two behind one of the Stormtrooper entries until almost the end.
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