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The Answers to Life, The Universe, And Everything.
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Default The Answers to Life, The Universe, And Everything.

Here are the answers.

(Q) How long have you been here?
(A) Erm… almost 2 years I think.

(Q)How come I never see you on the other boards?
(A) Because I cant be bothered to leave the safety of the Gazzet and the Enclave

(Q)What armies do you collect?
(A) Orks, Eldar, Space Marines, Chaos, Harlequins, Kroot, Tau…. I may have missed one.

(Q) What's up?
(A) The sky?

(Q) What happened to UCTO (United Cats of Tau Online)?
(A) It died mysteriously, in the night.

(Q) Why did you ditch Bubbles?
(A) Because of the reason.

(Q) Which would you rather have, a giant lizard or a jetbike?
(A) Giant Lizard.

(Q) Did you or did you not spam someone with PMs to death before?
(A) I might have. :shifty:

(Q) Will you ever spam me with PMs?
(A) Who are you again?

(Q) Will you smite me for asking these questions?
(A) Alas, I am not a full mod….

(A) Because.

(Q) What would you do if I called you SC instead of TSC?
(A) Kill you, clone you, kill your clones, burn their bodies…. And other pleasant things

(Q) Does your name say it all, or are you really a normal adult?
(A) Adult? Pah! I am not mad! I am merely insane! I am 12! FEAR ME! :P

(Q) How long have you been working with the Gazzet?
(A) Ask FT, he does the legal stuff round here.

(Q) Would you pay me to ask you more questions?
(A) Nope.

(Q) Would you destory that freaky picture of the boy with the laptop because he is scary?
(A) No…..

(Q) What is your favourite colour?
(A) Purple.

(Q) Whatever happened to the Cat Avatar?
(A) It died.

(Q) Just how strange are you REALLY?
(A) That depends, how many screwdrivers could you insert rectally into a bear before it ate you?

(Q) Who are you?
(A) The person who stalks you. :shifty:

(Q) Why havn't I seen you before?
(A) Because I am not living.

(Q) Who wears the pants in your relationship with FT?
(A) He is a cat, cats dont wear pants.

(Q) How long have you been strange? And are you an eternal child, or simply a man-infant?
(A) What was the question?

(Q) How often do you emerge from The Enclave?
(A) Every time the Apocalypse begins.

(Q) Do you have Peter Pan syndrome?
(A) The whatty?

(Q) Do you enjoy being asked aimless nonsensical questions?
(A) Sort of.

(Q) Have you ever been part of a cult?
(A) No.

(Q) Have you ever been part of the occult?
(A) No.

(Q) Have you ever probed someone for asking probing questions?
(A) With a spear, yes.

(Q) If you would have to pick one quote from movie, book, etc. what would it be, and why would you pick that (why would you think it is "cool")?
(A) "So, what do you want to be when you grow up?"
"Dunno, hang around pubs, drink alot, make lots of money"
"Oh, he wants to be train Driver, I wanted to be a train driver when I was his age."
I think it is "cool" becuase it makes me laugh.

(Q) If you were to choose between being shot by a pulse rifle or a heavy bolter, which would it be?
(A) Heavy bolter, just because.

(Q) Would you rather be a meat-sheild or cannon fodder?
(A) Meat shield, no cannons coming to me.

(Q) If you were to travel back in tame to kill a historical person, who would it be?
(A) You. :P

(Q) Would you rather be a Grot or a Gaunt?
(A) Grot.

(Q) Would you want to enlist in the 18th legion in 9ad?
(A) What?

(Q) If you were a god (but not THE god), would you strike terror into your pathetic worshippers?
(A) Yep. Every Tuesday, at 7PM.

(Q) If you were a vacuum cleaner, what type of vacuum cleaner would you be? (And it has to be a real one)
(A) A Henry Hoova! ;D

(Q) Do you think that chickens are wonderful and beautiful creatures? A: yes, B:
definitely, or C: probably?
(A) C.

(Q) Who was/is your childhood hero?
(A) Me.

(Q) What is your personal opinion on Disney?
(A) They should be shot. Now. With a goat.

(Q) How do you intend to take over the world? And what makes you think you can get past Supercrab, crustacean of justice?
(A) I have the power, he will be eaten by an infinite number of monkeys!

(Q) How long have you been playing Warhammer 40k and why did you take it up?
(A) 2 or 3 years, I startd because I liked the Chaos.

(Q) What do you think is the best thing about Warhammer 40k?
(A) The Building.

(Q) What do you think is the worst thing about Warhammer 40k?
(A) The Playing.

(Q) If you could change anything about Warhammer 40k - fluff/races/rules etc - what would it be and why?
(A) The Monoliths points cost, it is so annoying.

(Q) Would you date one of Farseer Tyross' Scorpions?
(A) If it looked nice.

(Q) What attracted you to the forum of Tau-Online?
(A) The pink theme.

(Q) Which forum member do you think we can learn the most from and why?
(A) Me, because I am awesomeness incarnate. :P

(Q) What's the most amusing thing you've ever done/posted on Tau-Online?
(A) "I am the most stupid perosn here"
If you can't find it, thats becuase you must look above this line to find it.

(Q) What do you think is the secret of success on Tau-Online?
(A) The cookies, and elf boy.

(Q) Would you date one of Farseer Tyross' snakes?
(A) Same as the scorpions.

(Q) What's your favourite piece of music and why?
(A) Just Another Star – Bullet For My Valentine, I like it because I do.

(Q) What's your favourite book and why?
(A) One of the Terry Pratchett ones.

(Q) If you could go anywhere on holiday, where would you go and why?
(A) A small island of the cost of Australia, because I had not been there.

(Q) What do you like doing in your spare time - other than Warhammer 40k?
(A) Listening to music, playing Xbox and computer games…

(Q) Would you date Farseer Tyross?
(A) Got £16,000?

Apologies for the lateness.


Originally Posted by Minako
The female race really is disgusting.

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Default Re: The Answers to Life, The Universe, And Everything.

Some select answers will appear in the newsletter, due out tomorrow
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