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Entry F - "Hunted"
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Default Entry F - "Hunted"


I once had a name. Now it is 5573—Vindicare Assassin code named, “Red Dawn”. Most of my kills are made as the sun rises. The darkest time is just before dawn. The darkest places are those shadows closest to the light. These are the times and places that I make my kills.

Downloading mission 13267…
. . .
. . . .
. . . . .
Mission acquired…

Target: Farseer Sevurak
Age: Unknown, estimated to be 2000+ years
Race: Eldar
Affinity: Craftworld Elati
Details: Thought to be the Counsel leader of the Elati Craftworld. Target will be a guest at a peace talk with the Tau on the planet Dygos. Informant of the Inquisition, specialist of the Ordo Xenos, betrayed the location of the alien target.
Mission: Kill
Secondary Mission: Kill the Ethereal
Strategy: Let the Tyranids overrun Dygos. Do not allow the Eldar and Tau to form an alliance.

The Inquisition always does things strange, but they picked the right man for the job. I specialize in kills where there is snow and ice. The target’s meeting place is inside some sort of an overseeing dome that Tau constructed. It overlooks the Tau city that is in the process of being evacuated.

The military presence coupled with a prime leader like an Ethereal increases security and awareness. The most threatening are DX-4 drones, scanning areas in pairs with a team of Fire Warriors near-by.

They are not aware that I’m here; I was here three days before either diplomat arrived. At this moment in time, I’m under a pile of snow that came in a blizzard, on top of a dome-shaped building, thought to be some sort of hangar for anti-grav vehicles. The antennas and radio signals emitting from the tower I lean against help mask my presence, even as the drones are brought to the roof.

Richy Bird jerky is good. I haven’t eaten in two days, and when you go that long without food, anything tastes good, no matter how tough or frozen it is. I’m watching the Eldar escort ships break through the Tyranid-infested atmosphere. I keep an extra fiber optic scope allowing me to observe directions I normally couldn’t, letting look straight up.

Vehicle designation appears to be a smaller transport. Wrong, confirmed to be an “Eldar Falcon” grav tank, passenger compliment of seven or less. My bet always was on six, unless the gay aliens sit on each other’s laps. That’s the great thing about this computer. Always recording what I see, gathering intelligence.

* * *

If Farseer Sevurak had a headache, he showed no signs of it. Truth be told, the five warlocks that were to accompany him had enough problems focusing on puncturing the thick void left by the Tyranids, giving them a headache strong enough that the Farseer chose to hood five warriors instead.

The Falcon’s rear hovered a few meters away from the top of the building, a circular platform in the center with elevators so that a vehicle could land in any direction and passengers may safely, and quickly, enter.

Two minutes passed when two XV-8 battlesuits appeared, pressing hard on the crack of the creaking doors frozen together.

Open the hatch, Sevurak thought aloud.

The pressure stabilizers activated within a moment and the ramp lowered. There stood three smaller figures beside the two battlesuits. Strangely enough, these battlesuits held no weapon systems, only a shield generator and two shield drones about each. This was probably to ensure a weak form of trust.

Sevurak’s mind screamed. Opening jaws. Blood exploded. At first, he thought he was suffering a peril of the Warp, but he forced his mind to focus. A screeching claw etched down his helmet, hissing loudly in his psychic ears. His mind shuddered, and the world around him fell apart with cracks in reality.

The Elati Craftworld burned beneath the body of a black and metallic beast chewing it to pieces.


Sevurak blinked. One of his bodyguards leaned forward, raising two fingers up close to his shoulders. Light bathed the icy rooftop. He realized it was another vision, partially blocked, perhaps intruded, by Hive Fleet Metal. Something must be done. A deep breath, and the leader stepped down, two of his guards stepping ahead of him.

“Welcome to Dygos, Eldar leader,” one of the Tau said. It was a shas’vre fire warrior in his uniform.

“I thank you for your greetings,” Sevurak replied.

“I will escort you to see our Ethereal, Aun’Ly.”

As Sevurak stepped into the elevator, the walls were ripped to shreds. A number of eyes, red like glowing charcoal, each accompanied by a pair of silver-glittering talons, stabbing, stabbing, stabbing, stabbing; an ocean of teeth, slashing, slashing, slashing…

Sevurak blinked again.

“I hope you will find the delegation room warm enough,” the fire caste warrior said.

* * *

Commander Dram’Ka pointed his battlesuit’s finger at a tumbling tidal wave of ripper swarms pressing over the city wall. On cue, a number of battlesuits dropped in from the skies, spreading flames into swarms.

He grinned, but only for a moment. The strategic goal was met: trick the locust-type aliens into thinking the city was filled with bountiful food, shifting a bulk of the main mass inward, but such a victory was met at the cost of a lake-full of Tau and Gue’vesa blood. Krootox and Knarlocs were just dropped off, numbering nearly a hundred of the bestial allies, but they would not be able to stop the advance, only slow it.

Dram’Ka dared not waste any of his missiles on the creeping Tyranids that now came up over the walls. He let the flames do that job, and do that job they did. He looked up to the skies and switched his comm-link.

“Can we be extracted in the next dec?”

“I’m sorry, Shas’o,” the head of the Tau fleet replied with a worried and rushed expression. “We are trying our best, but we will not be able to send a single Orca, much less, a Manta, for another three.”

“By that time, we will be Tyranid dessert, and the city, along with the lure, will be lost.” He switched transmission settings. “I need a heavy bombardment at the following coordinates, do you copy?”

Static spoke loudly into his ears.

“We—ammun—no—nothing. I’m sorry, Dram’Ka, there is…”

More static interrupted.

The commander’s battered suit looked up. Above him came a thunderous clap of lightning and brightening lights. The battle above raged as if the gods escalated into a deadly argument. Fire began raining down into the inky, black sky, filled with metallic spores.

The walls began breaking. A bellowing roar created a 3.5 Richter scale earthquake. Dram’Ka shifted his gaze from above to straight ahead and charged up his fusion blaster. The shield drone accompanying him buzzed and clicked as it motioned in front.

A six-meter long talon rose over the five-storied wall.

“We need more time. We need more reinforcements.”

* * *

I finished my jerky and flipped between my different visions, I could tell that the delegation room is in the exact center of the building. There is a wide ventilation shaft where my shots can penetrate, but my targets must be standing in the right position.

The ethereal is coming up from underground. His guards try to move him—no, her—quickly. They wanted the Eldar to arrive first.

Alternatively, I can kill the ethereal, see if they kill the Eldar, and if he tries to escape, shoot him in the back on his way out the door. I also spotted a faint weak point in the Falcon. It’s a difficult shot, but when timed right, the pilot’s windshield makes a nice target. Without someone to pilot the grav vehicle, the Eldar would be trapped.

Unless the witch summons a portal or something. This is the Elati Craftworld after all; notorious for being exceptionally—crafty.

Something stirred behind me. I quickly directed my fiber optic scope. Just what I needed—more pointy-eared aliens. This one was a Ranger wearing some sort of white-feather cloak over a layer of white fur. Clever enough. If I’m lucky, he will just leave.

Unfortunately, I am not very lucky today. He has a good eye for sniping positions, but a poor taste in comfort. He’s crawling up beside me. He seems very cautious, like the witchcraft he’s armed with is aware of some danger, but doesn’t know where. I think I will kill him now.

* * *

Sevurak looked about the hallways, continuing forward without a sign of weakness. His purpose here was not negotiation. That was the Executor’s job. He would never stoop to such a level as to negotiate with another race.

“Good evening, Eldar,” the Shas’el Commander said standing up. “The Shas’o would be here, but if you understand, he is leading our troops in a battle against the Tyranids.”

Sevurak only nodded. Then, the prize that he was after arrived. Aun’Ly, the Ethereal. She seemed a bit younger than he expected. He tried to delve into her mind and the nature of her presence. She seemed to have volunteered for this job.

But he knew it was not the Ethereal he would be talking to. The twisted-tongued devils themselves, the Water caste members, were the first to speak, and always seemed the last. They believed that they were the ones who managed to bring the Seer to the table.

Sevurak only nodded and made a few, obvious facial expressions (as a sign of communication, not because he naturally made them) to their speeches. A number of things clouded his mind, imminent dangers as well as distant dangers. He tried to focus on those that were immediate, but waved them off as defensive measures by the Tau.

“It has come to our understanding that you have, certain brethren on this world? We believe the Gue’la call them ‘Exodites’? We have been protecting these Eldar from other races in the name of the Greater Good. At times, they even come to help us.”

As the good-natured alien spoke, Sevurak smiled to himself. The Exodites fooled the Tau into believing that they needed their protection, and helped them in service to their Manifest Destiny across the stars.

The Tau diplomat continued. “You must be aware of the Tyranids’ threat to these brothers of yours. If you do not at least help them, they will be doomed, and perhaps the planet also.”

The Seer was impressed by the Tau’s choice in words. His psychic links knew better—the good Tau firmly believed the planet belonged to the Tyranids unless the Eldar did something.

As the thought came into light, so did a twisted vision. A six-limbed monstrosity opened its thousand-tooth mouth, the tendrils of claws enclosing upon Dygos. As the creature cracked and split the planet apart, a warping red washed inwards. The thing screamed and hacked up blood. No longer were the eyes black and empty, but red and glowing with hatred.

Sevurak squinted. The Tyranids do not know hate.

But the things that reside in the planet do. The Exodites protected the most powerful warp gate in the galaxy from this millennium. Were it to open, an estimated four thousand planets would bleed under the influence of Father Nurgle and the Lord of Change.

Now the fullness of the horror gripped his heart. A realization beyond terrifying. He predicted the destruction of not four, but forty thousand worlds, bloodshed that would not cease without an alliance between the Imperium, Tau Empire, the redirection of an Ork Waaagh!, a splinter fleet of Kraken and Leviathan, and four Eldar Craftworlds.

But the Elati Craftworld was not amongst the four.

As Sevurak snapped back to reality, he proceeded into a heavy cough. The Tau immediately ceased. After wiping a tear from his left eye, he nodded and raised his hand. They were able to continue.

Were these visions what would entail if the Elati tried to stop the Tyranid advance with the Tau, or were they predictions if they left the world to is fate? He could not fully embrace all possibilities—no matter where his mind wandered, it was the destruction of his Craftworld.

* * *

Five stories worth of fortification gave way, falling over with the screams and cries of thousands of monstrosities. For this was Hive Fleet Metal—no gaunt species. All the little ones evolved into larger Tyranid constructs, the vanguard of the assault.

Marching carnifexes were as common as Raveners, Lictors, and Tyranid Warriors combined in any other invasion force. Hive Tyrants stood an extra two feet above that of normal proportions, and biotitans came in legions.

At the forefront of this attack was an ocean of winged Tyranid Warriors, spearheaded by a rolling wave of Raveners.

“Shoot!” Dram’Ka ordered.

The brave Tau warriors immediately began hammering pulse fire into the ranks of the Tyranids. While some shooting brought down the Tyranids by the scores, many more shots were harmlessly absorbed into the silvery, non-carbon based chitinous armor. The battlesuits at the forefront were swept aside as they jumped back, dumping the rest of their flammable liquids into the advance.

Fires spread as Dram’Ka expected, but flames rolled over that armor. He watched the twenty-some battlesuits disappear one-by-one. This was not expected.

He looked up to the twin-linked railgun stations, rows and rows of heavy railguns. “Railgun volley—now!

Twenty-seven railguns released their payloads in unison, each with their pre-designated targets. The firepower concentrated not on the three-meter tall, fast-moving creatures at the front, but at the towering constructs behind them, crushing and stepping on buildings and smashing them aside like a child’s fit against a dollhouse community.

Kroot Mercenaries, well-hidden Vespid, and Gue’vesa heavy weapons teams in the buildings began shooting and counter-attacking as the Tyranids passed by.

* * *
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Default Re: Entry F - "Hunted"

The Tau aliens were making their searching rounds again. I decided to leave the pointy-eared sniper alone. He dove into the snow, digging in on the other side of the sloping dome, crouched down and unmoving. To my relief, this put him in front of me to the left. The Tau drones came up and began scanning the area, but as usual, just continued on. A few minutes later, the Eldar carefully lifted up some sort of visual equipment to his face. I assumed that he could see through walls as well as, if not better than I could.

But he didn’t seem to have a rifle on him, unless it was collapsible. The pointy-ears have a lot of different kinds of technology, broken up between the Craftworlds. Who knows?

At this time, it looks like the aliens inside were all sitting and not moving. I don’t have any clear shots, but I do know that the Tau Ethereal should be moving in front of the ventilation shaft so that I can put her to sleep for good.

As for the Eldar target, he seemed to have known about the danger by not moving anywhere. I have my back-up plans.

As I began to examine the areas around the building, something seemed to have been stirring. The pointy-eared ranger beside me seemed to know it too. He began to squirm, occasionally shifting the direction of his stare.

There was another presence within; something foreign, and it wasn’t Imperial. Studying what the Eldar sniper looked at, I saw an unevenness of body heat, those of guards getting colder, weird bodies of others getting warming.

* * *

Sevurak’s mind began to focus hard into the future of the Tau. He understood that his being there revealed some light (a very dim light) amidst all of his dreams about the future. As he studied the Tau Ethereal, he began to realize something sinister and dark, though he could not put his finger on it.

She seemed overall normal on the outside, but as he dipped into her mind, it was something less to be desired. It was as if there was some overly excited direction within her, and something pleasing, yet destructive. He supposed that, being his first contact with the Tau, this was nothing more than their hyperactive nature towards the Greater Good.

And there was a light about the room. When focusing on each Tau, his dreams weren’t illuminated, but were blinded. If his studies were correct, the Tau had a link in breaking the destruction of the future of tens of thousands of worlds—and hopefully the Elati Craftworld.

“So, Eldar leader—you can now clearly see that it is highly important that you help us in this war with the Tyranids and that your involvement would be rewarded by the grateful Tau Empire.”

Sevurak continued staring at the water caste member. The room remained silent, waiting for him to speak. It wasn’t his nature to say much, but when he did, it was exceptionally influential, even amongst the Seer Counsel. His words must be chosen carefully with thousands of years of experience.

“I see your point-of-view…” Sevurak began.

The five guards with him pulled their arms into their cloaks and got into fight-ready stances. Sevurak’s own warrior instincts kicked in, and he stood up with them. All the alerted Tau also got ready to fight.

The room fell quiet. The bodyguards outside were not pacing. The sirens and the noise of buzzing drones could not be heard. Death was in the air.

The floor and ceiling burst apart at the same time. A swarm of Genestealers leapt after the Eldar and Tau alike.

But the Tau Shas’el and the Ethereal’s honor guard, already standing with pulse carbines level, began shooting the moment they appeared. The powerful pulse weapons easily downed a few; black ichor burst onto the walls.

Two howling banshee exarchs subconsciously activated their masks as two dire avenger exarchs wove their cloaks aside and sent a bladestorm of their arm-mounted catapults into the shrieking Tyranids coming from above. The fifth was none other than Autarch Harusyi Adino, wielding a striking scorpion’s biting blade and shooting his shuriken pistol.

The Tau and Eldar warriors sandwiched the attacking Tyranids, but coming up from both above and below disoriented both forces’ back-up plans. Adino led the charge into the Genestealers, trying to cut a bloody path towards the Tau fire warriors losing limbs and insides to the rending claws and talons ripping them apart.

The Genestealers paused for three seconds as the banshees’ masks did their work and the duel-wielding swords of these female warriors slashed into cunning, six-limbed beasts. Some found it hard to penetrate the silver-glimmering armor, but those that did killed with ease.

Adino was tackled by a Genestealer from above, but as he looked up into the monster’s face, his mandiblasters activated, striking small electrical conductive needles into its neck before blasting it with a flash of light. The creature tried to block as Adino tossed it off of him, slicing through another Genestealer while kicking another in the way of a banshee sister’s sword.

Sevurak already drew his dagger-sized witchblade but the danger had largely subsided. The fire warriors, though most shredded and in pieces, still stood in front of Aun’Ly, the latter whom frowned at the sight.

But Sevurak continued to look at this Ethereal, and noticed that she was not actually staring at the blood—but at him. Autarch Adino turned.


Sevurak twirled in place just at the creature expected, and jumped at the prey. The scything talons, though ripped by the witchblade, were intact and tangling the weapon as the rending claws held him down at the wrists.

The farseer’s face was clouded, but he could see four more Genestealers leap over him as he wrestled with the one on top of him. The Tyranid’s face was locked with his own, and the world was black.

* * *

Dram’Ka’s forces were crumbling around him. Nearly all the railgun and fire warrior positions were overrun, and only some Kroot and his personal “Savage” Cadre remained. The shield drone at his side had smashed into the wall behind him to the shooting of a Tyranid’s bio-acid weapon.

Now a body of claws and teeth starting to enclose around the commander just ten meters from him. With the cadre’s impending doom, he made a final decision in the name of his comrades. He could jump back and retreat with his mobile force for a last stand, but instead charged forward, fusion blaster and last remaining missile firing away at the last of the wounded Hive Tyrants. If he managed to kill this creature, he could turn the tide of the battle, but the thing was in an area of good cover and low to the ground.

It was now or never.

With a shout, he charged up his jet pack and suddenly moved forward, a reaction the Tyranids had not yet adapted to on Dygos. Catching the monster and its two bio-cannons by surprise, he smashed his fusion gun’s overheated barrel into the hole he just created, twisting and jerking. The gun cracked off the battlesuit’s arm. His other fist made an uppercut into its neck while he jumped into the air with his jet pack still running.

Wounded but not down, it swung both guns into him, throwing the battlesuit back into an alleyway.

“Dram’Ka is trapped!” the pathfinder team leader said stopping to watch for a moment. He focused his markerlight targeting system into the alley, he and tank commanders and a few battlesuits.

An explosion ruptured in all directions, pieces of the Hive Tyrant and the battlesuit flying out, black ichor slapping against an already blood-stained street.

“Dram’Ka killed the leader-beast with his failsafe!”

With the bestowed honor and dedication towards their beloved commander as would be to an Ethereal, the Tau of Dram’Ka’s personal Savage Cadre led the remaining forces into a one-sided left flank.

All the pulse weapons fired together in an unceasing flow, all shooting moving from side-to-side as the fearless Tau swept aside many of their enemies despite running low on munitions. Even Tyranids jumping down on them from the rooftops were cut down by the combined mass of pulse fire.

Even as they began to run low, the battlesuits moved ahead of the infantry and blocked the Tyranid advance, tricking them into thinking they were going to attack. As the Tyranids instinctively prepared themselves defensively, the Tau all jumped back, luring them into killing zones of firepower.

But this was not going to work for another few minutes, and the evacuation wasn’t due for another hour.

But perhaps Dram’Ka bought them some time. As the Tau forces hammered their way towards Dram’Ka’s position, the disoriented Tyranids moved back further and further.

* * *

The room fell under attack by Tyranid “Genestealers”, and from what I could observe, they managed to get a hold of the target. Unfortunately, this might spur the Elati Craftworld into a major counter-offensive against the Tyranids. They were known to destroy an entire battalion of troops in return for a finger an Imperial negotiator cut off.

But the Ethereal has moved forward, and is in my sights. I am going to take the shot.

“The Ethereal is corrupted,” the Eldar sniper said slowly aloud. “You must take him out.”

* * *

Aun’Ly watched Sevurak closely as the Genestealers kept the Eldar at bay. One ripped the arm from one of the howling banshees, another disarmed the Autarch of his blade, and three more crawled in the way.

The Tau warriors kept their pistols and carbines ready, but the risk of hitting the Farseer was too great.

Sevurak moaned as the Tyranid’s tongue pierced his mouth. The Seer reached over and gripped the head of the alien.

Sevurak was skilled at walking through the Infinity Matrix, and is rumored to have a secret past as a Harlequin who transverse the Webway. But this was the first time he had traveled amongst the Hive Mind.

He could feel his stomach weaken, turn inside out, and hunger. He was wrestling with the Genestealer’s insertion of a link to the Hive Mind. Instead, he embraced it as fighting became impossible.

He was one amongst untold trillions. His vision stretched across a multitude of stars and through hundreds of battlefields. Sevurak saw through the eyes of the thousands of Tyranids on the world of planet. He was tempted to open the chambered secrets of Dygos, and release an unceasing horde of demons. For this would allow the stomach to fill, the infinite hunger infinitely fed.

With a great deal of concentration, Sevurak began performing a specialized psychic attack, a modified form of the power known as ‘mind war’ designed to attack yourself should you come under influence or possession by a demon.

Moments later, the Genestealer screamed. The rest of its kind turned towards the scene, giving the Eldar the moment of opportunity. They charged together, with pistols and blades, slashing aside those in their way. When they reached the one on top of Sevurak, it stood, immediately lost balance, and molten brain matter steamed out of its eyes.

Sevurak weakly shook his head, a hand on his helmet. He appeared to have come out of some great battle, victorious but exhausted.

The Eldar turned to see the Ethereal limp, her head broken apart and body sinking to the ground. But there amidst the carnage of her remains was Tyranid black ichor. She had been infected with the Tyranid gene-seed.

The Warp began to clear, and Sevurak’s mind was able to concentrate on the human assassin outside.

“The humans, those you know as the ‘Gue’la’, and whom we know as the ‘Mon’Keigh’, have purposed our destruction. They have an assassin outside as we speak, tracking us from a tower.”

* * *

The Pathfinder team leader, the only one left of the Pathfinders, scrounged about the destruction, and found a dripping Hive Tyrant’s head, the jaws of which were hanging over a limp, Tau body.


He ran to his bloodied commander and yanked off the head. Dram’Ka’s power sword was still in both his hands with a strong grip. The sun pierced through the sporadic cloud and into his face, the first real rays to reach the planet’s surface in three months.

Dram’Ka opened his eyes and looked up at a familiar helmet. He moaned as he relaxed his hold. “Have they run, shas’ui?” he asked.

“They have run, and continue to run.”

* * *

Downloading Mission Log…
. . .
. . . .
. . . . .

Second part of the report from Vindicare Assassin 5573, aka, “Red Dawn” concerning the failure to kill “Farseer Sevurak”, Mission 13267.

The main target, “Farseer Sevurak” made aware of my presence to an Eldar sniper unit camping in my same location. Before I could pull out my sidearm and kill him, the sniper jumped down the rooftop by cable.

During this distraction, The Falcon took off. I am unsure how the Eldar psyker escaped, though I am suspicious that he made his way underground by means of the Ethereal’s transport.

The Ethereal was taken out by my hand, but the Eldar sniper informed me that she was corrupted by the Tyranids known as “Genestealers”, working on betraying the Tau forces in bringing Dygos under the heel of the Tyranids.

For some reason, the Tyranid advance on the planet is now in chaos and is completely uncoordinated, and all leader-beasts are fighting each other. Dygos will be spared by the invasion force known as “Hive Fleet Metal”. This mission’s failure has resulted in the strategic loss of the Elati Eldar, the Tyranids, and the Tau on Dygos due to a scheduled Exterminatus.

Your request for my suicide has been considered and denied. By the time you receive this message, I will have taken a different residence.

The Emperor be with the Imperium.

I will continue to serve.
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Default Re: Entry F - "Hunted"

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG) - 3/5
Plot, storyline etc. - 7.7/15
Realism/Plausability - 1.7/5
Interest - 3/5
Characters - 2.3/5
Ease of read - 2.8/5

TOTAL - 20.5/40


-There were a few element here -corrupted tau, the assassion going rogue- that kind of made we stop and ask myself what?? The story flows well, but I wasn't really relating with the character.

-Story starts off with some potential but is very convoluted and confusing – too many different things happening which aren’t really explained - and finishes very abruptly. Uncharacteristic and unrealistic behaviour from Vindicare Assassin and Tyranids (Hive Fleet Metal? Really?). Sections written in present tense slip into past tense occaisionally. A fair few mistakes in sentence structure and vocabulary often lacking.

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