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Entry E - Untitled
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Default Entry E - Untitled

Battle Rages.

General Militant Antauis Daine smiled grimly as another traitor was consumed in an encompassing orb of green plasma. The monstrous creature gave a gurgling shriek that was cut short as its vocal cords shriveled and burned away before the smoldering remains of its waist and legs toppled over. Even its mutated ceramite armor pulsing with daemonic power was unable to stop the molten fury of the Emperors wrath. These ancient reminders of mankind’s worst hour ten millennia ago still lived through unholy and dark vows to the Chaos Gods. Cruel parades of the Adeptus Astartes these armored behemoths could shrug off fire that would kill a mortal man thrice over. Antauis relished the chance to deliver the Emperors divine judgment to these unholy beasts. The small once quiet colony had the horrible misfortune to attract the attention of these things. When the Pavonian 707th regiment landed on the planet they found nothing out of the ordinary. Then they made their way to the only city on the planet. It seemed deserted. Their footsteps echoing strangely down the empty streets. When they reached the town square they found, crucified on the eight pointed star of chaos atop a mound of corpses, the governor of the town and an imperial priest, his rosarius jammed through his eye. He could only guess at the agonies’ they and the other towns folk had endured before the release of death. He silently vowed that they would all be avenged. A bolt shell flew past his ear and with a sound like a bursting fruit the guardsmen next to him met a gory end. That was when the foul forces of Chaos revealed themselves. The regiment had been scattered throughout the city, small groups of men fighting for their lives. Antauis snapped back to the present and charged As he closed to melee he activated the disruption field on his power fist, its blazing cornea of light belying its devastating efficiency. It passed through steel, ceramite, and Warp corrupted flesh with equal ease.

As he slammed his powerfist into the first traitor sending him to a messy end the rest turned to face him. One was clad in garish pink power armor, a fur collar was around its exposed neck An obscene whip fused to its right hand. its face in endless rapture, yet its eyes were black and dead. "Join us mortal". hearing this creatures voice was like having what little remained of his body rubbed with silk and cut by many small blades at the same time, Antauis suppressed a shudder. " The pleasures I can show you! the eternal joy, the ecstasy and the marvelous pain!" Many mental images assailed Antauis, Feasting, Drinking , And Obscene depravity like he had never even imagined. And worst of all, Her… Suddenly the Flesh-whip darted towards Antauis and smashed through his groin plate. It didn’t find what it expected, Instead of the soft yielding flesh it was accustomed to it hit wires and circuitry. It began to smoke as a large amount of electricity ran through it , a horrendous screech coming from the marines lips.

"You will pay for defiling her memory!" he roared before shooting him in the groin and ripping his head off. The other marines came on in a tide, about to overwhelm even one of Antauis’s skill. Then a voice cried out “Stop!” It sounded as though the creature was gargling Phlegm with lungs full of Ichor. The marines stopped and slowly marched backwards till they formed a perfect ring of ceramite and vile flesh. The owner of the disgusting voice came forth, He realized they each wanted to kill him in a one on one combat, for some form of martial honor, if they had any left. This massive, bloated, marine was truly horrific, its distended belly was ruptured and a multitude of filth was pouring out, he doubted if it noticed. It carried a giant filthy scythe. As soon the creature came near a massive cloud of jet black flies emerged from its putrid flesh and swarmed around it, making it extremely difficult to see it and nearly drowning out all noise. A strange wet gurgling emerged from its bile green helmet. He realized it was some form of laughter. This foul creature was laughing at him! “And just what do you find so entertaining?” The creature’s head snapped around and stared him right in the eye,
“ I laugh because you are attempting to forestall the inevitable human, those metal bits won't work forever you know!” It suddenly burst into a horrendous coughing fit, a terrible goo oozing from its helmet, dissolving the flies in its path and hissing when it hit the earth. “Forgive me, I’m not all that well!” Another bout of the wet gurgling. Then suddenly it lunged at him, its corpulence belaying its speed. Antauis was forced to hit the ground to avoid a sweep of its scythe, a marine was bisected by the blow, screaming in agony, “Oh dear, sorry about that chap” More gurgling. Antauis couldn't stand this thing! But that scythe was more that it appeared so he had to stay on the defensive for now. As he darted around the scythe he fired shot after shot into its horrendous gut, to no effect as its living cloud of flies robbed the burning orbs of much of their strength before they made contact.. The blinding plasma was unable to cut through his plague ridden body and the stench of burning fat and diseased flesh filled the air. He hit the ground rolling and the scythe lodged into the dirt where his head had been moments before. He rolled directly at the creature through the cloud of retched insects and delivered an tremendous uppercut into its gut. His Powerfist vaporized the flies in his path and his fist squarely connected. Instead of cutting a path to its spine it simply singed the already burned skin of its stomach and BOUNCED off of it! Antauis couldn’t believe his eye! He leapt back as fast as he could but the creature was just as fast. The scythe blade flashed a fraction of an inch from his skull and as he saw the blade well for the first time he nearly voided his stomach. The scythe blade was made of putrid flesh, covered in oozing sores and giving off a horrible miasma of taint. Antauis’s mind raced for a way to defeat this thing. He couldn’t shoot it, he couldn’t smash it, so that left slicing. But the best tool for that was in the enemies very hands. As the horrible entity rushed towards him once more he charged towards it, so to deny it the room it needed to properly use its scythe. He heard a horrific retching above him and knew what would come next. He grabbed its right wrist with his Powerfist and pulled with all his might, and with a final yank he pulled its hand and scythe free as he spun away from the creature once again. In an instant a flood of molten filth poured from its helmet, nearly engulfing Antauis. With the scythe in hand he quickly severed both of its arms before cutting the abomination in half.

It fell to the ground with two disgusting plops. a few miniature daemons crawled from its ruined belly and vainly tried to reattach their masters organs. “ Was that really necessary?” The creature sounded genuinely insulted. Antauis quickly put his plasma pistol to its helmet. “Burn” He fired. Suddenly the ring of ceramite around him parted for a second before reforming, A great blue armored marine strode forth with a cats grace. Its helmet flowed like mercury and was never the same design when you looked at it. It carried a great ever shifting staff. Where the past champion embodied Physical corruption this one seemed to represent Spiritual corruption. It was just as disgusting to look at, only in a different manner, its armor was dabbed in heretical runes that seemed to shift and flow across its armor, and its staff, that horrific staff! The dimensions of it were just wrong as though it seemed to be a blaspheme against the very laws of reality. Then the Damned thing spoke. It sounded almost hollow, like a voice echoing through a shell or from the bottom of some infernal pit and the voice constantly changed tone and pitch in a very disturbing manner. “The Changer of Ways sees all mortal, and so do his worshipers. Today I have seen your death” With that it spun its staff, making it look even more horrible, and a bolt of purest black shot towards him. His refractor field managed to veer it of course, barely. A huge steaming gap was laid into the bionics of his left arm. The poor marine it hit dead on faired far worse, It suffered a million years of evolution in a few seconds. He heard horrifying sounds behind him until a sharp crack signaled its spine had snapped. Then the thing charged towards him, no two blows alike. It took all his skill to keep that staff away from his flesh. As the staff met fist the fields crossed with nauseating effects. He rushed forward in a glorious charge. He battered away the staff and leapt straight up, smashing its helmet with a vicious over handed blow, nearly sending the entirety of it into the things chest cavity. Instead of collapsing as even a marine should have it merely laughed, a cold mirthless sound which now echoed strangely. Then Antauis realized, it didn’t have a body! How can he kill this thing, without destroying it entirely? That was just it, he couldn’t, the entire suit would need to be obliterated to vanquish this beast. But how could he do that without overloading one of his weapons and hoping the blast would effect enough of the creature to make it ineffective? The answer came to him as the thing stepped into the open gut of the dead Nurglite. With a hissing noise the ceramite began to dissolve and the Nurglings clawed and bit at the intruder. The sorcerer hastily removed its leg from the ooze but the damage had been done, he knew how to kill it. After ducking a massive backhanded blow he shot it repeatedly in its already weakened leg, and with a snap it toppled into the ruptured belly of the felled Nurglite. It screamed for a second as the horrible viruses broke down its very being. It kept thrashing for a few seconds in a soup of liquid ceramite then it suddenly stopped.
Then all was silent. Seeing no more champions approach him he turned on the rest. These Traitors fell left and right to his holy fury. And though he suffered from dozens of minor wounds he still kept on, a red veil covering his vision, he could feel his bloodlust rising and in this state nothing could touch him. With a flourish he crushed the last traitors head and slumped to the ground in exhaustion. Then he noticed a figure approaching him from down the alley where the rest of his squad had been. Now there was only a crimson mass with the occasional scrap of black fabric. A butcher of men neared him. He stood twelve feet tall, dwarfing even the mighty Antauis. His armor’s original color was impossible to distinguish beneath the layers of congealing blood. Skulls and other grisly trophies of its past victories adorned its cruel spiked power armor. Its helmet was a mass of warped iron in the vague shape of a human skull with horns jutting from its forehead. In one hand it clutched a massive chainaxe that seemed to be carved from human bones. Many of the teeth were coated in gore but it wasn’t yet clogged. In its left hand it had a massive bolt pistol, its butt similarly coated. Vaguely noticeable underneath the blood was the symbol of a planet between two massive fanged jaws. “World Eater!” Antauis spat towards the behemoth. From underneath its helmet came the deafening roar of “BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!” The Khornite charged blindly and Antauis raised his hand to defend himself. The chainaxe struck his Powerfist with a resounding clang and Antauis was nearly forced to his knees. He had never expected such strength! This would be far more difficult than he had anticipated. He fought this monstrosity for what seemed liked hours, his arm burned from exertion and nether one was making any ground, but Antauis was tiring, the adrenaline had long since worn off and he could barely swing his fist anymore. One final desperate idea came to him. He ran straight at the thing in desperation holding up his left arm above his head. The chainaxe hit the forearm at an angle and scraped across the battered surface of the bionic limb, heavily damaging it before lodging into the wall next to him. But he had gotten close enough and had left the berzerker defenseless. He smashed his fist through its chest, Then savagely ripped it out of the right side of its torso. The berzerker stumbled backwards and slumped against a wall. Antauis turned and looked for any surviving Pavonians. He saw a few members of a guardsmen squad running towards him waving franticly and yelling. Unable to hear them he began to limp back to his men when he heard the gurgling cry of “SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!” as a shattering blow hammered into his spine. The whirring blades ripped through his carapace armor and shredded the flesh and muscle beneath. Screaming a denial, Antauis spun while falling and aimed Sunfury, the ancient plasma pistol, and fired. A great orb of plasma streaked forth and the traitors head was little more than molten slag. The body twitched as though it would continue killing but it collapsed. When Antauis hit the ground a line of fire stitched its way up his back and he screamed again then blacked out.

“Why aren’t I dead?” the thought slowly formed in Antauis’s mind. “What happened?, where am I, did we win, have I been captured!” As the last thought formed he snapped awake and sat bolt upright. Instead of the iron cell and chains he expected he was in a starched white bed, with his back dressed and bandaged and his Powerfist and plasma pistol on a table next to him. On his right hand a fresh layer of synthskin had been sprayed. His mighty Powerfist, crafted from the severed gauntlet of the Ultramarines veteran sergeant Pasanius who nearly died fighting the unyielding force of the timeless stargod known as the Nightbringer, fused with his skin when worn and needed a new layer of synthskin sprayed on after every use. His left arm had also been repaired. He noticed a small mirror on the table to his right. He needed to cheek for any new “gifts” the enemy might have left him. As he stared into the polished surface of the mirror the same old face stared back at him. Short cropped white hair, Two ice blue eyes, one of which was bionic, a nose with a large nip in it where a necron warscythe had come to damn close for comfort, Pasty white skin from his most recent Juvnat treatment and a rough line across his neck were his throat was slit by a powerknife, he had lived but his vocal cords were heavily damaged, he could never speak in anything other then that rasping growl. And a mouth that had long ago forgotten how to form a smile. “I could almost pass for handsome!” he scoffed. That is if it weren’t for the entire left half of his face being bionic. Though few knew it the bionics included the left half of his brain. This caused what he called “flashes”. He could and would flash from a calculating, cold and ruthless old man to a savage, nearly feral berzerker. Through time he had learned to channel these flashes as they where a potent weapon. Nonetheless they were occasionally unstable. Luckily his bionics had been tended to so there was little chance of that. Whoever did this could have at least given me some damn painkillers! thought Antauis, His back felt like it was aflame! Soon after he faded back into the veil of unconsciousness.
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Default Re: Entry E - Untitled

As he dreamt he remembered. He remembered being drafted all those years ago, he remembered clawing his way up the ranks but most of all he remembered them. Those soulless monstrosities. Against his will his mind drifted to the fist time he encountered them.

Two hundred and thirty years ago Antauis had been just another faceless miner in the Shoni Cartel. Then Casmere De’valtos had betrayed all of Pavonis. That T'auk'cka started a civil war on Pavonis and brought it to the brink of destruction. Worst of all, he had awakened a force that should never have been found. The spirit of death, the incarnation of fear, the avatar of mortality, THE NIGHTBRINGER. When that ancient creature rose from its tomb thousands of them had arisen with it. His mining company was leading a battalion of guardsmen through the mountains to fight them when they were ambushed by them. He remembered it all to well.

“Hey Hawkins why are we here again?” Here of course was the
Gotskrag mountains with a full five platoons of guardsmen behind them. Antauis hadn’t seen this much military power in one place since the Grand Rebellion almost a month ago.
“What? don’t tell me you fell asleep during the briefing!” Said Hawkins, a slightly short heavily tanned man.
“Hey you know I haven’t been sleeping well lately” How could he with Her staring at him every time he closed his eyes, blaming him, hating him.
“Yah yah, well if you had paid attention you would know we are guiding these fine guardsmen to fight the Xeno invaders.”
“Well I know that but why us? And what kind of Xeno? Nothing non Imperial has landed.
It cant be Greenskins because they attack in a great horde and it cant be the Black Raiders because this is an invasion. What’s left?”
“How should I know?, do I look like a bloody Inquisitor to you? I’m just doing what I’m ordered and you might want to do the same.”
Suddenly Antauis heard something from over the ridge to their right, a soft scratching like a chunk of metal rubbing against rock. “ What was that?”
“What? I didn’t hear anything”
“It came from that ridge over there, you think we should check it out?”
“You mean by ourselves! I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but were not exactly equipped for anything hostile!” That was true all they had were the standard miners issue coveralls and pickaxes. “Then lets get a guardsmen to come with us. At least they have lasguns.”
“ I guess that could work…” Antauis waved over a guardsmen, a tall gaunt man who looked half starved. He had a low and wheezy voice. “What is it?”
“We heard something over near that ridge” “And?”
“Well it could be one of those Xeno so I thought we should check it out”
“All right let me ask the sergeant” He walked off and spoke briefly with a large heavyset man. When he came back he had two more men in tow. One of them had a flamer.
“Ok where was this?”
“Right over there”
“Then lets check it out”
They slowly approached the barren outcrop of rock. As they neared Antauis heard the noise again. “Did you hear that” He breathed. They all nodded. The gaunt man came forward and said “Let me go first it could be dangerous.” They all nodded their agreement. He quickly scrambled up the slop and began to look around. At first he seemed to see nothing then he looked down and motioned then to come to him.
When they got there he was kneeling in front of a small rift in the earth and sticking out of it was what looked like a foot long metal spider. “ I reckon this is what you heard.”
“ But then why isn’t it moving now?” “Dunno but I don’t really care right now. Hey Simmons you got that demo pack?” The man with the flamer smiled and pulled out a bundle of tube charges. “ Good set them up here for a thirty second timer and lets seal this thing up.” Throughout this exchange Antauis could have sworn the spider-thing was periodically twitching and moving. As Simmons kneeled down he called to the gaunt man. “ Hey Alzo what do I do with this thing? Its givin’ me the creeps” “Take it back, the higher ups might want to see this.” “Alright if you say so” As Simmons knelled down and was setting the charge the Thing snapped down onto his left hand. Simmons fell back screaming and most of the others panicked. Alzo ran up and using the blade of his bayonet he tore the creature off of Simmons hand. It scuttled to the crevice and scurried down it. As Simmons nursed the bleeding ruin of his hand they all heard something that made them stare at the crevice. From within came a noise like thousands of metal insects scurrying up rock walls. Simmons panicked and grabbed the demo charge before priming it and throwing it down the hole. Alzo was the first to react. “Shtlk!, move, move, move that things live!” he cried as he leapt from the ridge. They ran back to the guardsmen and behind them a massive detonation threw them to the ground. As they looked back at the smoking remain of the hill Antauis began to think that blowing open a crevice filled with alien horrors may not have been the smartest thing to do.
Now his fears were confirmed as a tide of the creatures poured fourth. He and Hawkins ran back to the main force to get reinforcements while Alzo and his men bought them some time. Alzo screamed in rage as he threw grenade after grenade into the unliving tide while Simmons just stood there and stared blankly at the oncoming horde, now no more then ten meters away. Alzo cried “Simmons for Terra’s sake light em up!” Simmons seemed to snap out of his stupor as he hefted the flamer. A hideous grin split his face as he cried “BURN YOU T'auk'cka'era BURN!” A huge gout of burning Promethium roared out of the flamer engulfing most of the horde as Simmons cackled manically. Most of the metal creatures melted but they seemed to try to flow back together. With the constant heat there was soon an embankment of silver slag in front of Simmons. But they couldn’t hold out for long. When Antauis made it back to the main force he saw they weren’t alone in there plight.
At least ten more silver hordes where approaching. He ran to a giant of a man bellowing orders. He seemed half an Astartes. At least seven feet tall in golden carapace armor. In his left hand a miniature flamer and in his right a sword with a crackling energy field playing over it. “ Send platoons Three through Five out front, basic defensive perimeter. Get platoons One and Two behind with fire support, and where are those damned demo charges!” He seemed to finally take notice of Antauis standing right next to him. “Whatever you have to say make it fast I don’t have much time it’ll be a melee soon.”
“ Sir they seem vulnerable to flamers. How many do you have?” “One per platoon standard, I’ll make sure there used, By the way consider yourself drafted now grab a lasgun and get to work.” “What!”
“Did I stutter damn it! Start fighting or you will be executed for cowardice in the line of duty!” He roared while pointing the mini-flamer at his face. Antauis was in no position to argue. He grabbed two beaten up lasguns and ran back to Alzo’s men. He threw Hawkins a lasgun and began firing into the gleaming mass. The red bolts had little effect so he set it to what he hopped was full auto and pulled the trigger. The thing kicked like a bull grox but he held on. Luckily for him with such a massive horde there was little need for aiming. Then it happened. They first appeared. Behind the masses of what would later be called Scarabs the Necrons strode towards them. They were hideous beyond words. While physically little more than mechanical skeletons they filled Antauis with a nameless dread. Every angle seemed wrong and looking at them made his eyes ache. They held strange guns, little more than transparent tubes that crackled with green lightning and had a wickedly curved bayonet. They were to far to fire at yet so for now he ignored them.
Simmons’s flamer sputtered and died, the greasy gout of flame vanishing. The swarm rolled forward about to overrun them all. “ Lets get the hell out of here!” cried Hawkins.
“ I have to agree” Said Alzo. “Simmons lets get out of here.” Simmons didn’t answer, he just pulled out another bundle of charges and smiled that horrible smile again. “Simmons no! we can still get out of here!” still he didn’t answer. Antauis saw the glimmer of madness in his eyes. With a flick of his wrist he primed the charges and ran forward. He made it about halfway through the swarm before he was pulled to the ground. Chunks of his flesh being torn away even as he fell. Right before he was lost to a searing afterimage Antauis heard him scream something at the top of his lungs. “ For the Emperor!” The explosion ignited what was left of the Promethium and triggered his grenades. Where Simmons had been there was no sign of necrons or scarabs other than a smoking crater. Alzo just stared. “Come on they need us back there!” Antauis cried. Alzo nodded and ran back to the Commander.
He stood on a makeshift barricade of crates and bodies. The bodies seemed to have been flayed apart in places and looked mauled in others. “ Sir private Alzo reporting” “What happened to Simmons?” “He….” Alzo seemed to hesitate on what to say next. “He didn’t make it sir” “ So that explosion was…” “Yes sir, Simmons sacrificed himself to save us.”
The commander closed his eyes and whispered “You died well my son” In an instant he was back to normal. “Alright listen, I’ve voxed for a squad of Ornithopers to pick up what’s left of the battalion and three Marauder bombers to take care of these things after we leave. Until then just keep shooting” Antauis took up a position next to the commander. The remaining squads were roughly twenty meters in front of them and firing like mad, five flamers roaring into the Xeno. But no matter what they did they just kept coming. Those felled just seemed to flow like mercury and take there original forms. Antauis was beginning to think about saving a shot for himself incase things went bad but the gun gave a low whine and died.
The guardsmen were being pushed further and further back, with little hope of escape. By this time almost all of the scarabs had been destroyed but the necrons remained. Like water breaking over a dam they tore through the front lines. The commander ran forward and sent an oily gout of flame before him. His Powersword cut through the necrons like they were paper. Antauis fixed a bayonet and hurtled towards the commander. Alzo and Hawkins where right behind him. He jammed the bayonet into the back of the first necron he found, the bayonet simply shattered and the thing took a vicious swing at him, he held up his lasgun to try and fend off they blow. As the commanders sword had cut through the necrons so did the bayonet cut through his lasgun. He dropped the two halves and ran like hell. He stood in the middle of the carnage, on the barricade and wondered how it could end like this. Was this his punishment for failing Her? To be the last to die here, being torn apart by those…. those Things! Then he heard it, a high pitched whine that grew steadily deeper. He looked up and slowly lowering down where three Ornithopers. As he looked up there Autocannons began to fire, massive shells capable of blowing a man to pieces. They had less of an effect on the necrons but the heavy shells still tore through them and kept them at bay for now. The commander rushed up next to him, still blazing away. Now only five men survived. The commander, him, Alzo, Hawkins, And the heavyset sergeant. All were firing like mad and the Commander was screaming at the Hoppers.
As the first one lowered a gauntleted hand reached down and grabbed Antauis’s wrists. He was hauled up onto the floor of the Hopper and turned around to help the others. Once they were all aboard the Hopper it started to rise and they immediately strapped into the acceleration couch while commander started screaming at the pilots. “Where the hell are the bombers! Do you have any idea what kind of firepower it will take to wipe those things out!” The pilot calmly replied, “Yes I do, we couldn’t get any bombers so we got the next best thing. Look in the weapons chest under the couch” The commander bent over and fumbled with the lock before managing to open the chest. He didn’t say a word. He slowly pulled out a three foot long metal tube about a foot wide. Alzo breathlessly said “ Fusion bomb…”
The pilot smiled smugly and pushed a button, the side panel of the Hopper opened and the wind whipped around them, green lightning arching up from the ground. “ Bombs away” he said with a grin. The commander turned the device over in his hands, then pressing the activation rune he whispered “This is for you son…” he tossed it out the window and Antauis watched as it tumbled into the gleaming mass far below.
Suddenly the panel slammed shut. The pilot cried “ Alright unless you guys want to go out with them lets get out of here!” The Ornithoper roared off and in a few moments Antauis heard a deafening explosion and saw a blinding light through the front windshield. When the shockwave had passed the commander turned to him and said “From now on you are to refer to me as Lieutenant Ahres Grahil, This was formerly sergeant Jeng Kerel. Yes Jeng formerly.” he said stifling Jeng’s protests “As of now you are all my personal retinue. Oh and son.” He said looking at Antauis. “Welcome to the Imperial Guard.”
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