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Entry C - Descent Into Darkness
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Default Entry C - Descent Into Darkness

Title: Descent Into Darkness

Chapter I
Roots of Chaos

Inquisitor Jeremiah Procant stood at the observation deck of the Emperor’s Hammer looking down at the beautiful planet, Var’thon; fully armoured and ready for battle if the time came. The planet was a beautiful swirl of blue and green mixed together making the planet look as if the Emperor himself had created it.

The Inquisitor had begun doubting why the Ordo Malleus had sent him on this perfectly fine planet. The planet looked perfect and although he was generally knew as an Inquisitor of the Order, he was convinced the planet wasn’t corrupt. As he grew tired of looking at the beautiful world, Procant turned and saw Nathaniel Radant sprinting down the halls in his direction. As equerry to the Inquisitor, Radant was to inform Jeremiah to the activities on Var’thon. “My Lord,” weakly breathed the equerry, “Dæmon activity has been detected on Var’thon by the astropaths.” For a brief moment Jeremiah couldn’t believe such a lovely world could be chaos infested.

“Ready my Thunderhawk, I want to leave within the next 10 minutes,” commanded Jeremiah.

As the Thunderhawk streaked through the night sky, Procant couldn’t help thinking about what could’ve gone wrong on such a world. The landing was smooth and peaceful. But as Procant disembarked from the Thunderhawk his Astropath detected a large eminence of chaos to the east.

“Quick, move out to the east, my men and I will take the centre, while stormtroopers, you split up and take the left and right, move out!” instructed Jeremiah while readying his stormbolter and power weapon.

The Inquisitorial force ran through the thick forests of Var’thon, quickly fleeting for the enemy. As they neared a clearing in the forest the Astropath suddenly shrieked in pain, she collapsed to the ground writhing, screaming in agony. Her body warped and twisted, bulged and bent. She exploded in blood and gore, a bloody and horrible beast seemingly jumped out of her now mutilated body, thrashing and attacking anything it could reach.

The Inquisitor and his retinue jumped into action swinging and shooting trying to fell that horrible creature. The beast took numerous blows but kept standing, it landed a blow on one of Jeremiah’s acolytes utterly ripping him in half. The horrible creature then proceeded to dining on the poor acolyte’s blood. While the evil spawn of chaos was occupied the Inquisitor ran over to the monster beheading it in one clean strike.

The retinue stopped to regroup and assess what just happened. “Then it is true,” admitted Procant, “This world is infested with forces of chaos. Move out! And find the chaos that taints this planet!”

The force then continued into the clearing where cultists were on their knees worshiping the gods, while others seemed to be summoning the foul monsters of chaos.

“By the Emperor! We must purge this place!” exclaimed the Inquisitor, “Stop them from summoning!”

With that the Inquisitorial force charged into the clearing blasting down cultists in their path. The inquisitor and his retinue sprinted toward the summoning. The cultists chanted bringing the terrible warp creature into existence. The inquisitor cut down the cultists and he believed the ritual was done. So the force walked out of the clearing to hunt out more of the chaos taint.

Yet as the Inquisitor and his force left the clearing the ground rumbled and quaked and the floor opened it’s great maw, and out reached a great and large hand, pulling its owner out Var’thon.

Chapter II
The Seeds are Sown

At the camp that the Inquisitor’s forces set up, the soldiers were eating their meal while Jeremiah discussed the planets fate with his advisers.

“After we purge this planet of all chaos what do we then do with it? Do we destroy the planet and never deal with it again? Or leave it and stow it in the back of our thoughts?” the Inquisitor inquired.

An acolyte answered, “The planet would never be fully cleansed of the infection that chaos brought to this planet, and we must destroy it now.”

“Nay,” responded Procant, “First we must personally annihilate the dæmonic presence on this planet, and then we shall surely destroy the planet leaving none of the taint behind.”

As the Inquisitor continued discussing the fate of Var’thon, a beaten and bloodied stormtrooper ran to Jeremiah.

“Sir, my patrol squad and I were patrolling the outer limits of the forest when we were attacked by an awesome and horrible beast. I am the sole survivor of the attack on my fellow squad mates and I, they were all either eaten, crushed, sliced in two, or …” with that, the stormtrooper feel on the ground, bursting into tears.

“Calm down, soldier, and calmly tell me what happened,” responded Procant to this emotional outburst.

“Well my squad was patrolling the edge of the camp when the great beast flew over the trees, landing just a few feet from us. Quick as a fox it grabbed one of the men and gulped him down without a bite. As we were still stunned with the appearance and ferocity of the beast it cleaved down another three troopers with its mighty axe. It hurled me and another into trees, I was fine except for a few scratches and bruises, but he broke his back when he hit the tree, I never checked to see if he was still alive,” he whimpered, “He crushed two under his massive foot and he through one so far into the air I never actually saw him come back down. And the last he… he… he… utterly drained him of his blood. He raised him in the air crushed him in his hand and swallowed the gallons and gallons of blood.”

“A greater dæmon of Khorn…” the Inquisitor breathed. “To me my men!” he bellowed, “We have a dæmon to banish!”

The Inquisitor and his forced dashed through the trees searching for the horrible minion of chaos. As they were searching the forest of Var’thon they found another clearing of cultists. They quickly mowed them down killing all who were there. As they re-entered the forest they ground quaked and the mighty beast practically landed on the party crushing many men.

“Attack!” commanded Jeremiah as he hurled himself at the monster.

The dæmon was a great monster, easily shrugging off the hellgun blasts coming from the stormtroopers. The beast and Jeremiah were locked in an epic mêlée, the beast not landing blows on the Inquisitor and the monster shrugging off all of Jeremiah’s strikes.

As their fight continued, a strange force was creeping at Procant’s mind, knocking, craving to be let in. But Jeremiah had more pressing matters to attend to. A stray plasma bolt hit the beast in the face briefly stunning it. Procant used this moment wisely, jumped onto it’s back and climbed to it’s head, as Jeremiah was bringing his sword up to slay the beast, the force broke into his head.

“What are you doing Jeremiah? Stop this instant, you don’t know what you are doing! You must let this creature go on with its business, let it rampage, let it destroy the planet in its amazing power. It MUST crush Var’thon there is no other option for us!”

“Get out of my head, monster!” screamed Jeremiah, “I want you gone!”

“You know you want this power, this great strength! Well it’s yours for the taking, all you have to do is ask and I will provide. Just ask and you could have the strength and power of this beast, tenfold!”

“I do not want your dæmonic gifts! Leave me alone!” bellowed Procant, “Be gone from me you horrible creature!”

With that Jeremiah swung the sword down beheading the beast. The dæmon fell to the ground, the head rolling away. The troopers cheered, praising the Emperor for this feat. Jeremiah walked away pondering what had just happened.

Chapter III

Jeremiah Procant was back on the Emperor’s Hammer. Once again looking down on the beautiful world he had just condemned. Nathaniel Radant walked into the room with a large figure Jeremiah had not seen in a while.

“Inquisitor Jeremiah,” the figure said, “It has been so long, it is good to see you again.”

“As it is to see you, Inquisitor Toth,” responded Procant, “But I must ask, why are you here?”

“Ahhh, see that is the thing, I received a message stating that you have successfully banished a greater dæmon,” said Toth, “And I am here to, give you this…”

Toth held out his hand which contained a rather large hammer. “It’s yours,” he told Jeremiah, “A dæmonhammer, for slaying the horrible beast.”

“Thank you, Toth, for this gift, with this I shall slay many a dæmon,” thanked Procant, “I will not disappoint you.”

“I hope not,” admitted Toth, “Though I must apologize, you see, I have another task for you, and I must request that you go to the planet Himos. We have once again detected the taint of chaos, and we need you to purge it.”

“I will do this in the Emperor’s service,” bowed Jeremiah.

“Well, I must be off; I hope to see you soon,” Inquisitor Toth made the sign of the Aquilla and walked away.

“Radant, tell the captain to make full speed for Himos,” commanded Procant.

“Yes, sir,” replied Nathaniel, he turned and walked away.

Chapter IV
Chaos Invites Again

On the way to Himos, Jeremiah thought back to Var’thon and could not forget the voice that was in his head. What power was that force talking about, what was the price? Jeremiah had thought these questions multiple times. But these questions would have to wait because they were about to arrive at Himos.

Procant looked down on the planet, hit was a great difference from Var’thon, Jeremiah was thankful for this, perhaps it wouldn’t remind him of that once beautiful planet, Himos was ugly, it’s surface was cracked, and lava spewed everywhere.

“Let’s get down on that planet, now,” commanded Procant.

As the thunderhawk landed Procant couldn’t help but to wonder what was to come on this planet. Upon disembarking the thunderhawk the Inquisitorial force quickly got to work, searching the forest for the chaotic taint. But no, after a month of searching they could not find anything.

Yet the Inquisitor would not give up, he searched the entire face of the planet but still could not find the chaos presence. As he was searching the planet along the equator the force stumbled upon a volcano. With great fervour the force ran up the volcano to search the inside.

When they got to the top the Inquisitor looked down into the chasm. And behold in the volcano there was not molten rock but hundreds, nay, thousands of cultists, chaos worshipers. They were on there knees worshiping Khorne, but that is not what Jeremiah’s eyes found. It was a Chaos Sorcerer, a great threat to this planet.

While struck with horror, Jeremiah’s head was broken into by that same force.

“Why hello Jeremiah, are you willing to reconsider my proposition? All you to do is ask and the power is yours.”

“NO! Get OUT of my HEAD!” screamed Jeremiah.

And with that the force left as quickly as it came. Jeremiah regained his composure and charged down the slope bellowing, “Charge!”

While the troopers attacked to cultists, Jeremiah went strait for the Sorcerer. He cut down anyone in his path. He finally got to the sorcerer and confronted him. Without a word Procant hurled himself at the Sorcerer. The sorcerer easily dodged it and punched Jeremiah in the face. The Inquisitor reeled back from the blow and swung his hammer again. The sorcerer parried it and kicked him back.

The sorcerer broke into his head and said, “Why are you here, leave me be and let me corrupt this planet!”

The same creeping sensation was in his head but it was a different voice, it wasn’t the voice that had originally broken in.

“Get out of my head you fiend!” bellowed Procant he swung the hammer again by the sorcerer was too fast.

“Ask for the power and I will give it to you!”

The original voice had returned.

“You know you can’t defeat him alone, ask for the power and you will surely defeat him. You will be faster, stronger, you will crush him under your hammer.”

“Give me this power you promise, you fiend inside my head, I yield to you!” begged Procant.

The second the last word let his lips an immense feeling flowed through him. He could feel it he was changed he moved at twice the speed. He could feel the power surging through him eager to burst out.

He swung his hammer with the force of a titan and the speed of a fox. The hammer blow landed on the sorcerer, utterly crushing his ribs. The sorcerer fell to the ground, sprawled on the floor. Jeremiah brought the hammer over his head and swung it down. The look of horror screaming in the sorcerer’s eyes, the hammer came down, crushing the pawn of chaos’s head. The blood and brains of the sorcerer flew everywhere, splattering on Jeremiah’s armour.

Jeremiah turned to the slaughter of the remaining cultists, eager to use this newfound power.

Chapter V

Jeremiah once again stood on the Emperor’s Hammer looking down at Himos. And once again Nathaniel came through the door.

“Just the man I wanted to see,” grinned Jeremiah, “I have decided, tell the men on the bridge to destroy the planet.”

“But sir, the Astropaths detect no more chaos on the planet, we need not destroy it!”

“I do not believe I asked for your opinion Nathaniel, I told you to tell them, now go do it!” bellowed Jeremiah outraged.

“Sir, I highly disapprove of your decision, I don’t think it’s the best choice of action,” responded Radant.

“WHAT? You dare oppose my decision? You will surely pay!”

With that, Procant lashed out with his hammer crushing Radant. Nathaniel flew across the room ploughing into the wall. Nathaniel’s body was limp and didn’t move. Jeremiah was shocked with what just happened he couldn’t believe what he had done. He quickly ran over to Radant and checked his pulse, there was none. Nathaniel Radant was dead.

Jeremiah tried to assess what just happened, Nathaniel made him mad and something else took over his body, and he killed his most trusted advisor.

“Hello Jeremiah”

The voice was back.

“I hope you have enjoyed the power.”

“Look what you made me do,” Jeremiah pointed at Radant.

“I didn’t make you do this, you gave in and YOU did this!”

“Take it back! I don’t want this power any more! Take it back” pleaded Procant.

“I’m sorry Jeremiah I can not take the power back it, is yours to live with. I’ll be back to check on you later.”

“NO! Take it BACK!” screamed Procant, but the force was gone.

Jeremiah fell to the floor and wept. He wept for Nathaniel, he wept for Var’thon and Himos, and he wept for himself.

Chapter VI

Jeremiah stood on the planet of Himos once again, sure the chaos taint was still there. He walked alone across the planet scouting, himself, for chaos. At least the was the explanation he gave to the crew of the Emperor’s Hammer and the rest of the Inquisitorial force.

When, in fact, he was looking for the fiend who paid visits to his head. He knew the force was on this planet somewhere. And he was going to find it, but after months of searching alone. He realized he would need help.

So he brought the Inquisitorial force telling them he detected more of the chaos taint. Once again they searched everywhere for the chaotic beings. But once again they could not find the chaos. They searched most of the planet in craters and on mountains, anywhere to find the voice that was in his head.

They finally got to the equator and eventually they got to the dormant volcano they were at before. They climbed to the top again and looked down. Once again there was thousands of cultists worshiping and summoning again.

“Charge!” commanded Procant as the force dashed down the slope.

The force once again attacked the cultists. They slaughtered the worshipers and everyone in their path. But the second Jeremiah brought the hammer up to crush a cultist the voice broke into his head.

“Hello Jeremiah what are you still doing here? I thought you were going to destroy it.”

“Where are you coward? Show yourself and fight!” demanded Procant.

“Fool! I cannot appear, I have no host!... Unless of course, you’re a willing participant?”

“What? NO! You will not possess me!” Away from me dæmon!” screamed Jeremiah.

And the voice was once again gone. The Inquisitor went back to fighting the cultists. After the cultists were dispatched the Inquisitorial force went back to the Emperor’s Hammer and waited for the next assignment.

Inquisitor Jeremiah Procant sat in his quarters and thought about all the things that had transpired over the past few months. The appearance of the voice, the death of the greater dæmon of Khorne, the gift of his new powers, the death of the sorcerer, the death of Nathaniel and the search for the voice.

As he was thinking of the past events the voice reappeared.

“Well Jeremiah, my offer still stands, if you’ll let me I will simply possess you and take over your body.”

“No! Away from me fiend, I don’t want to be possessed by you! I hate you! Because of you I killed my most trusted friend,” argued Procant.

“Ahhh, but this will be so much better, you will no longer feel the pain and suffering over what has happened, you will not remember it because will be no more. And if you don’t willingly submit to me I will force my way in Jeremiah and I will completely crush your soul and take over.”

“No! I will resist you with my every being. I will not let you in!” proclaimed Procant.

“Well… you can try…”

A sharp pain shot through Jeremiah bringing him to his knees.

“Gaaaah!” screamed out in pain.

Jeremiah fought the force once again but unlike the other times, which were slightly pleasant, this time it was excruciatingly painful. He could not handle it much longer. He could tell the dæmon was breaking in to him. He could not hold the creature at bay.

Without a moments thought he knew what he had to do. He reached toward his side and grabbed a melta bomb. With great difficulty he managed to strap the bomb to his chest. He reached to his side once again and pushed the trigger, the bomb was armed. Jeremiah held the creature at bay for three more seconds. The bomb detonated.

The fire swirled around him and he sank into sweet nothing. Floating into the abyss that welcomed him with warm arms.
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