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Vein's Elite
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Default Vein's Elite

Chapter One

The guard slumped to the ground making little to no noise. Vein expertly silencing the man before he could raise the alarm. The Grey Knight's pride was working against them, he thought. If he had met any of the boot-licking daemon hunters this mission would probably already be over and the Elites dead to a man. However the Grey Knights hadn’t swallowed their pride and it were the storm troopers stuck with guard duty, making Vein's job that much easier. He took in the room around him, only two guards, and both dead at the hands of his Elites. Tarius stood to his right, a giant of a marine standing just over eight feet tall. His spiked green armour covering him from head to toe, backed up by his ten thousand year old power fist. Fey sat in the corner, his armour still green like the rest of the elites but covered from head to toe in daemonic runes. The horns protruding from his helmet were coated with blood and almost seemed to have a mind of their own. Vein himself was tall for a marine, a little over 7 and a half feet tall. His helmet expertly shaped so as to give the enemy a sense of facing a great daemon. His claws crackled with power, never tiring since he had received them from his former god, Naragor. The defining feature of Vein however was his tail, long, dark green and covered in the tattoos of Naragor. Once they too had buzzed with life, summoning hordes of bloodthirsty daemons to his side and consuming his enemies in fire. Now though they were lifeless pictures, a legacy of an entombed god.

Vein activated his auspex and began to scan the room at the end of the hallway; a full squad of storm troopers inside.
"Okay, we storm the door and secure the room as fast as possible. If one of them raises the alarm this mission is over." Vein approached the door, intending to kick it down. Before he could however Fey placed a hand on his shoulder, signaling for him to stand back, he knew enough of Fey's mystic powers to listen to his advice. Fey raised his arms and began muttering under his breath, the air began to grow warmer and painful to breathe in. The burning sensation in the air continued to grow until it was barely tolerable through the helmets filtering systems, several of the Elites began spluttering. From inside the room Vein heard the bodies hit the floor, a few of the tougher guardsmen coughing and wheezing before going down beside their companions.

Vein's Elite continued through the complex, meeting only a few petty storm troopers. At last they reached the vault in which the prize was kept. Soon Vein would possess the crusiach, an artifact that would allow him to enslave masses of daemons and bring them to his will.
"The vault is ahead sir, unguarded, looks like the grunts are restricted from this area." grunted Tarius.
Good, bash it in and we'll be done with this damned fortress."
It took Tarius several seconds to charge up his power fist and several more to beat down the door. Once inside Monorro instantly stabbed his knife into the security panel and started cutting expertly at the wires. It was not the security systems that were the problem though; the Grey Knights had made an appearance at last.

"What!? Chaos? Raise the alarm. Yes Inquisitor, you guessed right, the traitor marines have come to steal the crusiach. Awaiting re-enforcements." The Grey Knight finished relaying the information and drew his nemesis halberd. 2 more Grey Knights immediately entered the room and drew their weapons.
"We've come this far already, no backing out now Elites. Charge!" ordered Vein. The Elites split into three groups to tackle each knight, flanking them. Uzgard screamed his battle cries and charged in first; one of the knights. He cut a long gash down the side of one knight only to receive a halberd through his gut in retaliation. Uzgard ignored the wound, continuing to attack left right and center, uncaring of how much damage he was actually dealing to the enemy. The rest Elites roared into the attack, working in unison to flank and kill each knight.
"Again, Elites, Charge! And again!" roared Vein.

The melee was fierce, with Treynar quickly going down to nemesis force weapons and one more Grey Knight collapsing under Corin's chainsword. Scyne raised his meltagun and melted another Grey Knight, sadistically enjoying the marines screams as he turned to sludge. Vein was paired off against the justicar who had been talking earlier.
"You can't escape now chaos scum," the justicar taunted him, "only a few more minutes and you will be outnumbered by the greatest warriors in the galaxy. Especially against tainted fools like yourself."
"You know perfectly well what powers chaos grants emperor's bootlicker. All this flattery delays your death only a few seconds." replied Vein. The justicar immediately brought his halberd down in a sweeping blow. Vein sidestepped the blow and returned it with a swipe of one of his claws, deflected by the enemies weapon. The fight raged on, neither side able to gain the upper hand. At last Vein deflected his enemy's halberd on a lightning claw and with an expert twist caught it between the fingers. Vein immediately whipped his tail around and wrapped it around his opponents throat, not allowing him time to recover his weapon. With the justicar at his mercy Vein whispered in his ear.
"Whether or not your precious daemon hunters stop us from leaving this place is something no longer of importance to you 'scum'." Vein stabbed his other claw into the back of the man's head and let the corpse fall to the floor.

Vein spun around on the spot and slammed a lightning claw into the back of a knights knee, allowing Uzgard to decapitate him in a single blow. With their lieutenant's assistance the Elite's quickly finished the fight, leaving only Treynar and Corin writhing on the ground. Tarius lifted both the wounded over his shoulder and slammed his power fist into the crusiach's glass casing. Vein lifted it from its pedestal and tucked it into his pack.
"Right, Elites we're off, this whole damn fortress is against us now."

The Elites fled through the complex, surprising and overwhelming any guards they met.
"Stop!" called Fey after one such encounter, he bent down and touch his finger to the dying mans face, chanting and summoning the power of the warp. The body began to writhe and change, slowly it began to mutate, eventually it had completed it's transformation into a spawn and immediately sprang to its feet. Charging back down the corridor and slamming into the screaming storm troopers in pursuit. The Elites ran, Fey constantly turning the guards into chaos spawns. At last they found the exit blocked by three more Grey Knights.

"Justicar Raymond was only new and inexperienced, expect a much greater challenge from me scum."
"One of these days the almighty Inquisition will find a new and improved insult for their foes. Until that day arrives however you die like your companions." spat Vein. Renn melted one Grey Knight one the spot, his screams shaking the other. Tarius struck the other with his power fist, instantly killing him. The justicar stopped smiling at the death of his comrades and lifted his massive nemesis axe.
"I only have to delay you for a few more secon... his voice was cut short by Vein's tail punching through his armor and spreading the lethal poison rapidly throughout his body.
"Bah, these knights just get weaker as you go, come on Elites, back to the ship, we're off."

As Vein's Elite fled the planet with the crusiach in their hands two shadowy figures watched them leave.
"Atlas, Hunt, Retrieve, Destroy." The other Figure nodded once and left the fortress.
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Default Re: Entry C - Untitled

Chapter Two

The ship sped through the depths of space, on track for the fortress of Kal Malignan, Prince of Chaos.
"Your mission was successful I take it milord?" inquired Haven.
"Naturally, Tarius has the only two casualties in the med room, neither ones going to require resurrection; they should be able to heal."
"Wow, I must confess milord that I never expected you to defeat Inquisitor Jenson. He is a genius amongst the Ordo’s Malleus sir."
"Actually he never showed his face, I'm sure he's no match for my Elites though."
"Perhaps lord. Anyway you retrieved the prize and that is what counts, may I see it."
"Ha, you're a sorcerer Haven I'm sure you'll understand its uses far more than I do."
"Thank you milord." said Haven respectfully as he left for his office to study it.

Vein strode down the dark corridors to the med room. Corin appeared to be relatively fine, he had simply been knocked unconscious during the melee. Treynar's wounds, whilst being far more serious, were also non-lethal. A nasty gash led down the front of his armour where a halberd blow had struck him, cutting several important organs but these could be healed. He was in for a painful night though.

Red sirens began going off all over the ship, the emergency alarm had been set off. The mechanical voice sounded all over the ship.
"All personal are hereby ordered to the bridge, repeat, everyone to the bridge." Vein set off at a run for the bridge, shoving his way past several terrified cultists. Fey appeared before him.
"Not that way, quick down here." yelled Fey over the chaos. Fey led him down several twisting corridors. Aroused by the confusion and panic the ships daemons began to emerge from the walls, picking out screaming cultists and dragging their souls back to the warp. Knocking daemons out of his way Vein saw Fey stop at last. Outside Haven's office, odd there were no guards at the door, of course they would all be at the bridge for the alarm.

"Locked!" cursed Fey, "you'll have to break the door down."
With little effort Vein pushed the door off its hinges with a crash. Inside he found the crumpled form of Haven and a shadowy stranger standing over his desk.
"Away from the prize, now!" yelled Vein at the stranger. The mysterious figure turned around in a flash, a glowing sword already in his hands. The assassin leapt at him, the sword outstretched. Vein raised his claws in an attempt to ward off the blow but in an instant the sword disappeared. A moment later it reappeared only millimetres from Vein's primary heart, penetrating the armour with ease as it slid deep into his chest. Vein collapsed under the blow, horrified that he could not even defend himself from the assassin's attacks. He lashed out with his claws in a futile attack but the stranger had already danced out of the way. The assassin stabbed Vein's prone body. The sword once more turning ethereal to avoid his armour. This time Vein was struck deep in his stomach, almost disembowelling him. Vein thrashed in pain and gradually forced the sword back out of his body. The assassin struck again, once more leaving a deep scar in Vein's chest. The assassin suddenly stopped the brutal attack, apparently satisfied with the damage and turned back to the crusiach.
"Fey, go for help, now." ordered Vein, gritting his teeth against the pain. Fey left immediately to find anyone remaining on this side of the ship.
"It's no good," groaned a voice behind him, identified as Haven. "Everyone will be in the bridge; he set off the alarm as a diversion damn him."

Vein grimaced through the pain and called upon his limited power over the warp to keep him alive. As the warp flowed through him he felt his energy restoring, although the pain remained. He leapt at the assassin with a fury, attacking repeatedly with his claws and forcing him backwards. The assassin was not used to being on the defensive and flailed wildly to defend himself, suddenly he slipped, putting his defence out by only a few centimetres and forfeiting only a split second. Vein knew to take advantage of these situations and lashed out with his tail, managing to graze the assassin with the lethal venom. Without hesitation the assassin hacked off the poisoned arm with one swipe of his glowing blade. He ran from the room with a blinding speed, disappearing instantly into the twisting corridors of the ship. Hours later Vein discovered one of the escape pods missing. Branded into the arm of the assassin was the words 'Serve, Slay and Survive'. Vein swore his vengeance against the assassin, gritting his teeth and completing the oath before the pain consumed him.

Fey arrived with the guards some minutes later.
"You three carry him to the med room, now!" snapped Fey.
As three of the guards lifted Vein to his feet he instantly lashed out with his tail, hitting all three in the chest and dying of the poison seconds later.
"I say you men pick a captain right now, one or all of you is going to pay for allowing an intruder onto this ship." shouted Vein through his anger. The men merely stood stupefied, unable to move. Raising his claws Vein tore out the throat of the man nearest to him, killing him before he could hit the ground.
"To slow, he pays the price." said Vein before slipping into unconsciousness.

"Must have been a damn good fighter, to knock a champion of chaos into unconsciousness is a near impossible feat. Let alone the master." said a voice he recognised as Tarius'
"Yes, I was incapacitated in an instant, no mean feat I hope but to take down someone of the master's calibre..." Vein identified the voice as belonging to Haven.
"Well in any case the master won as usual and Fey has scored another victory over me. The bastard will never let me forget that he was the one helping whilst I was busy rallying the scum." muttered Tarius with obvious annoyance.
Vein opened his eyes at this point and tried to sit up. His secondary heart had given way however and he could hardly breathe let alone stand. How could he still be breathing at all with the damage he had taken? Vein asked himself. He looked down at his body to see Haven standing over him, arms outstretched and chanting in the language of chaos. A dark, black liquid emitting from his hands and running through Vein's veins.
"The master has woken at last," said Haven, "Don't worry my lord for many before you have learned to breathe the powers of chaos." Vein tried to stand once more but Haven activated another of his powers, putting him into a deep sleep to aid the healing.
"Well Fey may have scored a point but at least we aren't carrying the corpse to Lord Malignan for resurrection again. The great lord doesn't appear to like us getting his favourite lieutenant killed." announced Tarius with a hint of a smile crossing his face.

Tarius and Fey sat arguing on the bridge, arguing whether psychic talent or brute force had been more helpful in their last mission. Each trying to outdo the other with their individual talents.
"And if I hadn't cleared the damn room of loyalists with my choking wind the place would have been swarming with Grey Knights. The master needed me far more than you on that mission." announced Fey.
"But regardless of your so called 'skills' the knights turned up anyway and it was my fist that stopped them far more than you ever did." countered Tarius.
"Bah, Grey Knights, they waste half their lives learning to foil my powers." Fey swore in disgust.
"All the more reason you need me to protect you weak little spine from them." Tarius spat back at him.
All of a sudden the alarms erupted again, this time ordering everyone to return to their rooms.
The face of one of the loyalist 'bootlicker' marines appeared on a large screen before them.
"Chaos scum", announced the marine, "I am Commander Segaul of the Cold Fire chapter of the emperor's glorious adeptus astartes. I am giving you one chance to surrender the crusiach to us and we shall give you a ten minute head start before we hunt you down. Segaul out."
"Hah, stupid weakling. Simply giving us the option of surrender shows his weakness. Whoever's in charge of this tub charge up the guns, we blow their ship out of existence." ordered Tarius.
"Not so fast my dear Tarius, I think we are close enough to the Eye of Terror for this to work. I'll steal another victory from your grasp yet" said Fey with a malicious grin upon his face, "Monorro, bring me my equipment, it may not be as powerful as the crusiach but it will do its job I think."
Fey began chanting to the powers of chaos, the whole ship reverberating in pleasure at hearing the prayer. Segaul's face once more appeared on the screen.
"Very well scum, men, ope..." the message was cut short by a cry of surprise as a bloodletter daemon appeared out of nowhere. Grinning madly it began swinging at the ships crew, cleaving the ordinary men in two. From within the ship more and more daemons were appearing, ambushing and slaughtering marines wherever they could be found.
"Will she come..." muttered Fey under his breath, "yes! Shivra has emerged from the Eye!"
A massive daemon appeared in the space around the ship. A long blood red hand reached out and wrapped around its hull, shaking it like a rag doll. Shivra was at least twice as big as the marine ship and floating in the empty space around it. A massive muscled red body with two long blood-soaked arms wrapped around the ships hull. A long horn protruding from its forehead rammed repeatedly into the more fragile areas of the loyalist craft. There was a massive grinding noise as the ship was split in two, those onboard being sucked into the vacuum of space. Shivra grinned horribly, blood began to ooze from pores in her skin. The marines of the Cold Fire were dragged by invisible arms towards the bleeding holes in Shivra's skin, dragged screaming to a gruesome death and afterlife under the power of the greater daemon.

The alarms of Haven's flagship were sounding for the third time in mere hours. A harsh dry voice came over the vox system.
"Intruders detected on the bridge, repeat intruders detected on the bridge."
Fey and Tarius barely heard this warning however as they were already locked in a bloody combat with the intruders. Only seconds before Segaul's Strike Cruiser split in half, Segaul, surrounded by his terminator command squad teleported into the heart of their foes ship, taking their chances with hordes of mutants and traitors rather than the imposing form of Shivra. Power fists were raised and brought down again, each time killing a servant of chaos. Tarius was going toe to toe with them by now, desperately dodging power fists whilst bringing down killing blows of his own. Fey touched a finger to one of the terminators, tapping into the deepest wells of his power, searching for anything left after his recent ordeals. The marine writhed in pain as his skin warped and changed, at last a huge spawn of chaos ripped its way out of the armour and joined the attack. Fey collapsed to the ground, finally exhausted after the energy expended over the past few days.

Segaul swung his power sword in lethal arcs, tackling the overwhelming forces of chaos mutants. The rest of the Elites arrived on the scene at last. Blind Rolo set off his flamer, scorching loyalist and traitor alike. The pair of meltaguns opened fire Renn and Scyne laughing hysterically as they stood over a terminator half turned to liquid. Uzgard lay unconscious with Monnorro standing over him protectively. The chapters elites marines, equipped with the best the Imperium had to offer, were slowly being beaten by the lowest scum of chaos. Monnorro smiled at the irony. At last Tarius tore out the throat of the last loyalist, leaving Segaul standing alone with his back to the wall. The elites advanced on the lone chapter master, debating between them how he should be executed. All of a sudden the ship was jerked to one side and everyone was knocked to their feet, a rift appeared beneath Commander Segaul, a variety of daemonic claws and talons reaching out to him. Segaul managed to scream once before being sucked completely into the chaotic depths of the flagship. His soul left to join the daemons for eternity in serving its crew.

The ship shuddered with something akin to pleasure as they passed into the Eye of Terror. From now they would be safe from Imperial ambushes; none of them would dare enter the realm of chaos. Tarius walked confidently down the corridor to the med room, kicking a dying mutant out of his way. As he entered he was greeted with an ear-splitting scream. Uzgard was sitting up on his stretcher, a heretic thrashing around in his iron grip. The heretic had been trying to stitch the gaping wound in Uzgard's stomach; clearly the barbarian was still in a fury at having lost. The man's neck snapped like a twig. Tarius looked around at the rest of the Elites; fully half of them lay dead, dying or unconscious. This was their most costly mission in decades.
"And how did they know where to catch us, you were supposed to upgrade the anti-tracking systems after the disaster of Allaran IV Tarius." came Vein's voice from behind him, his tail raised menacingly.
The assassin helped them, Tarius spat back, "it wasn't my job to keep guard." Tarius grabbed Vein's tail in his power fist and closed his fingers; crushing it in his grip.
"You should know better than that by now." Vein lifted his tail, completely unharmed and cut Tarius across the leg with it. Tarius fell to the ground clutching at his knee, his power armour shredded and lethal venom coursing into his bloodstream.
"You should survive that, enjoy the next few hours." said Vein with a sadistic smile on his face.
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Default Re: Entry C - Untitled

Chapter Three

The Battlecruiser touched down on the sands of Sphinx with some difficulty. The ship groaned under the damage inflicted and swarms of mutants were already streaming on board to repair it. Quite a few had turned up dead in the corridors already. Vein wasted no time in going to the palace of his lord. His Elites carried on stretchers behind him. Kal Malignan, Daemon Prince of Sphinx was seated on his throne and already awaiting his Lieutenant. The throne was a massive brass structure, heaped with the skulls of bloodletters at the bottom as though in some mockery of Khorne. Emerging from the top came a pair of lion heads, exquisitely crafted to look as though they might roar at any second. The great sword of Yara Nolgu was strapped to the back in its golden sheath. The room was elaborately furnished of marble, held up by great white pillars with murals portraying the success of his legions. All eyes were focused on the lord himself however, an imposing figure standing almost 14 feet tall. A powerful pair of wings bursting from his back. The mutated remnants of his power armour still clad upon his body. In one hand he held the naked form of his daemon spear. Containing the spirit of the minor god Naragor whom he had trapped not so long ago.

Vein knelt before the throne, the few Elites still capable of standing knelt behind him.

"You have brought me the Crusiach of course Vein." Malignan's voice echoed throughout the hall.
"I rarely disappoint you lord." said Vein producing the artefact from his person. Malignan studied it for some time until at last he seemed satisfied.
"With this the denizens of the warp shall spew forth in an unstoppable tide, whole planets will be enveloped in the blink of an eye."
"Then what is our next move my lord." inquired Vein.
"Next, we take the fight back to that wretched Inquisitor, I am sure you do not know it Vein but his homeworld is Malaise a jewel of the Imperium. Its lush tropical surface attracts billions of tourists each year. We bring it under the heel of chaos using the Crusiach to aid us." There was an almighty cheer as Malignan said this, each and every warrior ready for the coming war.
"And what of the Elites lord?" inquired Vein.
"I have no mission at this time, you take to the battlefield alongside me." came the reply. Vein smiled wryly as he remembered back to the few times he had seen Kal Malignan on the battlefield. He might as well have been a god with the ease he butchered the loyalist lines.

Several hours later Vein was standing in the corner of the 'pit' as it was known. This was the place were the dead were thrown to the daemons and left to die. It was also the location of Malignan's resurrection ritual. The walls of the pit looked to be made of some kind of living tissue, slowly expanding in and out as though breathing. Decorating the walls were the mutilated bodies of thousands of dead heretics. Looking up Vein could see the swirling mists of chaos that counted for a sky on Sphinx, a ring of razor sharp teeth around the opening at the top.
"So my lord, I have six dead in total, only Fey, Tarius and Scyne survived, and of them only Scyne is still upright." said Vein.
"Yes I know about your anger towards Tarius, he was blameless so you know, however order amongst the Elites is your business not mine. These shall be ready in two days." said Malignan, waving at the six bodies lying motionless on a great table before him.
Kal Malignan began chanting in a whisper, slowly growing louder and louder. The screams and wails from the air around them grew with his voice. The daemons flocked around, screaming their protest at being forced to Malignan's will. None dared fight against him though. The six bodies began to writhe and shriek, their voices joining the unholy symphony echoing around them. Malignan stopped in an instant and with him stopped the shrieking. The bodies on the table thrashed about as though in extreme pain until at last coming to exhaustion and collapsing into sleep.

"Now about your last mission." came Malignan’s deep voice.
"And what do you wish to know lord?" replied Vein.
"I do not need to know anything, you however need to learn about our foe. You may have wondered why you never met the good Inquisitor on your mission. You have not seen him because very few have, by Imperial Standards he is deemed a heretic, if his condition was known. He has kept himself hidden from the Imperium, relaying his orders through skilled agents and assassins. You met one of his assassins on the way here. Through the attack on his planet he will surely come forth to defend it, you will get your chance to kill him."
"Yes my lord."
"A little known fact about Jenson is that he has bargained with daemons. He plans to use them against their own kind, he has been quite successful in his experiments. Up until the point he tried to control me, we met in the depths of the warp, our psychic minds meeting for an instant. Now he knows to much about me and my plans, who knows some day he may even be able to influence my mind as he does the lesser daemons. I thought the 'gift' I sent him would get him executed but he has been able to conceal it exceptionally well."
"And what gift is that my lord?"
"Daemonhood, the ultimate symbol of chaos, however he has managed to keep his form normal and conceal himself from the rest of the Inquisition. Now he dies with his homeworld.”
"Then we hunt a foe the Inquisition doesn't even know exists. I'm ready for the challenge."
"Good, go now, we shall meet again on the flagship once your companions have revived."

Chapter Four

Several days later the dread fleet emerged from warp space into orbit of Malaise.
"Vein, you and your elites are going to drop pod straight into the heart of the capital during our assault, you are to silence plant the crusiach and begin the mass summoning." said Kal Malignan. He, Vein, the Elites and Haven's command staff had all assembled in the war room to discuss tactics.
"And I am leading the mutant charge." mentioned Haven.
Haven spent the next few hours debating with Malignan as to where the traitor support squads should be positioned and where the mutants should charge. Vein sat at the corner, barely listening. His mission was obvious, a suicide drop amongst enemy lines. At last the details were established and the meeting was over. Vein watched the hordes of chaos embark their transports and head for the surface, every one of them expecting to die.
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Default Re: Vein's Elite

Good story with lots of gore splattered violence and only one negative point. The chaos marines seemed a bit like loyalist marines in their manner of talking and some actions. But thats just me being picky, feel free to ignore it as you wish ;D
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