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Solaris' Fall
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Default Solaris' Fall

Matt was a child in a city on an imperial planet when the chaos attacked. With some untrained psychic power he brought down a Chaos Marine in front of a Grey Knight. The same Grey Knight killed his mother because a Chaos Space Marine for a major summoning had marked her. They took him in for training and over the course of 2 years he went through Spartan-like training in a team of 5 against 2 others. Haldon, one of his team members showed himself as an excellent scout. 10 members out of the 3 groups survived and were incorporated into 1 squad under Justicar Cane. They split into 2 groups for their 1st campaign and Jake lead Matt against Khorne. Jake banished bloodthirster Malkagé and saved Matt's life. In their next campaign Jake leads the same 4 as last time. And Matt banished down a Great Unclean One in by using a slightly modified Razorback. In their last campaign Jake lead the same Knights against Tzeentch. Matt & Jake were cut off from the others and they coming into combat with a woman in the same position his mum had been in a year before. Matt stopped Jake from killing her and Jake declared him as a traitor, and tried to kill him. After a long fight and both of them tapping further and further into the warp to beat each other, Jake was possessed by Malkagé. Matt cut off his legs and banished the daemon from his mind before fleeing, knowing he would be killed as a traitor. He spent many years in the wild, studying the warp. Before a distress message came to him from a young Space Marine Chapter, the Shadow Marines who fight alongside the Ultramarines. They use stealth to their advantage and because of this practice their bolter grip. He turns the tide in a battle against the Eldar and the Shadow Marines take him in despite his shady history. He changes his name to Solaris. He fights along side them for many years before a Tyranid fleet attacks their home world. He leads the defense of their gene-seed in a bunker against a huge swarm with a few hundred IG. The IG commander sacrifices them with the help of a rogue Shadow Marine Librarian, Jarok, and summons chaos marines. Suddenly it becomes a 3-way battle and Solaris retrieves the gene-seed and fights his way out. During this battle, Causen, a tactical squad leader shows himself as a great fighter and is promoted to Commander. The chief librarian is killed in another defense and Solaris gets the position. Causen leads an assault into the heart of a tyranid bio ship. Solaris is summoned into it and they set a thermo nuclear warhead off in its heart. This sets off an explosion large enough to wipe out the entire fleet. Destroying the fleet causes him to be intergalactically recognized. But destroying the tyranid fleet causes a rip to be created between reality and the warp and a huge Khornate fleet enters reality. It invades and harvests 2 imperial home worlds. The Shadow Marines are called in to bring down the threat. The story begins.

Solaris hit the ground at a run, his force scimitar glowing blue, radiating psychic energy. Causen and McNabb ran along beside him, followed by their 7 man veteran squad
A PDA swung from his belt as well as an array of other items including an overlarge meltabomb. Suddenly Solaris took an unnatural leap (even for a Space Marine) into the air. He landed on a patch of flat ground and brought his scimitar up into a defensive position. Within seconds Causen, McNabb and the veterans were beside him, weapons also raised. The dark, hooded figure in front of Solaris lifted his head up. Its dark cape slid off its back, revealing the black power armor of the Alpha Legion. Its silver trim shone brightly in the moonlight. But Solaris was watching his face. His malignant red eyes shone in contrast to his dull, scarred face.
'So you dare to challenge me, Solaris?' he asked.
An evil grin spread across his scarred face, making him look more sinister than before.
'You know I will hunt you to the edges of the known universe Jarok,' Solaris returned without flinching.
'Then you will die, for there is nothing you can do to stop me except from turning to chaos yourself, brother.'
'You know I have faced the creatures of chaos before and lived.'
'That was before the chaos gods decided you were dangerous.'
'You will die Jasper!' McNabb burst out in anger, readying his weapon.
Jaspers eyes flickered to McNabb in anger. McNabb stared back for an instant before he was crushed into a foot-wide cube. Blood seeped out the cracks. Solaris, acting quickly, held Causen back with a warp barrier, while preparing to dull Jarok's powers. The veteran squad members were not so lucky. Jarok tore up the ground underneath them, levitating it into the air before crushing them under the sheer weight of its mass. Before Solaris could speak again, Jarok spun on the spot and vanished in a spout of fire and heat. Causen collapsed to the ground palms outstretched.
'There was nothing you could do,' Solaris said, speaking gently.
'There was nothing any of us could do,' he added to himself, in a whisper.
He switched on his mike 'Glass the planet, all the citizens have been evacuated, harvested or dead.'
'How do you know?' Causen's voice shook, his head rising from the ground.
Solaris as usual, answered a question with a question.
'Why else would he leave unless there were no more souls to harvest?'
Solaris took a small device to his belt and plugged it into a slot in his armor. Causen followed his example and pressed a button on it, vanishing in a flash of brilliant light.

Solaris stood in front of his desk his arms by his side, talking into a video camera while watching the conference screen.
'Zanac, Jarok is attempting to reincarnate Khorne, the chaos god. So he is able do this Khorne has gifted him with power of unimaginable amounts. He is now a gifted Alpha-1 level psyker, almost doubling my power, which stands at Beta-1. Nothing short of another Chaos god or the Emperor himself could stop him. We need reinforcements and a large fleet to quell this threat.' Solaris stated loudly.
'But I thought there was no such thing as a Khornate psyker.'
'Technically he isn't Khornate but undivided and Khorne seems to have made an exception with his dealings.'
'What are the damage costs so far?' Zanac asked.
'3 glassed, now dead planets ... With another 3 to add to that in a month. Then the whole galaxy will fall under Khorne's wrath, and nothing will be able to stop it.'
'We will think about it,' Zanac simply said before cutting the transmission.
Solaris turned to one of his military advisors.
'Drop into the unharvested part of the planet and evacuate the civilians. I will lead the 1st company against the major Khornate force.'

Solaris surveyed his holo panel on the inside of the Land Raider. The 1st company was arranged perfectly, ready for any attack, 1000 soldiers with over 50 tanks were lined up in grid, covered by artillery and snipers. And if the first company failed, second and third would flank them from either side. It was the perfect defense. He uploaded the data to his PDA and clipped it to his belt. Suddenly the air turned menacingly cold before there was a flash of red light. When it cleared Jarok was standing in front of him. His black armor shone in the light and he turned to Solaris, his dread sword in hand. It was pitch black, and not a mark was shown on the blade
'There is nothing you can do and no way to stop me,' Jarok said in a low growl.
'And there is no way Khorne will place you at his right hand over Kharn the Betrayer.'
'You know nothing!' Jarok burst out in anger.
'I am more knowledged than you know,' Solaris replied.
The change in Jarok was little, but Solaris noticed it and readied his defenses. Suddenly Jarok summoned a beach ball sized orb of fire before he vanished into thin air. Solaris brought up his force shield quickly as the orb imploded before unleashing a huge amount of energy.

Causen, standing 10 yards away, took cover as the Land Raider exploded, shattering into many small sections and engulfed by a huge fireball. When the smoke cleared Solaris came into view standing hunched in the middle of the crater it had created. His blue armor was singed black and chunks had been taken out of his chest plate. Causen smirked.
'You never slow down do you?'

Solaris's headset crackled to life.
'The Khorne have reached the horizon, their army makes up 15,000, not including any daemons they summon,' Sagitus called over the radio.
'Thanks, prepare your AP shells.'
'Solaris entered the wide channel.
'Assault marines, enter the front line, Tactical squads, bolster their numbers. Devastators and tanks set up in trenches on the hill behind them. Terminators, Dreadnoughts and Veterans, you know what you are good at.'
Causen walked over to Solaris.
'Were stuffed, there is no way we can take on 15,000 marines.'
The radio crackled to life again.
'Sir, we have some knights ready to fight for your cause. We will teleport them to your location now.'
Suddenly the entire plateau Solaris was standing on lit up with a brilliant light. When the light burnt out 250 silver warriors became visible, carrying assorted orange glowing weapons. Solaris flinched. The last time he had met a Grey Knight they had been trying to shoot him out of the sky. A figure stepped forward and offered its hand. Solaris almost fainted. Standing before him was his childhood friend and fellow Grey Knight trainee, Jake. His jaw line was scarred and his handsome face bored into Solaris's helmet. Standing beside him, with his anti-daemon rifle slung over his back was Haldon, his observing eyes staring off into the distance.
'There must be 15,000 of them,' Haldon said, absent mindedly. Solaris quickly took Jake's hand and shook it.
'I'm coordinating the defense here. It would be great if you could lend your help to the Assault marines down the front line,' Solaris croaked.
'That was where we were about to head.'
'I will be with you shortly but can you lend me a text on Tzeentch? I have a feeling they are going to be involved in this campaign, and having never met them in battle before, I would like to read up on them.'
'Yes, West can you give him our Tzeentch codex?' Jake asked.
West reached onto his belt and drew out his PDA. He slotted a memory card into its base, quickly copied a manual onto it, and took it out, chucking it to Solaris.
Solaris's headset burst to life.
'Sir we have located Jarok, in the confines of a monastery further up the valley.'
'Thank you Command,' he turned to Jake, 'Can I have the hand of 5 troops,' he turned back to Causen, 'Causen, collect my Elite bodyguard, and they have to be capable of stealth.'
'Haldon, 3 others and I will come, West, lead our men into battle. How are we getting there?'
'One of my favorite methods of transport. A mix between sky diving and deep strike.'
Solaris smiled despite his unfortunate situation.

Solaris tapped into the warp, using his shrouding powers, while plummeting through the open air on his board. He sighted the monastery and tilted his board accordingly so his descent path would change. The other 9 rocketed down behind him, the Grey Knights struggling to control their boards. As they neared the ground the rocket jets built in to the base automatically set in rapidly slowing their descent, until they stopped completely, a meter above the rooftop. In turn they jumped off and the boards without the added weight, rocketed back into the sky. Quickly Solaris moved forward towards the open door and entered. Quietly they made their way through the cold abandoned corridors, moving towards the center chamber. It was a well designed monastery, easy to defend, but not so good for the attacker. Jarok had neglected his defense though. Not a guard or spirit was in sight.
'When we meet him I need you to dull his powers or he will tear us all apart, and there is a high chance of demonic infestation,' Solaris whispered into his mike.
After another 2 minutes of walking they heard voices, which soon guided them to the balcony above the center chamber. Jarok stood in the middle of a runic symbol etched into the floor, talking. A statue of Ardent the previous chapter master stood at the opposite wall. Patterns of his last, legendary battle were etched into the wall. Haldon quickly spotted the two guards next to the door and Jake ordered 2 of his Grey Knights to take care of them when they dropped into the chamber. Solaris tapped into the warp, slowing down before stopping time and leapt off the balcony and moved in front of Jarok. Then he let it catch up to itself. To everyone else he seemed to teleport. Jarok's scarred face twisted itself menacingly into a grin. Suddenly the rest of the marines dropped down, surrounding Jarok.
'So you have finally worked out how to do it?'
Solaris stood ready scanning his expression.
'It took you long enough,' he continued, 'but there is always another way, if you were thinking of preventing me.'
'Give up! There is no way you can win this campaign. The power of the Imperium is too strong.'
'Against me, the Imperium is nothing.'
'You will fail.'
'And you will die!'
Jarok drew his dread blade and lashed out at Solaris who parried, summoning an orb of lightning.
'Oh, I forgot, there's something else I learnt off you,' he said, thrusting the orb forward into Jarok, which exploded in a cloud of smoke. When the smoke cleared he had vanished. The huge steel door suddenly shuddered as something large hit it. The 2 Grey Knights near the door hit buttons on the wall. Huge steel beams hydraulically lowered themselves across the door, making it stronger. It shuddered again with a thump and the lower hinges gave way, the solid steel doorway arching inwards.
'It's large, possibly a Bloodthirster, which means Bloodletters. Jake you can probably handle it better than me,' Solaris spoke out, taking control.
'With pleasure.'
Shadows, give me all of your Frag grenades. And your combi-meltagun Causen,' Solaris commanded.
The door shook again. Violently.
Solaris threw all of the Frag nades in a sack and threw it at the door where the Grey Knights had positioned themselves. He then leveled the meltagun at the sack. The door thumped one more time and swung inwards, snapping the steel beams. A massive Bloodthirster, with a scar running across its right eye, where Jake had cut it so many years ago, rushed into the doorway . Malkagé. Jake froze, paralyzed by fear at the memory of being possessed, and his awful fight with Matt. Solaris's mind kept running though, and he pulled the trigger, firing a ball of molten lava at the sack. The Frag grenades detonated spectacularly in a fireball, shredding the first three lines of Bloodletters, wounding many others. Score 1 Solaris. Jake was lucky, having the initiative to bring up his warp shield. Every visible surface was pockmarked with shrapnel. Malkagé took the most shrapnel as he had been above the sack when it exploded. He wreathed in anger, his wing membranes, hanging in tatters and his body weeping an uncolored liquid. Spikes stuck out of his bronze amour, creating a spiked effect. All this combined made him more menacing then before. Suddenly he let out a roar, charging forward, towards Jake. Solaris slowed down time, as much as he could, with the nearby warp-presence and charged forward, taking a meltabomb from his belt and primed it. Then he leapt, flying gracefully through the air and slammed the bomb into Malkagé's open mouth. Score 2 Solaris. He landed softly and brought up the combi bolter, firing at the incoming Bloodletters while he summoned his shield.

Causen watched in disbelief as the Bloodthirster exploded, and then vanished as it was sucked back into the warp. Then he moved forward towards Solaris, standing, leveling the rifle at each Bloodletter in turn, blowing its head to pieces. Then the Grey knights took action and heaved the door inward, shutting off the Khornate flow.
Solaris turned once the door was closed.
'Are you Ok Jake?'
'I'll live.'
'Ok, we need to leave here.'
Haldon drew a rope from his belt and lobbed it up at the balcony. The cross on the end caught on the banister and he started to climb up the wall. The other marines followed one by one until they were all on the top level. Quickly they set off down the corridor running along it so they could reach the roof. After they had run for a minute. They came to a long corridor. It offered no cover but was the only way to the rooftop. Once they made it halfway down 10 havocs emerged around the corner and leveled their missile launchers before firing. Solaris brought up his shield holding off each of the missiles, but draining his strength with each impact. He charged forward, bringing up his scimitar and tapping into the warp. When he was 5 meters away from them, they fired again. Without the strength to summon his shields, he used the warp to control the air around him, changing their molecular structure, and he curved through the air to the right. 8 of the missiles impacted. Solaris hit the ground hard. He recovered quickly, adrenaline pumping through his blood and stood up, raising his arm. Bolts of lightning shot out of his fingertips, cutting the havocs to shreds. He turned around and took a step towards the marines.
'Did any of the manage to miss you?' Causen asked in his sarcastic tone.
Solaris collapsed to the ground, his scimitar loosing its blue glow and clattering against the wall, unconscious.
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Default Re: Entry B - Untitled

Solaris woke up in the back of an enclosed Thunderhawk Dropship. They had been extracted. Causen, Jake and Haldon were in the room with him. Suddenly his throat contracted and started to wheeze. Jake noticed this and unlatched his helmet, sliding it off his head. Solaris's face was revealed and Jake froze in the spot. Haldon gasped, paralyzed with shock. He drew his Nemesis force weapon and put it to Solaris's throat. Solaris reacted with amazing speed lashing out at Haldon, throwing him into the wall. Causen, realizing what was happening put his blade to Jake's throat. He watched as Jake's hand shot out and slammed him into the wall. Quickly Solaris drew a pipe from the wall and brought it up in defense. Jake lashed out again slamming his fist into Solaris's face. Solaris brought the pipe up, knocking Jake back into the wall.
'I didn't betray you,' Solaris yelled, 'Do you know how my mother died. She was killed because she bore the mark of chaos undivided. Because the chaos marines marked her to die.'
Jake launched himself forward again, sword in hand, and lashed out at Solaris. Solaris brought up his pipe blocking it and then struck Solaris in the side.
'I couldn't let you kill her because that would be like watching my mother die again. And I knew we could take on the Lord of Change.'
'And then you attacked me!' Jake yelled striking down hard with his sword.
Solaris dodged the blow but Jake's sword effortlessly cut his pipe in two. They started circling around the bench in the middle.
'No, you attacked me in religious fury and tapped into the warp too far and got yourself possessed by Malkagé'
He struck Jake hard on the shoulder.
'And I banished him, saving you,' Solaris said, collapsing to the ground.
Jake raised his sword over his head, about to bring it down on Solaris's head, when he hesitated, and dropped the sword, which lost its orange glow, clattering to the ground.
'You are forgiven, in the Emperor's name,' he murmured, and rushed forward into a rough embrace.
'Sorry about your legs,' he said.
'Don't worry, these bionic ones are better than usual, they can propel me at great speeds, never get sore and are made of adamantine, which means barely anything can destroy them, short of a bomb or a Carnifex.'
At that instant the Thunderhawk shuddered as something hit them.
'Speaking of bombs, I'll be right back,' Solaris called, exiting the room and moving into the hold.
He walked forward into the cockpit and sat next to the pilot.
'What's happening?' he asked.
'A group of chaos fighters, have found us, and are currently bombarding us with fire.'
Solaris hit a button on the wall and spoke into the intercom.
'Shadow marines, we are under attack from several chaos fighters, man the battle stations, we need to bring them down,' Solaris turned to the pilot, 'Can you lend me the controls?'
'Switching them over now.'
Solaris turned back to the intercom, 'And everyone else strap in, this is going to require some pretty drastic maneuvers.'
He switched it off and turned to the pilot.
'They are faster than us right. And we are heavier.'
'It's on.'
He threw the control stick forward and the plane dropped into a steep dive. The streamlined fighters did the same, following their path, firing their lasers. The rear guns of the Thunderhawk started to fire rapidly, pelting the front fighter with fire. The fighter burst into flames and sprayed the rest with shrapnel. Solaris watched the altimeter and the ground speed up to him at the same time. Suddenly he pulled the control back and the Thunderhawk pulled up, ending up flying just meters above the ground. He pulled it to the left and the plane followed his movement, just missing the remains of a 2-story building.
'3 down 3 to go,' the co-pilot called out.
Suddenly the Thunderhawk rocked again. More violently than the last time.
'We've lost a wing captain.'
'This is why I hate flying.'
Solaris pulled the control back. Because of the difference in stability this threw the Thunderhawk into a spiral. Suddenly everyone in the Dropship lurched forward as it planted itself in the ground. Solaris left the controls, took a Lascannon from the wall and kicked the rear exit out. It moaned as the twisted doorway gave out. Sunlight assaulted his eyes as he adjusted the settings on the Lascannon and he hefted it onto his shoulder. One of the fighters spotted him and swung around, readying its lasers. Solaris swung the Lascannon around, took a second to aim, and fired, watching as the fighter stripped itself of its armor, crashing through the air. He threw the Lascannon to the ground before spotting the next fighter, speeding just above the surface, preparing its missile launcher. Solaris sprinted forward, towards the fighter, he slowed time down as he neared a rocky outcrop and launched himself into the air. He landed on top of the cockpit of the fighter, which, with the added weight, tilted its nose forward and slammed into the ground. Solaris leapt off just before this happened and watched the Thunderhawk as Haldon climbed onto its hull and hefted his rifle to his shoulder. He bucked once and the last fighter dived into the ground, consumed by a fireball of molten fuel. Nice shot. Solaris walked back to the Thunderhawk and they started the long, arduous trek back to the base. Calling in another Dropship would just be asking for it.

Solaris sat in his room in the starship, in front of the computer, scrolling down the page. The Tzeentch codex was open and Solaris was reading it intently. He was not used to be 2nd most powerful. It was frustrating, that no one could do anything to do to stop Jarok. Unless, “only the Emperor himself or another chaos god could stop him.” Tzeentch had always intrigued Solaris, to have unfathomable power of the warp. To be able to use the power without the worry of being possessed and to know the plans of the most influential god in existence would be awesome. Ancient runic signs flooded his mind with knowledge and a great voice boomed out in his ear.
'Join me and you will become more powerful than any other in the universe. You will become unstoppable, and able to strike anyone down with but a glance.'
'No the Emperor gave me life, life to combat you.'
'Join me and we can strike down every other god and reunite the emperor with mankind. Together we will be strong enough. Then humanity can live in peace and the warp will be safe for everyone.'
'No, that would betray everyone I know and loved.'
'But you want it.'
'No!' Solaris screamed out, standing up suddenly, throwing his chair into the wall behind him. He reached out with his hand and used the power of the warp to eject the memory card, before crushing it into a fine dust. He then strode around his table and strode towards the door. A dark figure materialized before him.
'You turned and ran. Now you will die.'
Jarok lashed out suddenly with his blade, Solaris summoned his warp shield and blocked the strike, bringing up his scimitar to his hand. It crackled blue in the dull room and he struck out. Jarok blocked it effortlessly and charged forward, slicing and slashing away at Solaris. Solaris blocked each blow and then swung his hilt around, impacting the side of Jarok's head. Jarok swung his blade in fury, which Solaris blocked, while bringing the blade end around. It caught his armor, effortlessly slicing through it into Jarok's arm. Jarok screamed in agony and brought his left arm up. A shockwave emanated from his hand and pinned Solaris to the wall. He felt the layer of air that was pinning him there and started to weaken it. Jarok noticed this and took his blade in his left hand before swinging it at Solaris's neck. At the last moment Solaris managed to summon his shield, blocking the attack. Jarok threw his blade to the ground in anger and forced his way into Solaris's mind. Solaris felt the malignant force enter his mind and prepared his defenses. Nothing could prepare him for the evil power though. Jarok broke down Solaris's fortifications effortlessly and forced him to the corner of his mind, making Solaris insignificant. Then Solaris felt pain ripple through the psykers mind. It reeled back and left Solaris. He fainted.
Jarok took his hand from Solaris and turned around, seeing the 40 marines who now stood in the doorway. He effortlessly tapped into the warp and vanished in a spout of flames.

Solaris woke up in the medical wing, his mind reeling. Causen was sitting in the seat beside him.
'You really aren't having a good week are you?' he asked.
'Does a Firewarrior have fun in a chaos torture chamber?' he joked, 'Have you invaded the planet yet?'
'Ready my drop pod.'
'But you are still recovering, he almost killed you...'
'I'm always ready.'

The drop pod slammed into the ground, kicking up a shockwave of dust. Solaris strode out and into the building in front of him, covered by his bodyguard and strode into the command center. A snide voice filled his mind.
'You cannot defeat him, not without my help.'
Solaris moved up to the table and checked the planetary map, his blue armor dulled in the dim light. Jarok controlled 2/3 of the planet. It was hopeless. Khorne would be summoned.
'It is not hopeless, join me and you will become more powerful than the Emperor himself. Your friends doubt your strategy. They think that you cannot stop this.'
'I can't.'
'You can.'

Jake ran up the corridor, his bodyguard of Grey Knights by his side, Haldon a step behind them. The guard had reported a disturbance in Solaris's room, most likely Jarok again. He kicked the door open to see Solaris in the middle of the room, surrounded by a rune, etched into the floor. The rune of Tzeentch. He looked up as if someone had told him what was happening and raised his hands into the air. Suddenly 5 horrors materialized, summoned into the room and spat balls of flame at Jake. He launched himself to the side, training taking over and brought up his storm bolter, pelting the Horrors with silver bolter shells. The other Grey knights launched forward, slicing into them, and one by one the horrors vanished, sucked back into the warp. Then the Grey Knights spread out to surround Solaris. Solaris laughed.
'There is no way you can defeat me,' he spat.
'You traitor, you lied to me, became my brother again and then spat in my face. There is no way I will let you leave this room.'
Solaris stared to stride forward and the Grey Knights moved to block him. His eyes glinted towards them for a second. They were flung back into the wall and pinned there. Jake charged forward but Solaris effortlessly flung him to the ground, by just thinking about it. He left the room, closing the door and locking it with the essence of the warp. He flung his scimitar to the side and 10 Thousand Sons warriors materialized at his side, one handing him a warp blade. It would serve nicely in his plight against Jarok. He reached down to his belt, taped a button on it and vanished in a flash of blue light.

He rematerialized in the chamber behind Jarok, blade raised. Jarok smirked and then turned around. The smile vanished from his face. Solaris stood in front of him, blade glowing purple, eyes glowing bright blue. Solaris tapped into the now peaceful warp and slowed time before lashing out with his blade. Jarok just managed to block it before Solaris struck again, and again, and again. Jarok just managed to hold him back each time. Jarok lashed out viciously. Solaris leapt into the air and landed on an intact part of the roof. The entire world was laid out before him. Then Jarok landed opposite him. He launched himself across the empty space and lashed out with the warp blade, slicing clean through Jarok's left arm. He screamed in agony and fell into the top story of the cathedral. Solaris leapt through behind him and tapped into the force increasing his power and threw Jarok clean through the outer wall. He fell 40 feet and impacted the ground with a thump. Suddenly Jarok stood up and vanished in a flash of light. Solaris tapped into the warp and searched for Jarok's essence. After a quick minute he found him. In a space port in the outskirts of town. Solaris pulled his whole body into the warp, located Jarok and stepped out again.
He emerged in the middle of a courtyard filled with Khorne Berserkers. After a second of realization they charged, axes raised. Solaris tapped into the warp and concentrated the air particles at neck height, which instantly snapped every neck in the vicinity. A hundred Khorne died in an instant. Solaris strode forward, blade by his side towards Jarok, who was striding into his shuttle. Jarok turned for a second and glanced at Solaris, who raised his arm, crushing the hydraulic system on the extendable arm. Jarok raised his arm summoning a bodyguard of Bloodletters. He then walked into the ship and it launched off as Solaris crushed the Bloodletters molecules into solid matter. He glanced at the Dropship and tore its rear section off before watching it crash to the ground. He entered the warp and vanished in a flash of blue.

Jarok climbed out of the Dropship and activated his mike.
'Captain, I'm going to need another Dropship and let Khorne know I'm going to need reinforcements.'
Solaris materialized in front of him, warp blade raised.
'The tide has turned Jarok, and now the boots on the other foot,' he said.
'How have you done this, and what in the warp is that?'
'A warp blade.'
'But that is a Tzeentch artifact.'
'You're quick, aren't you,' Solaris said, his voice loaded with sarcasm.
Jarok turned his head to the side before raising his hands to the air.
'I give you Khorne's wrath, he said before vanishing in a spout of fire.
4 bloodthirsters appeared from no where, raising their dread blades in fury, their bronze amour glinting in the light, clattering in the breeze.
Solaris didn't flinch, bringing up his warp blade.
'Bring it!' he said before launching himself into the air.
He landed on the first bloodthirsters, head before pushing off harder as it took a swipe at him. He used his control of the warp to move particles in a way that he hovered. The bloodthirsters launched into the air after him, gaining height quickly. Solaris lashed out at the first one, plunging his blade into its arm. As he did this, another swung at him, which he dodged, and its blade sliced clean through the wounded ones chest and it fell 80ft to the ground. The other two, enraged at this, brought their blades down at him hard. He brought up his shield, before charging one of them. He brought his blade up like a spear and impaled the Bloodthirster, which collapsed and dove through the air to follow its brother to it's bloody grave. The other two dived at him beating him back with their wings. He took a frag grenade from hi belt and lobbed it a the closer of the two. It bounced off its firm plating and detonated, shredding its leathery wings with shrapnel. It's wings then lost effectiveness and it plummeted down to its gory death. Solaris turned to the last in anger, and charged it using compressed air created using the warp to bolster his weight and spear tackled the monstrous creature, sending them both careering towards the ground. At the last second Solaris pulled up and watched the giant it the ground, erupting in a shockwave of dust. He tore a pipe from the ground and plunged it into the beast's stomach. The fight was over.
A Shadow Marine Dropship flew overhead and Solaris tapped into the warp, vanishing in a plume of fire.
Solaris hit the ground and quickly sprinted forward, moving as a blur. He neared the edge of a canyon and glanced over the edge. Khorne worshippers swarmed along the bottom of the valley.
'Now you can see the wrath of Tzeentch, Jarok!' Solaris boomed out.
Suddenly the plateau Solaris was standing on light up in blue light. When it dulled down a legion of Tzeentch was revealed, bolters hefted to their waist, their rubric signs giving them an Egyptian feel. Solaris felt the presence of hundreds of psychers amongst the legion. It was awing, the sheer mass of the psycher minds almost tore down the barrier between the warp and reality. Solaris took another step forward to the edge of the plateau and leapt off. As one the rest of the warriors charged over the edge, sliding down the steep slope. Then, suddenly their bolters came into range, and triggers were jammed down, pouring shell after shell into the red mass. Many Khornate warriors fell before they reached the Tzeentch line.
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Default Re: Entry B - Untitled

Jarok watched as the blue-gold warriors slid down the rockface, pouring fire into his warriors. Khorne was going to be pissed. He raised his hands into the air, summoning thousands of daemons. The earth quaked as 50 bloodthirsters hit the ground as one. There had never been a battle on such a large scale since the horus herasy. Jake walked into his dropship, which lifted off taking him to his fortress. Solaris watched the dropship leave the canyon and entered the warp ripping the cliff face ahead of them apart. He switched on his mike while doing this.
'Everyone center on me, sorcerors, we need a strong projectlie bubble.'
He tore away at the canyons foundations even more, playing with the molecular structure of the rock. A blue orb was created around them, and gradually became darker. Solaris added his own power to the mix and the shield solidified. Then
Solaris exited the rock and dust molecules in the cliffs and it became a liquid, running down the canyon like a muddy tidal wave. Then he let it go, and the stream instantly solidified, trapping thousands of khornate warriors in a rocky ravine. Solaris then tore down his own shield and liquified a small part of their cavern roof. Once it had dripped to the ground it hardened and Solaris launched himself out of the exit.
Solaris stood infront of a huge steel gate, the runic signs on it were designed to be anti sorceror but Solaris ignored that. He swatted the doors inwards, as if they were cardboard, tearing a huge chunk of the brickwork out. He walked through the entrance, effortlessly swatting the defenders aside. He marched straight into the central camber, summoning a guard from the door, and with lightning speed, slammed the end of his gold-glowing scimitar into Jarok's face. Jarok hit the backwall hard but got back up before Solaris slammed his hilt into Jarok again. He collapsed to the floor, blood leaking out of his face. He spat a red gob to the ground and drew his sword.
'You should be pleased, you have upset the balance in the warp, now most of the gods hate each other,' he spat.
Solaris's glowing blue eyes showed no sign of acknowledgement. He lashed out with the hilt again, burying it in his stomach, through his armour. Jarok screamed in agony so Solaris tore it out and smashed him in the face again. The door to the room opened and a grey knight walked in, carrying its orange glowing Nemisis force weapon by its side.
'You betrayed me!' he yelled.
Solaris stared through his mask and saw a face of anger. Jarok lashed out at him from behind, slicing into his back, and Solaris fell to the ground in agony.
'I was hoping you would be here to see this,' he said to Solaris while drawing a small blue blade from his belt.
He flung it out the back of his hand at Jake, who’s eyes showed pure terror for a moment, brfore that same life left his eyes.
'No!' Solaris screamed out but it was too late.
His childhood friend was lost forever. He drew his blade in anger and charged Jarok, who effortlessly swatted his blows aside. Jarok laughed as Solaris's eyes lost their blue glow. He slammed his sword into Solaris, slicing through his arm. Solaris leapt back in pain and brought up his blade in defence.
'I knew you couldn't stay evil for ever.'
He slammed his hilt into Solaris's face, knocking him into the wall.
Solaris stood back up weakly.
'I knew you could never deafeat me!'
He slammed his hilt into Solaris again, knocking him against the wall. Blood trickled down Solaris's chin before it coagulated. Jarok turned his blade around, so the blade could cut into Solaris.
'You are nothing but a failure!' he yelled as the blade rocketed towards Solaris's head.
There was a large crack before the smell of burning flesh as Jarok collapsed to the ground. He winced in pain and drew the blue glowing, bloodstained blade from his belt. He flung it underarm straight at Solaris's neck. There was a large bang and the sound of metal hitting metal as the blade riccochetted off course. Something small disintergrated against the wall near Solaris's right ear. It had the distinct taste of silver. Solaris looked forward again to see two power armored figures in the doorway. The one on the right carried a combi-meltagun by his side and as he stepped into the room, his face was revealed. Causen. The oone on the left moved forward, modified rifle still resting in his hands. Haldon.
'Its ok, there is no chaos presence in this room,' Haldon muttered to Causen.
'Are you just going to stand there or are you going to help me up?'

He woke up in the hospital frigate and sat up suddenly, before collapsing back into the bed unconscious. His body had asked for a sudden large amount of oxygen and his lungs couldn't give it so his brain did the one thing it knew to do, and knocked him out. As he became conscious again Haldon laughed.
'You never learn do you?' he asked
'You can't teach an old dog new tricks,' Solaris replied
'I've been trying to tell you since you were 10 that you have to wait a minute.'
'I'm a man of habit,' he replied
'We realize that,' Causen piped in, 'How many times did you have to pit yourself against Jarok before you realised that you couldn't take him alone?'
Solaris laughed. A young marine entered the room.
'Sir we have some reinforcements from the Ultramarines where do you want them?'
'Around the other side of the Khorne, it's time to mop up the mess. Causen, ready my drop pod.'
'Fine, but as long as you promise not to get involved in the battle.'
'Whatever you reckon.'
He got up out of the bench and clipped on his helmet.
'Where are you going?'
'To finish this fight.'

Solaris's drop pod smashed into the earth spreading a shockwave of rubble. The door made a hydraulic hiss and opened down into the earth. He stepped out onto the rubble and drew his force scimitar. He turned towards the oncoming horde of Khorne Berserkers and adjusted his grip. Causen moved forward and stood beside him, lightning claw glowing in the light. Haldon leapt up onto the top of the drop pod and leveled his rifle. Solaris turned towards him and watched as the first bullet left the gun. It plunged into the head of the leading Berserker, which dropped to the ground. The battle began.

The Grey Knights to this day still hunt Matt, the only Grey Knight ever to betray his chapter. This was because his identity was not revealed beyond Haldon and Jake. Unbeknownst to the Grey Knights he is masked behind one of the strongest psykers in the known Universe. Librarian Solaris. Haldon left the Grey Knights and joined the Shadow Marines as second in command psyker but to this day prefers to use his modified rifle. Jake died from a puncture to the brain, but to this day is remembered by the Shadow Marines as a savior to their commander.
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Default Re: Solaris' Fall

Good story in general, athough less detail than the others.
Pros: Lots of fighting, humour, and a story line, relabtable (my friends swear this isn't a real word) being overshadowed by another
Cons: Space Marines weak compared to other fluff, Space Marines showing compassion?, Space Marines accepting him again.
The Shadow Hunters

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