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Default bumping

In many other forums I've been on, bumping is allowed. If a topic is only on like page for 4 or less, can you bump it. I know you cannot bump up ancient topics, but I mean topics that maybe went onto the next page when you want people to see and/or respond to it?

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Default Re: bumping

Generally not when threads are only on page 2 or 3 as people do sometimes read that far back. Maybe on page 4 or more I guess. And only when the thread is kind of important.

It just gets annoying when members post, wait 10 minutes and bump a thread even though it's on the top of the first page (Which I've seen happen lot)

EDIT: Just for clarification, important doesn't mean topics that most members make. I'm referring mostly to notices that mods make etc.
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Default Re: bumping

Bumping only really occurs on the noob-filled spam-fests like the Runescape Forums, where anyone who posts something worth reading instantly has their topic buried under three pages of "OMFG laz3r gunz wud r0x0rz!!!111oneoneone"

So no, no bumping.
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: bumping

Patience, and actually using common sense and using meaningful topic names would help. As stated by Wargamer, bumping really isn't necessary here. Add to that, it might be double posting too - editing posts would be just fine..
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