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Kill command: Avatar.
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Default Kill command: Avatar.

I've been versing Elder armies a lot lately, 1500 point matches, and he always brings in an Avatar. Giving units 'Fearless', making my pining tactics on Sniper Drones useless...
What could or would stop an Avatar in its fiery tracks, what needs to be brought in the battle to deal with one, (i.e hammerhead/s, broadside/s multiple groups of fire warriors or crisis teams).

And if so would this be the same in dealing with a Night bringer for Necrons?
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well, my limited experience of tau, and even less against the avatar and nightbringer, its lots of guns, even fire warriors can wound the avatar, to wound an avatar, a fire warrior has a 1/18 chance (18 shots will cause 1 wound on average), with 4 wounds if you use .. 36 fire warriors at shots range, or long range over 2 turns it's dead, but if you want an easier way that doesn't let banshee's ect eat you ranks use ion cannons (str7 ap3 heavy3), the bs4 of a hammer head its more likely to wound. rail rifles are also good to use.

Also, the plasma rifles and missile pods of your crisis suits will kill an avatar quickly.

Don't use rail guns, as tempting as it is to be able to wound te avatar on a 2+, the rail gun's are best used against tanks, and things that arn't immune to instant death, like wraithlords.

As for necrons, i'v never beaten them, my most successful attack was when i charged the nightbringer with a shas'o and retinue, it worked (mostly)
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I have faced Eldar armies with avatars 3 times that easily comes to mind. in all 3 cases i used my deathrains (crisis suits with twin linked missile pods and a flamer) to kick his tail. 6 twin linked missiles at range. Once I killed it outright (luck), another time i did 3 wounds in 1 volley and he spent the rest of the fight on the far end of the field hiding behind a building denying me LOS but effectively out of the fight and the third time I did 3 wounds and he kept coming (was finished by a massed fire of kroot rifles, 20 rapid fire) never doing a single wound of damage to my forces(her face was priceless). Personally I have come to love seeing an avatar take the field because I know I have an easy place to hurt them and make the player's moral waver half the time.
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Ya, I agree with both of those posts. Broadsides will do the job, but are often better allotted to something else, tanks or instant death candidates. Just make sure you have a high volume of fire in the first two turns. I usually use my fire warriors in devilfish and Crisis suits with missile pods and Tl burst cannons. If you make him roll enough dice the 1's will come. Just make sure that you do it before the battle really gets going.
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