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Posting issues
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Posting issues

I've noticed when I make a post, or reply to one, after a certain point, the post field no longer scrolls w/ my text. I can still type, but after I type, the post field centers back to where it stopped scrolling w/ my text. I don't see any options that apply to what is happening. Is this a bug on my end? Or is it some setting that is on my computer? (I use MS IE on Windows Vista).

Thanks for your help!

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Default Re: Posting issues

This is a bug with IE, it is most likley Microsofts programming error.

If you use the reply page instead of quick reply then on the smf default and TO V8 themes you can increase the size of the text box by dragging it. Other than this you could use a different browser.
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Default Re: Posting issues

There should be a bar at the bottom of the typing box, click it and drag it down.

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Default Re: Posting issues



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