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Posting Tables
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Default Posting Tables

Hi hi,

wondering / suggesting; trying to put a number of tables into the forum at the moment, and running into display problems.

Specifically, there is no option to have the ' border="" ' and ' padding="" ' options in the SMF BBcode table tag.

Is there any other way to get this to work? an example of the problem is here

Can we use HTML?

Originally Posted by Doctor Wu
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Default Re: Posting Tables

SMF does not have an option for non-administrators to use HTML code (well, admins can only use html inside html bbc tags) because of the huge security risks envolved in allowing anyone to use HTML script in a post (such as using </body > or </html > tags).

I know how to allow table html if FT doesn't think it's a security risk.

[spoiler=Not important]A)I know too much about SMF :P[br]B)It's as simple as adding "<table>" as an argument to strip_tags() IIRC[/spoiler]
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