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The Haddock
Old 24 Jan 2010, 21:36   #1 (permalink)
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Default The Haddock

Hi, right, just now I posted something and when I looked again, my username had changed to "The Haddock" in black lettering and below there was a link to a picture of a haddock. It only lasted for a short while but...
Can I please ask what happened?
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Default Re: The Haddock

In the Enclave section you got this program that change our user name until we refresh.

It's FT having a bit of fun.
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Default Re: The Haddock

Hmmm....I smell something...
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Default Re: The Haddock

It's an infrequent occurance in the Enclave boards (it only happens when one of the server scorpions makes two wires contact that shouldn't).

The "malfunctions" often change and so far we've been through Firefly based ones, now fish ones... Who knows what's next
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