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Forum Down Time Messages
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Default Forum Down Time Messages

I noticed this on another forum and was wondering if we could work it in somehow. When the forum has a down time, they post up humorous messages. I thought maybe it would help to ease the withdraw symptoms if we spiced up the downtime screen with some PSA's like:

"The forums will be down until Monday, go outside and visit the real world."
"go put your Mathammer to the test"
"please report any suspicious looking scorpions to the authorities."
"Mechanicus on strike. Cyborgs are people too!"

Anyway, just a thought.
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Default Re: Forum Down Time Messages

"FT broke it... Again"

"Maybe now you'll actually get some painting done"

"Forums for the forum god! Websites for the Web!"

"If you have suffered any major withdrawal symptoms during this downtime call 0800-Enclave-S&D"

"Unusually the forum WBB failed after a particularly peverse Wargamer post"
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Default Re: Forum Down Time Messages

Only three things are certain; Death, Taxes and system failure. Guess which has occured.
Originally Posted by Circus
It is (and this is an objective statement, looking at examples over the last century) really ****ing hard to terrorise the British.
Originally Posted by Shas'o Ahab
In parting, I've discovered why Farsight started his breakaway faction...
*Farsight looks at Dawn Blade* "Shiny..."*Farsight picks up Dawn Blade and looks around* "... let's be bad guys."
Originally Posted by The man they call Waffles
Jayne you y'xa'uuk legend
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Default Re: Forum Down Time Messages

How about:
Dangerous Danny has won the forum in a card game (again) and is currently "upgrading" it to "Dan Online". Please stand by for subscription charges, nightly card games and plenty of hookers

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