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Off-topic thread?
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Default Off-topic thread?

Where do you go just to rant and let off some steam? I can't seem to find an off-topic sub-forum here.

Fire and Honor Review.
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Default Re: Off-topic thread?

We have an off-topic forum named the Enclave and it is nominally located here. However, you currently do not have Enclave access due to your post count (the forum requires a minimum post count of 250 to gain access to the Enclave to prevent spammers from coming in and messing things up) so that link won't work for you at the moment.

However, if you contact one of the global moderators, they should be able to sort you out with Enclave access and it shouldn't be a problem.
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Default Re: Off-topic thread?

... or you could contact SILK, The All-Father or Rafe as they can give you Enclave acess.

There are several threads where you can 'let steam off' but the forum rules still apply
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