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Quiz Comittee- Where's the board gone to?
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Default Quiz Comittee- Where's the board gone to?

I was browsing the forum today on my usual browse except i'd decided to look on the quiz comittee board as i was going to check on the system for the awards (as i can sware it's changed since the stickies were added) and i couldn't seem to find it. I'm not sure if the board has disapeared (i assume not) or my permissions are no longer set correctly. Any info on why i can't see the board would be useful,

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Default Re: Quiz Comittee- Where's the board gone to?

Zenai remove you and Wessl due to streamlining of that committee. He wanted one quiz-master per army and he had surplus. Zenai was noting who was active/contributing the most and kept those that were a few days ago.

Although I would have liked Zenai to have give you some notice before hand, but not everything goes to plan
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