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Chat Bug
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Default Chat Bug

So I was having connection issues, and when my connection was reestablished, I was forced to log in the chat again BUT my name was never logged out. So I went ahead and made a new Nickname, but when I logged in that one I got my old name back even though I didn't log into it, and the one I just made was logged in and I had no way to log it out.
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shtlk, I honestly editted instead of posting a reply with a quote. Sorry, Goliath. Trying to figure out these mod abilities.
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Default Re: Chat Bug

This sounds more like the fact that everywherechat had a hiccup yesterday. It wasn't changing the status of users, it still is not.
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Default Re: Chat Bug

Don't forget the fact that there are no more mods on it. That's never a good thing...
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