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[uid] BB code
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Default [uid] BB code

EDIT: changed the suggestion line because it seems you're now parsing the command and it was screwing up the post.
Suggestion: Add a "uid" bbcode into the forums.

The way that I am most familiar with the "uid" bbcode is that it would take
and turn it into (essentially)
John Locke
resulting in the final user post showing:
John Locke
Server side
The text of the hyperlink is derived from the "name" attribute of the profile of user 8909.
The hyperlink destination is the user's profile page itself.
User side
To create the "uid" tag the posting user would just need to mouse-over the username of the person they are quoting or referring to (probably from a previous post in a thread) and look at the end of the url. The trailing digits in the url are the "user id" or "uid".
The benefit of this is that when you say someone's name in a forum post, instead of saying "John Locke" of example, you would use the "uid" bbcode to refer to them so if the user ever changed their forum name (which is easy, and some people do it often,) your post would reflect their name change and it wouldn't seem like you were referring to someone who doesn't exist.

I know it has limited use, but it's a relatively easy code to implement if your forum code base doesn't already include it, and when it does its job right it saves old posts from becoming confusing because they are referencing old user names. There are two downsides I know of with this code, one is if the forum database reuses old user ids then referencing a number could reference a newly recycled user account, but I'd only be speculating if this was or wasn't the case. The other case is that each post containing a "uid" bbcode would require another access of the database to look up the target user information and return their name.
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Default Re: [uid] BB code

Well, it could be useful, but it depends on the forum code. I haven't looked into how it's done but I would assume it's fairly efficient, as it needs to look up the names for a particular user id anyway for the 'sidebar' information on each post. I would think that it looks up the post content first, keeps a list of user id's, then looks all these up in one go, then uses these two bits of information to create the page. If that is the case, then it shouldn't be that hard to parse uid tags within posts and add the user id to the list of id's that need to be looked up.

But yeah, it just depends on the order of operations which are done by SMF. So it's up to FT.
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Default Re: [uid] BB code

It would certainly have it's uses. I'll look into it certainly .
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