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Anti-Bot Puzzle
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Default Anti-Bot Puzzle

Two of ,my friends tried to register on here just a second ago. They typed in the Anti-Bot puzzle just fine, i checked myself, but when they clicked enter, it said the anti bot puzzle wasnt completed. I think this might have to do with the update last week. Just thought you would like to know ;D

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Default Re: Anti-Bot Puzzle

I've tested it out and it's worked fine for me? What question did they have, and what was their answer?

One of the questions is "How many sides does an x (e.g. rectangle, triangle) have?". The answer needs to be given in numbers, and it'll say it's wrong if given in words, for example.
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Default Re: Anti-Bot Puzzle

If they are still having problems, just PM me or TO and we can register an account for them (as I'm sure they're not bots). All the info we need is a preferred username and an email address to register, (they'll get an email sent out for them to activate their account)
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