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How tom get pics
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Default How tom get pics

How do you get pics in the left coulumn and below ???
I'm back?

Thinking of something appropriate to put into ym sig as of now...
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Default Re: How tom get pics

The pic to the left is called an Avatar. It's named after a concept from Hinduism, whereby a god would enter a mortal form to interact with the world. On the internet, it's the pic you use to represent yourself online. Scroll up until you can see the round grey and blue symbol in the very top-left of the screen. Click 'Profile', then on the next page, click 'Forum Profile Information' in the left sidebar. From here you can upload a picture from your computer as an Avatar.

The pic at the bottom is a Signature. People use them to look flash. They work a bit like Avatars, except that you need to find somewhere to host the picture yourself (try imagebucket.com). Then, in the signature box in your profile, put the web address between two 'img' tags like this:

[img]web address goes here[/img]
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Default Re: How tom get pics


That is useful also.

Since you seem new to message boards, a few tips I reccommend to recieve respect are good grammar, good spelling, and good punctuation. Your opinion may stink but at least we'll be able to read it! ;D

Good luck!
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