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Default Abbreviations

Abbreviations. There everywhere. I understand that they are great for saving time. In this world of everything getting quicker, every second counts. Unfortunately I am not familiar with many of them. Then It takes me more time to figure out what it means, than it would for the person to actually type it out, Or I cannot figure it out and skip the post. For example I have just browsed a topic By Sarnas which used FoC. I was not aware of what this meant. My suggestion I to have a stickied topic in the general 40K section with the abbreviations for quick reference. Or we could just stress it to the members to use the full name rather than an abbreviation when they start the topic so people like me can understand what the topic is about. I would Rather have this than posting a question asking about what it means and then posting advice, possibly wasting a post if I don't have any advice for them.

Thanks in advance
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Default Re: Abbreviations

The easiest way I've always done it is use the full name once in your post, like the first time you reference the term, and then go to the shortcut. IE: Typing blah blah Fish of Fury blah blah FoF, and hopefully people can draw fish of fury=FoF
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Default Re: Abbreviations

I know we have a thread of abbreviations around here somehwere....ah, here we go. Check it out here.
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