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What the Koa are.
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Default What the Koa are.

This topic is for info only. THIS topic is for discusion.

The Koa are a race of xenos that look like wolf-people. They are very skilled weapon smiths. They are basically split into 4 clans. 2 are mercenairys, 1 is enslaved by the imperium(They did this due to their weapon smithing skills, and because they offered to help), 1 works with the tau (The 2 non-mercenairys have spiecial rules.). They are a rather advanced race, who are very skilled at mainly close combat. They hail to the god Koan. They are also very religeus(sp?). They are led by the Forge Master, Ragiki. They have only resently appeared in the Galaxi. There reasons are unknown to the Imperium. One deadly thing about them is when they see a large, white, sphere,(ex: a moon) they turn wild and, barbaric. Very misterius(sp?), very deadly, they roam on large, ships, stricking when last expected.

For more info just ask.

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