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hi I've got an army list that i am thinking of getting, for my new tau army

hers the 600 pt (school league) list:

Cadre fireblade= 60Pts
11 fire warriors+ devilfish+ point defense+ auto repair= 199
12 fire warriors+ shas’ui+ devilfish+ auto repair= 208
Hammer head+ auto repair+ decoy launchers= 133

the problem is do i give the hammerhead a rail gun or ion gun, personally i think the rail gun looks cooler, but it is only really good against tanks, im a noob to this so if you can give me your advice that would be mush appreciated
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at 600pts I would suggest you use the ion cannon
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Before you go buying anything take a moment to think about how your army, and selected wargear will work together. The premise is sound... but the execution is going to cause you issues.

The cadre fireblade promotes entirely stationary combat, if your units move, he becomes a 60 point fire warrior with BS5... which is awful. To get the most out of him you have to make sure one of your units will be taking up a nice permanent firing position where they won't have to move. For that reason, taking 2 devilfish is unnecessary; one of your units will not be moving.

Next you have given all your vehicles the auto-repair system. Honestly, the chances of this being useful are slim and the benefits are very limited. On the hammerhead it's a shame to lose the turret... and immobilized sucks... but the odds of getting those results when having been attacked, and then rolling a 6 to repair the problems... is pretty low (I've only been immobilized once in all of 6th edition because of the changes to the AP system boosting the damage of weapons up to the explode result)... And the decoy launcher is just out of place. It will literally only be helpful if your opponent is using a dedicated anti-air unit against you.

As for the hammerhead turret, either one is a good choice S10 AP1 is the best anti-tank our army currently has at long range. We have lots of S7 that overcharges to S8. That said, at small points you could probably get away with the ion cannon. The only issue I would forsee is the the one smart-ass who brings a landraider.
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kk i will probably reconsider my list, i will get a fire warrior team first then maybe a crisis suit. i will think about it.
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