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1500 - Sa'cea Blitz Tank Cadre
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Default 1500 - Sa'cea Blitz Tank Cadre

Hi, I like to theme my armies (as well as make them useful) and I've been toying around with a new list of my mechanized Tau who are based off the Sa`Cea sept (my fluff is that their on a seperate planet of the region but are attached to the Sa'cea Sept, you get the idea)

Anyway, the list has two variants but I'll post my newest carnation of it now.

HQ - Shas`El - CIB, PR, Targetting Array, HW-Multi, HW-Stimpack - 2x shield drones

Bodyguard - 2x Suits, TL-PR, Targetting Arrays

Elite -

2x - Deathrain -

2x - Sha'ui - TL- FB, plasma rifle, HW-Multi Suit - TL - FB, flamer - 2x shield drones


x6 Firewarriors

x6 Firewarriors

Fast Attack - Pirahana

2x Pathfinders with 5 each

2x Devilfish with Dpods for Pathfinders, then FW's loaded up into them.

Heavy -

Broadsides 2x - each with target locks, 2x Shield drones

Hammerhead 1 - Railhead, burst cannons, Dpods

Hammerhead 2 - Ionhead, burst cannons, Dpods.

Pretty sure that's it... I wrote it down from memory cause I forgot the written list in the car but I'm pretty sure that's my list atm. What do you guys think?

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Default Re: 1500 - Sa'cea Blitz Tank Cadre


I have a few things I'd like to suggest/want clarification on.

HQ: Looking good (that's actually my preferred HQ setup :P)
BG: I assume they're to help the HQ take out TEQ/MEQ squads. However, because they don't have much else special to 'em, I'd suggest saving some points and make them your 3rd Elite option. That'll save you the Shas'vre upgrade cost and you can still attach your HQ to those suits (or any other unit actually) to provide the SD defenses. May want to give your HQ a HW-Target Lock if you do that. However, see the Elite comment below.

Elites: Your 3 Elite units seem a bit underpowered... I guess I just hate having teams of 2 units for regular Crisis suits. I myself would take those same six suits, make 3 of 'em Deathrains (make one the team leader to get a SD or two on 'em and a bonding knife) and for your second elite choice give them the TL-FB's and a 3rd hardpoint (Flamers for large mob units maybe?) and once again make one a leader (not a Shas'vre) for a Shield drone and a knife. This will conserve markerlight usage between your elite choices and free up an Elite unit for the BG swap above.

Fast Attack: Because of the fragility of your small FW units and the fact that they are your only scoring units, I'd suggest having them be inside the Devilfish instead. The Pathfinders can be scouted into some nice cover to protect them and give you better 1st turn ML support, or used to outflank if you don't want them on the board immediately.

Regardless, put some D-pods on those 'fish!

Heavy1: For your Broadsides, both of them don't need Target locks; only 1 does. Personally, though, if you really want that, I'd make it hardwired to your leader (assuming you have one given the info on also having the shield drones) and then you can get a Target Array or Adv. Stabilizer System.

Heavy2: For your Ion/Railheads, I'd really suggest dumping the points into the multi-tracker. The mobility it grants allows your tanks nice assault protection while still being able to fire its heavy weapon.

Sorry, for the length. Your army itself seems fairly fined tuned to killing taking out something each turn if you combine your firepower appropriately and can handle most threats. Large groups of mobs may cause some problems as I see it but if you're not worried about seeing that kind of enemy or have plans to take care of them, then no worries. Hopefully some of these suggestions may prove useful.

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Default Re: 1500 - Sa'cea Blitz Tank Cadre

Lets be honest, 66% of games will be objective based, and 12 models capable of holding objectives is not enough unless your troops are wraithguard or plague marines :P

Max out your 2 fire warrior squads, and keep them in the devilfishes. Also take out the deathrain team to be honest, and use those points elsewhere. You have 2 broadsides and 2 hammerheads, you shouldnt need any more anti tank.

Glad to see you arent giving your HQ too many upgrades without him being defended thats the way to go. Once you start giving him heaps of upgrades you need to spend MORE on shield generators, iridrium armour,etc to keep him alive. Most experienced players will see him as a threat yes, but wont be directing devastator squads, ravager targets, etc on him so thats good.

I suggest getting bonding knives for the bodyguards. If the commander is killed, then the drones die. Should the bodyguard fail their leadership 8 test, they can no longer regroup as they are below half strength. This means 150ish points will be running away. Useless. Dont give commander a knife tho he gets one pretty much as an independant character. (See rulebook)

Apart from that its a decent theme, but could use a few touch ups, like everyone's lists.

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