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1750 pts first army?
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Default 1750 pts first army?

I'm new to tau and thought it would be best to plan out a army before spending vast amounts of money, never fielded one but know the codex inside out.

cyclic ion blaster, fusion blaster shield generator, HW multi tracker
127 pts

XV15 stealthsuit (3 members)
Shas'vre, positional relay, Targeting array, markerlight, Fusion blaster
157 pts
XV8 (3 members)
Shas'vre, bonding knife, fusion blasters, plasma rifles, multi trackers

4 Fire warrior teams
Shas'ui, photon grenades
568 pts
3 Devilfish
Smart Missile system, target lock, targeting array, disruption pod
345 pts

*Heavy Support*
2 Hammerhead tanks
Railguns, Smart missile system, target lock, disruption pod, blacksun filter
350 pts

[total 1748 pts]

If you could rip this apart and find some flaws i'd appreciate it .
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