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Calling all Tournament Winners
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Old 12 Sep 2005, 16:58   #11 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Calling all Tournament Winners


my conflict winning/ local tourney list is in that post

Using tau in my next grand tourney too and am really looking forwrd to it.
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Default Re: Calling all Tournament Winners

I just returned home from Toronto where I played in a 2 day tournament and won Best General. Check out:

http://www.astronomi-con.com/* for the 2005 Toronto results.

My 1500 ( 1499 ) point list was:

Shas'el Helios
2 Deathrain suits
5 Stealth
12 Fw's in DF w/TA,MT,DL, 2 seekers
12 FW in DF* w/TA,MT,DL, 2 seekers
10 kroot
13 kroot
Monat Broadside w/TL plasma and MT
Hammerhead w/SMS,TL,DL,MT
8 Drones
2 Tetras

I played 6 games against Space Marines ( 5 different kinds !! ) and I had to also play against another Tau player !

Good, Bad, I'm the one with the gun
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Default Re: Calling all Tournament Winners

I recieved 4th in a tournament, mostly because none of my guys were painted. There was only 1 guy I couldn't beat. However, that list is long gone due to revisions. I'll get back to you guys next time there's a tournament.

If you read this sentince, it will tell you nothing.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Calling all Tournament Winners

Well here is the results from my last was tourney, overall we had 8 marine players, 2 tau, 1 ork, and 1 nid.Unfortunately I battled space marines everytime.

My list:
x2 Shas'Os PR,FB,MP,HWMT,HWBSF 260pts
x12 stealths (x2 squads) 360 pts
x2 deathrains 114pts(both wiht flamers)
x3 railheads w/ MT,TL,DP,DL,BC and 1 w/ SMS
x2 dfish w/ x12 FWs
x2 10 man kroot squads

My first opponent was ultra smurfs. The scenario was Arch rivals, straight VPs and a bonus of 200pts to the general that killed his opponents general in HtH with his own general.The scenario is on the jungle table ;D
I wont bore you going turn for turn but ill give you the highlights and downsides of the games. Landraider being stunned then destroyed , on the only turn it wasent stunned it managed to stun my hammerhead.A dreadnaught killing my HH in HtH death or glory, he rolled a six on glance, after i forced a reroll on the immobilized)The FWs FOFing the back of the dreadnaught and killing it 6x over.MY main general dying in HtH with the enemy chappie.Last remaining railgun to chappies face..priceless.
Score 18/8. solid vic on Vps.

My second game was against a blood angels player, He plops down 2 landraiders( 1 crusader with command squad inside, and 1 reg),I smile. >The table is an ice map with little terrain, the mission is cleanse table quarters no Vps. I won the dice off and got the side with a huge copse of trees( hid all 3 HHs there.and several smaller groups of trees.I get first turn and both raiders die.I set up a lure on the small end of my triangular depolyment zone ( 1 dfish and a commander) The side furthest to all his Heavy support was occuppied by the rest of my force.The rest of his army bites hard and launches itself at the lure and I pop of shots with the commander as he backtracks leaving the Deathcompany and command squad pounding on the hull of my dfish.4th turn leaves his whole force pinched between x2 squads of hotdropped FWs x2 commanders 3 railheads, x2 stealth teams(6 man) and a deathrain team.I purged the area in for turns while holding all 4 table quarters. Vic slaughter 18/3

My last game was against.... marine player.The scenario was random roll at turn 3, we got cleanse table quarters no Vps.The main problem I had that I hadent expect was morale in Hth my stealths would not break and run even when no one was in BtB, the kept passing morale leaving his assault squad in my deployment, unable to be shot at,I had all the resoures right there to finish the but they stuk around for 2 full turns of combat. At which time I had to recall them to take care of some DSing termies 10in. away.Since I didnt get my reserves ( HHs and DFs til turn 3, they were scrambling to get his troops out of my deployment zone so he wouldnt get those table quarters, Had Vps been used we would have had a draw but since it was a straight tablequarters cleanse he won. 5/18. Solid vic to my opponent.3rd Overall in the tourney, Tau'va.

Things I learned, ATSKNF, allows these guys to fallback, auto regroup and still fire their heavyweapons, WTF.Most people dont know anything about tau at tourneys, the static Tau player had never seen Tau played the way I used them, he had the good old heap of FWs and broadsides with 2 PF teams and a stealth team, and I think he had an ethereal as his HQ.HHs are the best fearcausing unit in the game, that Fury of the ancients is g@y and everyone uses it.Never underestimate what a squad of hot dropped rapid firing FWs can do to a 5 man termie squad. Stealthpredator

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Default Re: Calling all Tournament Winners

I played a small 500 point tourney, and I didn't lose once (thought there were only 5 or 6 guys in it).

Shas'o Firestorm-BC MP SG HWMT

12 FW
12 Kroot

XV8 Firesurge-FB MP MT
XV8 Helios-PR FB MT

This list smushed SM. Kroot and FW distracted, once they were in assault, XV8 went behind and pounded them and any support (plasma cannon at one stage) every time. :P
Bystander: "OMG! You killed Shas'O Viorla Ken'ny!

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Default Re: Calling all Tournament Winners

This was a 500 pint comabt patrol campagin with about ten people in it and 3 rounds.


Stealth Team
-shas'ui x6


Fire Warrior Team
-shas'la x12
-devilfish w/ decoy launchers and multi-tracker

Kroot Carnivore Sqaud
-15 kroot

After facing two necron players and a sisters player, i was pleased with the list. So far it's lost once to BA because of a very large death company. All in all it's very rounded. Cheers!

A second army list for the 1500 point league which is coming to a close.

HQ (154)

Shas'el with TL missile pod, flamer (77) x2

Elites (369)

Crisis Team (189)
-shas'ui with plasma rifle, fusion blaster, multi-tracker x3

Stealth Team (180)
-shas'ui x6

Troops (440)

Fire Warrior Team (220) x2
-shas'la x12
-devilfish with decoy launchers, flechette dischargers

Heavy Support (555)

Hammerhead Gunship (185) x3
-hammerhead with railgun, smart missile system, decoy launchers, multi-tracker, disruption pod, target lock

"The gue'la will either except our destiny, or die!"
-Shas'o Castris
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Calling all Tournament Winners

we had 7 people and 4 rounds each 5 all together 1000 points

HQ Fireknife 'O with sheild generator

Troops 2X firewarriors mounted in DF photon grenades 3 carbines each
13 kroot 1 shaper

Elites 4 stealth suits

heavy 1 hammerhead
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Calling all Tournament Winners

hello this was an 8 man tourney with three rounds. Best record wins or in a tie highest points. I got a 3-0 record massacring all my opponents, space dogs, nurgle, and khorne whith the annoying assault 30 prince. Army was limited to 1 hq, 6 troops, and only 2 of each remaining choice.

1 shasel hw mt, target array, plasma rifle, missile pod.
2 bodyguards, plasma rifle, missile pod, mt

6 fire warriors
6 fire warriors

3 crisis mt, plasma rifle, missile pod
3 crisis mt, plasma rifle missile pod

1 hammerhead railgun decoys burst target lock multitracker
1 hammerhead railgun decoys burst target lock multitracker

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Old 20 Nov 2006, 05:22   #19 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Calling all Tournament Winners

Shas'el with PR,MP,TA,HWMT
Shas'el with PR,MP,TA,HWMT
FW x10 in DF with TA,MA,DL
FW x10 in DF with TA,MA,DL
Stealth war x5 with TA
Stealth war x5 with TA
XV8 Team Leader with PR,MP,TA,HWMT
Piranha with FB, TA
Piranha with FB, TA

top general , but only 5th over all because of bad sportsmanship/army selection. got 2x massicer 2xsolid victorys vs Dark eldar, Sm, lost, Ig
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Old 11 Dec 2006, 11:38   #20 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Calling all Tournament Winners

XV81 Shas'el with CIB, PR, TA & HWMT: 100
XV81 Shas'el with PR, FB, TA & HWMT: 97

6 Firewarriors: 60
6 Firewarriors: 60

13 Kroot: 91

XV88 Broadside (Team Leader) with ASS & HWMT: 90
XV88 Broadside (Team Leader) with ASS & HWMT: 90

2 Sniper Drone Teams: 160

Total: 748

Only a small tournament. 3 Games played each, 5 players. For me it was
Win: 2, Draw: 1, Lose: 0

Opponents were: Tyranids, Imperial Guard, Chaos Space Marines, Space Marines.

Tyranids were full of Haumagaunts, both shooty bee lovers and the ones with nasty claws... Including 3 Warriors, 3 floaty things (one of which was from IA4) and a carnifex. This was the draw as it was take and hold and I only had a broadside (of all units!) at center (and the only thing he had left that was scoring was the Warriors).

Chaos Space Marines were a fully infiltrating army with a Demon Prince HQ. Fortunately I won the infiltrate rule and set up my kroot in a 30" line across the middle of the table preventing him from infiltrating too close. By turn 3, all the advancing marines died in a torrent of fire (it was quite an open battlefield to say the least!).

The Space marine army fell the same torrent of fire. It consisted of 3 Dreadnoughts, 5 Terminators (with the Captain in) and 5 Regular Marines. Fortunately I got first turn and they really didnt stand much of a chance.
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